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PANAS ~ Lagi Bank Terlibat Skandal 1MDB..!

Mana mahu lari..? kertas takkan mampu membungkus api..!


Another Private Bank Braces Itself For "Penalties And Sanctions" Over 1MDB

The Swiss branch of Coutts Bank, known popularly in the UK as ‘The Queen’s Bank’, has acknowledged in its recent submissions to the London Stock Exchange that it has been cooperating with the Swiss financial authority FINMA and other international regulators over its involvement in the 1MDB affair and expects a judgement shortly.

The bank has told shareholders that it may face “penalties and/or regulatory sanctions” for its role in the affair.

Coutts first disclosed that it was under investigation in April, as reported in the Financial Times. The bank said that it was cooperating not just with the Swiss, but with investigators from other jurisdictions also.

The Malaysian economics writer Ganesh Sahathevan picked up on their updated announcement at the end of last week. In its latest filing Coutts stated:
“As previously disclosed, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) is taking enforcement proceedings against Coutts & Co Ltd (Coutts), a member of RBS incorporated in Switzerland, with regard to certain client accounts held with Coutts relating to allegations in connection with the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB. The proceedings are at an advanced stage. Coutts is also cooperating with investigations, one of which is at an advanced stage and may conclude in the near term, and enquiries from authorities in other jurisdictions in relation to the same subject matterThe outcomes of such proceedings, investigations and enquiries are uncertain but may include financial penalties and/or regulatory sanctions.

No evidence of wrongdoing by 1MDB or PetroSaudi?

Central role? Hanspeter Brunner was head of Coutts Singapore at the time of the $700 m transfer.... before moving to BSI where he took on 1MDB and Jho Low's accounts.
Central role? Swiss banker Hanspeter Brunner was head of Coutts Singapore at the time of the $700 m transfer…. before moving to BSI where he took on 1MDB and Jho Low’s accounts.
The role of Coutts in the 1MDB money laundering scandal was first reported by Sarawak Report together with the Sunday Times in February last year, making it the first bank to be identified in the 1MDB scandal.

Since then several other banks have been investigated for their roles in funnelling the stolen billions, including BSI, which has now been shut down as a result and Falcon Bank, now facing prosecution for systemic failures to prevent money laundering.

Coutts originally received the first $700 million dollars diverted out of the fund via its initial so-called joint venture with the then minor oil company PetroSaudi in September 2009. A subsequent $330 million was later also sent directly to the same account in the name of the Seychelles based company Good Star Limited in 2011, making a total of $1.03 billion stolen through Coutts.
Tim Buckland - ex-White & Case lawyer who claimed PetroSaudi owned Good Star Limited.... then became a director of PetroSaudi
Tim Buckland – ex-White & Case lawyer who claimed PetroSaudi owned Good Star Limited…. then became a director of PetroSaudi

As Sarawak Report has detailed, the Good Star account with Coutts Zurich was set up just a couple of days before the transfer which finally banked on October 2nd.  Compliance officers at the bank originally approached to handle the money, which ironically was BSI, had rejected the deal on grounds of its suspicious circumstances.

Email correspondence shows that Good Star Limited was failing to give full details of its beneficial ownership to the banks, which ought to have precluded the acceptance particularly of such an enormous sum of money.

Nevertheless, after heavy pressure from 1MDB’s CEO, Shahrol Halmi, Coutts agreed to accept the deal, as did 1MDB’s own banker in this transaction, Deutsche Bank KL.

PetroSaudi still claiming ownership of Coutts account

Sarawak Report identified the actual beneficial owner of Good Star Limited at the time of that  original report as being the Malaysian financier who was acting as a proxy for Najib Razak at 1MDB, Jho Low.

We confirmed the details of his shareholding later last year and these were substantiated by the United States Dept of Justice in its court filing on the seizure of 1MDB’s stolen assets in July of this year.
Nevertheless, the 1MDB joint venture partner PetroSaudi and its lawyers continue to assert that it is the owner of Good Star Limited.

It was a claim which the British and Geneva based company made from the start, including in legal documents passed to 1MDB and to relevant banks at the time of the original transfer, when it argued that the $700 million payment was a repayment of a ‘loan’ owed to PetroSaudi.

See Email from PetroSaudi’s legal team at White & Case, London:
Show email
This central claim that account number 11116073 at Coutts belonged to PetroSaudi has been detailed as a lie in the 136 page Dept of Justice report and conflicts with every known aspect of the case.
PetroSaudi Director Tarek Obaid holds a Swiss as well as a Saudi passport and has continued to frequent Geneva without arrest over the past year
PetroSaudi Director Tarek Obaid holds a Swiss as well as a Saudi passport and has continued to frequent Geneva without arrest over the past year
The Director and Shareholder of PetroSaudi, the Swiss/Saudi passport holder Tarek Obaid has continued to make this claim, despite the copious evidence showing it to be untrue.

A letter signed by Obaid sent to 1MDB in May of last year, which was in turn presented to the Auditor General and to the Public Accounts Committee, stated again clearly that PetroSaudi was the sole shareholder of the company:
Tarek Obaid continues to claim he owned Good Star
Tarek Obaid continues to claim he owned Good Star
Moreover, lawyers acting for PetroSaudi have continued throughout the year to claim to the international press that Good Star was a subsidiary of its group.

Email trails covering the final payment of the $700 million, which took place on October 2nd, in fact confirm that Jho Low was supervising the transfer, whilst Shahrol Halmi and PetroSaudi dealt with compliance at the banks. The final comment on emails between the parties was from Jho Low telling PetroSaudi’s Patrick Mahony to inform Tarek Obaid that the money would shortly be going through – “Should be cleared soon” he told them:
Jho Low "
Jho Low “Should be cleared soon”
The grounds on which Coutts Zurich stand most culpable in this matter is their apparent acceptance of the lightening fast transaction for $700 million from 1MDB without obtaining the actual name of the beneficial owner of Good Star and without establishing Good Star’s claimed relationship to PetroSaudi.

Neither, clearly, did the bank obtain sufficient proof that the transfer had been approved at Board level by 1MDB, because in fact records show that the Board had specifically refused to pay the money into anything but the Joint Venture account and had not been informed of any “loan repayments” by this date.

The fact that the bank is now being investigated over these 1MDB transactions and says it is braced for penalties indicates that it accepts that the deal was fraudulent, the money stolen and that it failed in the necessary compliance on the deal.

Why has PetroSaudi yet to be prosecuted for fraud?

PetroSaudi Director Patrick Mahony continues to claim he was innocent of fraud
PetroSaudi Director Patrick Mahony continues to claim he was innocent of fraud
In which case, Sarawak Report believes Malaysian are entitled to ask why the company Directors of PetroSaudi and their lawyers have themselves yet to be prosecuted for fraud in the context of their blatant complicity in this case?

Research by Sarawak Report indicates that the transaction by Coutts was facilitated thanks to Jho Low’s contacts at their Singapore office, managed by the Swiss national Hanspeter Brunner, now sacked from BSI and under investigation for his later dealings with more of money stolen from 1MDB.

Good Star had been incorporated in the Seychelles a few months earlier in 2009, citing Coutts Singapore as its ‘principle client’.  This raises the observation that staff at a very senior level at Coutts, namely Hanspeter Brunner in Singapore, were aware that the actual owner of Good Star was the politically connected Mr Low and not PetroSaudi. And yet they approved the deal.

Hanspeter Brunner left Coutts in just a matter of weeks following the Good Star transfer, removing himself and 90 staff to BSI (one of the largest walkouts in Asian banking history). At BSI he continued to do business with Jho Low, opening numerous accounts for himself, his companies, 1MDB and its subsidiary SRC.

Furthermore, the money from Coutts Zurich was by 2014 largely all transferred to Jho’s accounts at BSI in Singapore.

Despite, these actions Coutts, like BSI, failed to report the suspicious activity and indeed took receipt of the further $330 million transfer from 1MDB into the very same account, this time allegedly to fund ventures by “1MDB BVI”.
Once again PetroSaudi acted as a front, pretending to borrow money for a deal which then went straight to Jho Low
Once again PetroSaudi acted as a front, pretending to borrow money for a deal which then went straight to Jho Low
Throughout this unravelling of the PetroSaudi deal and despite the prosecution of a growing number of banks for their negligence in preventing such monster theft and fraud, PetroSaudi itself has aggressively denied any wrongdoing on its part, threatening press with libel actions and accusing Sarawak Report of corruption, fraud and madness.

For months the directors of the company claimed they were not under investigation and had not been questioned over possible wrongdoing on their part.  After Sarawak Report obtained proof from their own admission that they have in fact been extensively questioned the same Directors have claimed they were questioned and then cleared.
Kept in the dark? President of PetroSaudi and Chairman of MasterCard Global, Rick Haythornthwaite told SR "even if I were to be in possession of information relevant to your query, I would be unwilling to assist you in your questionable activities”
Kept in the dark? President of PetroSaudi and Chairman of MasterCard Global, Rick Haythornthwaite told SR “even if I were to be in possession of information relevant to your query, I would be unwilling to assist you in your questionable activities”

Yet, Tarek Obaid himself has not been able to deny that he received an $85 million “brokerage fee” from Good Star Limited, the company he claimed to own, just days after the $700 million PetroSaudi deal.

On the same day he received a further $20 million from another Jho Low company, Acme Time in Singapore (totalling exactly 15% of the total amount siphoned off by Jho Low using his own company as a front).  $33 million of that money was then passed on to fellow director Patrick Mahony.

Sarawak Report therefore suggests that it is high time that the Swiss authorities and the British authorities initiated formal proceedings for fraud against these two Directors and their colleagues in the joint Swiss and British based company and confiscated their assets obtained using 1MDB’s  stolen money.

Any findings of misdemeanours against Coutts, after all, can only be read as confirmation of PetroSaudi’s guilt and lies.

Jawapannya ~ ini semua fitnah..! Ini semua nak bunuh melayu..! akan saman hari selasa..!

Mana satu???

Lagi dan fahamkan...

Bank swasta Coutts & Co Ltd (Coutts) yang mempunyai akaun pelanggan yang dikaitkan dengan kontroversi 1MDB, memberi amaran kepada pelabur bahawa ia boleh diambil tindakan oleh pihak berkuasa Switzerland.
Dalam makluman kepada Bursa London, yang berpangkalan di London, Coutts berkata akaun pelanggan itu merupakan subjek siasatan oleh Pihak Berkuasa Penyeliaan Pasaran Kewangan Switzerland.
"Prosiding adalah di peringkat akhir. Coutts juga bekerjasama dengan siasatan, satu daripadanya adalah di peringkat akhir dan boleh membuat kesimpulan dalam tempoh terdekat, dan pertanyaan daripada pihak berkuasa dalam bidang kuasa lain yang berkaitan dengan hal perkara yang sama.
"Siasatan dan pertanyaan tidak dapat dipastikan tetapi mungkin termasuk penalti kewangan dan / atau sekatan peraturan," kata Coutts dalam kenyataan bertarikh 28 Oktober.
Coutts adalah anak syarikat Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) yang diperbadankan di Switzerland. Sejak itu ia telah dijual kepada Union Bancaire Privée.
Bank itu mula menjadi perhatian kerana dikaitkan dengan skandal 1MDB dalam satu laporan oleh Sarawak Report yang berpangkalan di UK dan Sunday TimesFebruari lalu.
Menurut laporan, Coutts mengendalikan wang untuk usaha sama 1MDB-PetroSaudi International pada tahun 2009.
Sebahagian besar daripada jumlah itu didakwa disalurkan ke akaun Good Star Ltd dalam Coutts Zurich.
Maklumat terperinci mengenai siasatan Finma tidak jelas, walaupun beberapa laporan seperti dari Financial Times pada April menunjukkan bahawa ia berkaitan dengan "akaun Good Star" itu.
Apa yang diketahui, Finma mendakwa sekurang-kurangnya AS$ 4 bilion disalahgunakan daripada syarikat pelaburan Malaysia itu dan sebahagian daripada wang dipindahkan ke akaun Swiss oleh bekas pegawai-pegawai awam Malaysia dan pegawai dari United Arab Emirates.
Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

Sarawak Dah Mula Bergegar..!

Sebelum pilihanraya negeri Sarawak berlangsung bukan main janji disemai..! Nak mengampu punya pasal hingga mesyuarat kabinet pun diadakan di Kuching..! Itu sebelum keputusan pilihanraya diterima..!

Setelah itu...!!!

Saya sudah bosan dan tidak akan tolak ansur – Tok Nan

KUCHING: “Saya sudah bosan dan saya tidak boleh hendak bertolak ansur lagi.
“Kalau 10 atau 20 tahun saya boleh terima…tetapi ini sudah setengah abad. Dan ini melampau!”.
Itu suara hati Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Adenan Satem semalam, yang ternyata kecewa dengan Kerajaan Persekutuan berhubung permohonan untuk membina baharu sekolah-sekolah di Sarawak masih belum menemui jawapan positif.
Katanya, beliau sudah bosan memohon peruntukan Kerajaan Pusat, kerana sekolah-sekolah di negeri ini telah berada dalam situasi yang daif dan miskin terlalu lama.
“Kita hanya mahu mereka membina sekolah standard.
“Saya sudah penat merayu agar mereka memberikan kita sekolah yang lebih baik,” keluhnya sewaktu melancarkan penerbitan kamus Iban-Bahasa Inggeris oleh Yayasan Budaya Dayak di sebuah hotel terkemuka di sini semalam.
Adenan berkata, dalam konteks hari ini masih ada sekolah yang terhumban ke dalam sungai, bahkan masih ada yang tiada bekalan air bersih dan tiada bekalan elektrik.
“Ini amat mengecewakan,” katanya lagi.
Oleh itu katanya, masa untuk bertolak ansur sudah tamat dan Sarawak perlu bertegas dalam perkara ini.
Khabar baru diberitakan 3 IPG di Samarahan, Sibu dan Rejang bakal ditukar taraf kepada Politeknik atau Pusat Permata..! Ini menambah bahang kemarahan Adnan serta pemimpin dan rakyat Sarawak..! Kehendak Sarawak yang mahukan IPG berkenaan melahirkan tenaga pengajar dari Sarawak untuk pelajar Sarawak nampaknya tidak akan dapat dijayakan..!
Dulu lain, sekarang lain..! 
PRN dah selesai tapi PRU Parlimen belum lagi beb..!
Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

PANAS ~ Bukti Kegagalan Najib Membawa Malaysia Maju..!

Apabila dah gagal...ambil jalan pusing konon nak bawa lebih jauh..! jauh kemana? ke longkang?


20-20 Satu Visi Yang Jelas / 20-50 (TN50) Visi Yang Rosak - TS Sanusi

Sejak Najib sebut TN50 semasa Bajet baru lalu, ramailah yang memperkatakan tentang Najib yang mahu menghapuskan legasi Tun Mahathir Wawasan 2020 untuk digantikan dengan legasi versi penyamunnya.

Ni jenis main sebut jer ni ... terikut perasaan dendam terhadap Tun Mahathir. Sampai sekarang kita belum dapat apa2 maklumat pun tentang TN50. Nampak sangat Najib terlepas cakap benda yang teamnya sendiri belum bersedia !

Kerajaan kalau nak umumkan sesuatu yang sebesar Visi Nasional, sudah pasti perancangan rapi dan persediaan secukupnya dipersiapkan terlebih dahulu. Kita boleh bayangkan PMO kelam kabut nak menyediakan apa saja yang boleh dijadikan satu pelan bagi menyokong 'lepas cakap'  TN50 Najib.

Biasalah Najib begitu .... selalu umumkan apa2 secara syok sendiri, kemudian kelam kabut.

Wawasan 2020 sebenarnya tidak ada kaitan dengan tahun 2020. Ia bukan bermaksud negara akan maju pada tahun 2020 sepertimana pemahaman ramai.

Menurut TS Sanusi, Wawasan 2020 itu adalah merujuk kepada apa yang selalu disebut oleh pakar mata sebagai VISI 20/20 di mana penglihatan mata kita jelas dan tidak kabur.

Ia bertujuan mempersiapkan rakyat supaya kita punya visi dan matlamat arah tuju yang jelas tanpa sebarang dateline.

Dengarlah penjelasan dari Sanusi tentang bagaimana salahfaham tentang maksud Wawasan 2020 itu boleh berlaku. 

KLiK untuk ke Youtube

Seterusnya Sanusi menyindir TN50 Najib 

.. mata kita kalau sebelah 20 sebelah 50, bermakna mata itu sakit ! Pandangan itu dah tak jelas.

... dalam keadaan sekarang .... mata kita bukan 2020 dah, pasal apa, bila kita tengok kita tengok 1MDB, kita tengok GST, kita tengok TRX .....

Keadaan semua ini kita tahu, pandangan kita dah menyenget dah. Saya ingat 3020 ada, 3040 ada.. dengan pandangan yang tak jelas, kajian yang tak jelas, sampai bila pun matlamat perjuangan itu tak akan berhasil.

... Kalau kita katakan nak ganti 2020 dengan 2050, ini bukan ganti namanya. Ini maknanya satu kekeliruan yang amat sangat kerana 2020 itu pandangan yang jelas. 2050 itu tidak ada sangkut paut dengan pandangan / visi.

2050 itu target, transformasi. Jadi kalau target itu ke tahun 2050, kalau perjalanan ke arah 2050 itu macam sekarang, bermakna akhirnya kita akan terlingkup !

Jangan kita bohong diri sendiri seolah2 ... sekarang ni kita menghadapi masalah, supaya kita gemilang pada tahun 2050.

Kerana biasanya - Takkan jernih air di hilir kalau di hulu ia kotor. 


Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

Ahad, 30 Oktober 2016

Bukti Duit SRC..!

Baca dan fahamkan..! Bagaimana Dokumen dan kenyataan ini hanya dijawab dengan penafian dan fitnah semata mata..!

$170 Million Straight From Civil Service Pension Fund Into Najib's Personal Account!

Speaking to an audience in Geneva yesterday DAP Finance Spokesperson, Tony Pua detailed the simple steps by which US$170 million was transferred out of the Civil Servant Pension Fund, KWAP into Najib’s personal AmBank spending account in 2011.

The transfer, long suspected by observers, represents one of the final missing jigsaw pieces in the tale of theft at 1MDB and raises further questions about the transactions of yet another Swiss Bank Julius Baer and also the role of Standard Chartered Bank, which held the bogus Blackstone Asia account in Singapore.

A total of RM4 billion was raised by SRC (set up as a subsidiary to 1MDB in 2011) with the first draw-down of RM2 billion of that money taking place in August of that year. It was then transferred abroad, supposedly for ‘international investments’, thereby making it harder for Malaysian investigators to trace.

However, in three short steps the following November, the money was simply transferred back into Malaysia and into Najib’s own personal bank account!

The intermediary was SRC International’s account at the Swiss bank Julius Baer’s Hong Kong branch in a transfer partially uncovered by Sarawak Report in March of this year.

$170 million was transferred from the Malaysian fund to its account at Julius Baer under the guise of funding foreign investments, Pua stated. The sum was then passed on to the bogus BVI company Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners (identified by the US Dept of Justice as being controlled by Jho Low through his associate Eric Tan) and then on during the same month of November into Najib’s KL account.

Amounting to around half a billion ringgit in Malaysian currency, this represents a large chunk of  the SRC missing money long suspected to have been almost entirely pilfered by the Prime Minister and his associates. Earlier this month the Swiss authorities confirmed that they had evidence that $800 million (the vast majority of the KWAP loan) was indeed misappropriated according to their international banking investigations, but failed to release the details.

MACC (Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission) investigations have already established that over RM60 million was transferred directly from SRC locally to other accounts held by Najib at AmBank. That money was passed by Nik Faisal Arif Kamil (another associate of Jho Low) who was appointed Chief Executive of SRC and had also been given authorised status to manage these accounts for the Prime Minister.
Pua explained the series of 1MDB to a selected audience at the University of Geneva
Pua explained the series of 1MDB to a selected audience at the University of Geneva

‘Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud ‘

Najib has long sought to explain the massive payments into his account by referring to what he said were donations from a bogus Saudi ‘Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud ‘. When it was clearly proven by MACC investigators that at least RM67 million had been merely directed locally straight from SRC to his accounts set up by Nik Kamil, he issued the excuse that he had not realised this to be the case.

Najib informed the new Attorney General he had just appointed (since the old one was about to prosecute him) that he had understood the money came from the alleged Saudi donation. This excuse was accepted by his new AG, Apandi Ali, who did not request him to repay the money to the pension fund.

Meanwhile, a new document obtained by Sarawak Report sheds fascinating light on the reality behind the so-called Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud, whose purported letters of explanation were sent to AmBank each time one of these enormous payments were made into Najib’s account.

No one has been able to identify this particular Saudi Royal, even though the payments are so large that he would have to have been one of the richest members of the Saudi ruling family to afford them. Indeed the letter sent to AmBank in November 2011 gives two different versions of this character’s name and one of the bank accounts later used to make another payment, allegedly by him, uses another name entirely, Prince Faisal bin Turkey bin Bandar Alsaud
The November 2011 letter from 'Prince Abdulaziz' claimed it was to support Najib's Global Movement of Moderation
The November 2011 letter from ‘Prince Abdulaziz’ claimed it was to support Najib’s Global Movement of Moderation
The letter referred to Najib’s alleged good works through his pet project for impressing the Americans, entitled the Global Movement of the Moderates, which this Saudi Wahabi Prince was allegedly supporting.
Seal and signature
Seal and signature (bogus)
The document bears a striking resemblance to the letter head of another close associate of Jho Low, the beneficial shareholder of PetroSaudi, Prince Turki bin Abdullah. Prince Turki was paid millions of dollars in back-handers by Low for allowing his shell company PetroSaudi to be used as a front for the 1MDB joint venture, which siphoned $1.83 billion of borrowed money out of Malaysia.

The Department of Justice has also confirmed that Prince Turki passed $20 million from money removed from that joint venture deal straight to Najib’s own bank accounts.

Sarawak Report has a copy of Turki’s own letterhead used for business ventures later spearheaded by PetroSaudi in Venezuela and it bears a remarkable resemblance to the apparently bogus figure behind the payments into Najib’s AmBank account.
Prince Turki's letterhead
Prince Turki’s letterhead
Did Jho Low and his team use his pal’s letter head to simply forge a similar ‘royal looking’ document? The fugitive billionaire has yet to answer any questions on his role at 1MDB and Malaysia has closed down all investigations on the AG’s decision that ‘there has been no wrongdoing’
Seal and signature
Seal and signature (Turki)
However, Najib’s press man Paul Stadlen has been informing international journalists that reports that Prince Abdulaziz was indeed Prince Turki should be taken as being well-founded.

The only problem being that Prince Turki is just one of scores of Saudi Princes, whose personal means are limited when it comes to donating on a scale of hundreds of millions of dollars. Indeed, to the contrary it is Prince Turki who got the backhanders from Malaysia, which is probably why he is considered the perfect person to keep his mouth shut.
Prince Turki (2nd left) just before the signing of the PetroSaudi JV
Prince Turki (2nd left) just before the signing of the PetroSaudi JV

Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

HOT ~ Undang Undang Lindungi Jenayah..?

Kebenaran akhir zaman..!


1.Amalan sumpah kerahsiaan dikalangan Anggota Kabinet telah menjadi amalan dalam semua kerajaan didunia. *_Amalan ini untuk memastikan rancangan strategik sesebuah kerajaan dalam membangun negara tidak dipintas olih pihak lain_*.Contoh dalam penyediaan *_rancangan keselamatan dan pertahanan negara_*.

2.Ini bermakna perkara perkara yang berkaitan dengan *_unsur rasuah dan penyelewengan pembelian peralatan pertahanan negara serta pelaburan dalam syarikat yang tidak ujud dalam rancangan pelaburan sebenar adalah tidak termasuk dalam sumpah kerahsiaan_*.

Contohnya pembayaran kepada *_Abbar Investment PJS Limited (Aabar BVI)_* yang bukan anak syarikat *_Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC)_* adalah perbuatan salah laku yang tidak boleh dirahsiakan dan *_rakyat berhak tahu_*.

3.Sumpah kerahsiaan Anggota Kabinet *_bukan bertujuan untuk melindungi jenayah salah laku mana mana anggota kabinet termasuk Perdana Menteri_*.Jemaah Menteri *_bukannya 'jemaah penyamun' yang berpakat untuk melindungi jenayah salah laku antara satu sama lain_*.Sebaliknya Jemaah Menteri adalah satu jemaah untuk *_melindungi kepentingan negara dan rakyat_*.

4.Jika apa yang dibangkitkan oleh Ahli Parlimen Tambun, Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Handzlah (bekas menteri kewangan kedua) yang juga bekas jurucakap kabinet berkaitan dengan 1MDB didalam perbahasan bajet 2017 di Parlimen baru-baru ini dianggap melanggar sumpah kerahsiaan,ini bermakna *_Speaker Parlimen Malaysia telah mengakui kebenaran apa yang dibangkit dan didedahkan olih 3 bekas anggota jemaah menteri_* tentang jenayah salah laku dalam urusan pentadbiran kerajaan adalah benar tetapi ianya rahsia. 

*_Terima kasih Tan Seri Speaker,Rasuah dan rompakan negara adalah rahsia_*.


_Ahli Parlimen Pokok Sena_
10:30am, Taman AlWalid Alor setar
29 Okt 2016/28 Muharam 1438H

1MDB sudah menjadi lembu suci yang mesti dipertahankan oleh lembu pemakan dedak..!

Tak gitu???

Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

Lelong ~ Lelong..!

Berapa bilion lagi nak sign..?

Bahaya terlalu bergantung kepada China

Komen seorang kawan Facebook yang berbunyi: “Lumayan???? Apakah setiap kali peri (pergi)… Ada saja benda nak dijual kepada mereka…”
Petikan di atas adalah jawapan beliau kepada tampalan saya mengenai mesej Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak mengenai lawatannya ke China.
Dalam pesanan bertarikh 21 Oktober itu, Najib berkata: “Minggu hadapan, saya akan ke China pula. Doakan agar lawatan ini membawa kejayaan lumayan untuk negara kita.”
Pengulas yang curiga terhadap apa yang Najib akan rundingkan di China itu adalah seorang pesara PDRM berpangkat pengarah di Bukit Aman.
Kenyataan pegawai polis pencen itu mewakili perasaan ramai rakyat jelata Malaysia yang sedar mengenai bahaya terlalu bergantung kepada China.
Soalnya, tidakkah tindakan Najib seperti menggadaikan masa depan negara dan cucu cicit kita kepada China semata-mata kerana menimbus RM50 bilion hutang 1MDB?
Dalam beberapa hari selepas Najib meminta kita berdoa itu, dua perkembangan besar telah berlaku.
Pertama, Cai Zemin, Pengurus Besar Kereta Api China di Malaysia berkata sebuah Bandar bawah tanah terbesar di dunia akan dibina di Bandar Malaysia.
Cai Zemin menyifatkannya sebagai “permata yang bergemerlapan di koridor kereta api China.”
Ingat tu – “koridor kereta api China” - yang akan menghubungkan Asia Tenggara dengan Asia Timur, Asia Timur dan Asia Selatan.”
Seperti sesetengah orang telah sedia maklum, China Railway Group (CREC) dan rakan kongsinya, Inskandar Waterfront Berhad milik tauke Tan Sri Lim Kang Hoo kini memiliki 60 peratus saham syarikat yang akan memajukan Bandar Malaysia. Baki 40 peratus dipegang oleh 1BDB.
Kedua, pada 28 Oktober Kementerian Pertahanan mengumumkan melalui laman Facebooknya bahawa Malaysia akan menandatangani kontrak membeli kapal persisiran pandai daripada China.
Menurut agensi berita Reuters tampalan itu ditarik balik apabila pemberitanya meminta jurucakap kementerian mengulas ucapan Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein itu.
Saya dimaklumkan ketika lawatan saya ke Jepun antara 10 dan 16 Oktober lalu yang kerajaan Jepun ingin menawarkan secara percuma bekas kapal pengawal pantainya kepada Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia (APMM).
Tapi kalau setakat membuat tawaran kepada APMM dan secara percuma mungkin susah berjaya sebab bila percuma tentulah tidak ada unsur komisen.
Dalam lawatan kali ini dia dipercayai akan cuba “menjual” beberapa buah projek raksasa lagi termasuklah kereta api laju Kuala Lumpur-Singapura dan Landasan Kereta Api Pantai Timur.
Jual harga lelong
Sebelum Bandar Malaysia, 1MDB yang Najib sendiri asaskan dan menjadi pegawai nombor satunya (MO1 kata Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan) telah menjual kilang penjana elektrik bebas (IPP) kepada China General Nuclear Company dengan “harga lelong” RM9.2 bilion.
Saya kata “harga lelong” sebab 1MDB membeli kilang-kilang IPP hujung usia itu daripada pemilik Cina, Melayu dan India Malaysia dengan harga tinggi.
Ikut perjanjian konsesi antara kerajaan dan pemilik IPP berkenaan, kilang-kilang itu akan jadi milik TNB apabila habis tempoh konsesi kalau tidak disambung dengan bayaran antara RM50 hingga RM100 saja.
IPP Malaysia itu adalah antara 13 kilang elektrik di lima buah negara yang dijual oleh anak syarikat 1MDB, Edra Global Energy, kepada China Nuclear tahun lalu.
Penjualan murah itu mencetuskan dua ramalan sensasi. Pertama 1MDB kesesakan wang dan sanggup tanggung kerugian dianggarkan RM3 bilion. Kedua RM3 bilion dibayar bawah meja bagi menyelesaikan sebahagian hutang 1MDB.
Tetapi 1MDB menafikannya. Ia berkata harga itu berpatutan kerana syarikat milik negara China tersebut turut mengambil alih hutang Edra.
Rancangan asal ialah menjual saham Edra untuk mengumpul modal tetapi dirasakan tidak “viable” apabila skandal 1MDB meledak.
Penjualan 60 peratus saham Bandar Malaysia kepada China Railway Group (CREC) dan Iskandar Waterfront Berhad juga menjadi tanda tanya kerana ia bukanlah pembangunan teknologi tinggi yang kita tidak ada kepakaran.
Kita tidak mampu?
Pertanyaan timbul apakah kita memerlukan modal dan kepakaran China untuk membina Bandar Malaysia, bandar kita sendiri, sedangkan kita ada banyak syarikat tempatan seperti Sime Darby, SP Setia, MRCB dan Boustead yang telah berjaya membina projek seperti itu atau lebih besar?
Kalau Sime Darby, SP Setia dan KWSP mampu membangunkan bandar orang putih di tapak kilang penjana elektrik Battersea di London adakah mereka tidak berdaya memajukan Bandar Malaysia?
Siapakah yang memajukan KL Sentral kalau bukan MRCB dan Kompleks Menara Kembar Petronas kalau bukan Petronas sendiri?
Apakah syarikat kita tidak ada modal sehingga perlu bergantung kepada China?
Siapakah yang meminjamkan modal kepada 1MDB untuk membeli tapak Bandar Malaysia dan TRX daripada kerajaan kalau bukan tabung-tabung pelaburan berkaitan kerajaan (GLIC) termasuk Tahung Haji, KWSP dan KWAP?
Apakah Tabung Haji, KSWP, PNB dan LTAT disuruh berpakat memajukan Bandar Malaysia menggunakan modal dan kepakaran tempatan?
Bukankan memberangsang bagi anggota dan pesara Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) kalau LTAT turut terbabit memajukan Bandar Malaysia kerana tapak itu dulunya milik TUDM?
Mengapa China?
Adakah kerana China ada modal dan kita telah kemuflisan modal?
Adakah kerana China ada kepakaran tetapi kita ketandusan kepakaran?
Atau adakah hanya China sanggup memberi hutang kepada kerajaan pimpinan Mohd Najib ekoran skandal global 1MDB?
Atau ada udang lobster gergasi di sebalik batu karang dalam penjualan aset negara kepada negeri China?
Seperkara lagi kalau kita tidak buta sejarah dan tidak buta politik, kita tentu sudah lama nampak bahawa China hari ini bukan China pada tahun 1405.
Pada tahun 1405 hingga 1433, Laksamana Zheng He atau lebih kita kenali sebagai Cheng Ho mengepalai armada China ke Asia Tenggara, Asia Selatan, Asia Barat dan barat Afrika dalam misi tinjauan dan persahabatan.
Hari ini armada Tentera Rakyat China melayari Laut China Selatan dan Utara bagi menunjuk kekuatan dan memperluas tuntutan.
Kalau kita ada otak, kita perlu berasa bimbang dengan hegemoni baru China ini. Lihat bagaimana "politik" China sedang mengganggu gugat konsensus Asean dan dasar berkecualinya!
Atau Najib secara sedar atau tidak sedang mematikan legasi Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak yang mahukan Malaysia dan China 
bersahabat sama rata bukan China mendomasi kita dengan wang ringgit.
Aneh, di saat orang Umno dipropagandakan supaya takut dan benci kepada Cina DAP, presiden mereka sendiri sangat intim dengan negeri China sehingga menyerahkan projek strategik (kereta api dan kawalan laut) dan ikonik (Bandar Malaysia) kepada syarikat milik pemerintah China.
Boleh juga baca di sumber asal di kadirjasin.
Apabila maruah dah lama tergadai maka semuanya sudah tidak bermakna lagi..!
Maruah siapa?
Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!