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Selamatkan Diri Atau Tekanan..!

Dah buntu beb..! sekurang kurang berani buat keputusan..! 

Ketua Bank Switzerland BSI SA bahagian Asia Hanspeter Brunner membuat keputusan bersara, menurut bank itu semalam.
The Wall Street Journal melaporkan Brunner yang merupakan ahli lembaga BSI berpengkalan di Singapura, tidak memberi maklum balas kepada permintaan mereka untuk mendapatkan komen.
BSI dikaitkan dengan syarikat bermasalah 1MDB yang merupakan antara pelanggan utama kepada bank itu.
Tahun lepas WSJ melaporkan pihak berkuasa Singapura mengkaji semula tentang lebih daripada US$500 juta dipindahkan dalam tempoh 2011 dan 2013 antara entiti dikaitkan dengan 1MDB dan akaun BSI.
Walaupun 1MDB mengakui ia mempunyai akaun BSI di Singapura, bank itu menolak untuk mengulas tentang perkara itu, lapor WSJ.
Ketika 1MDB pada masa ini disiasat di pelbagai negara termasuk Singapura dan Switzerland, BSI belum dituduh dengan sebarang salahlaku dalam siasatan ini.
Peguam negara Switzerland bulan lepas berkata siasatan mereka terhadap 1MDB dengan kuat membayangkan bahawa US$4 bilion mungkin telah dilesapkan daripada syarikat milik kerajaan Malaysia.
1MDB dengan konsisten menafikan salahlaku dan bersedia untuk bekerjasama dengan pihak berkuasa.
Sekor lagi punya cerita..!

Goldman Adviser to 1MDB, Tim Leissner, Quit After Alleged Bank-Policy Violations

Leissner was firm’s point man with Malaysian state fund

The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. partner who handled deals for a controversial Malaysian government investment fund was suspended and later quit after bank investigators found he allegedly violated company policies, said a person familiar with the matter.
Goldman placed Tim Leissner, the firm’s Southeast Asia chairman, on leave after a review of his email found that he had allegedly sent an unauthorized reference letter on behalf of an individual to another financial firm in 2015, the person said.
The letter also included statements that Goldman believes to be inaccurate, the person said. Mr. Leissner was placed on leave in January and he resigned a day later, several people said. His last day was Feb. 23, the people said.
The letter allegedly sent by Mr. Leissner wasn’t linked to business that Goldman did for the Malaysian fund, and the firm has found nothing wrong with his dealings with the fund, the people said.
Meanwhile, Mr. Leissner has been subpoenaedby U.S. investigators probing possible wrongdoing at the fund, a person familiar with the matter said. News of the subpoena was first reported by Bloomberg News.
Mr. Leissner was Goldman’s top banker to 1Malaysia Development Bhd., a Malaysian government-investment fund now engulfed in scandal over its alleged connection to transfers of funds into the personal accounts of the Asian country’s prime minister. As authorities​ in five countries probed the fund, Goldman quietly began its own inquiry into Mr. Leissner’s role, the people said.
1MDB didn’t respond to a request for comment.
The email review also came as Goldman resigned from a potentially lucrative mining deal in Indonesia being led by Mr. Leissner because of the involvement of someone in the deal who the bank believed could hurt the firm’s reputation, said one person familiar with the matter. Bank investigators found that Mr. Leissner had offered an internship to a child of the individual, the person said. 
The decision to back out of the project irritated Mr. Leissner, who argued that Goldman was scrutinizing his deals more heavily because of his involvement in the 1MDB controversy, people familiar with the matter said. He was also frustrated with Goldman for failing to support his request to move to Los Angeles. He is married to fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons, who is based there.
The departure of its star banker in the region and the resignation from the mining deal are blows to Goldman’s lucrative business in Southeast Asia, which Mr. Leissner built in over a decade on the ground.
Goldman had been helping a group of investors secure financing in their potential bid for the controlling stake of an Indonesian copper-mining operation when the firm’s executives grew concerned about an adviser to one member of the group. The person’s name appeared on many emails involving the deal, which were seen by Goldman investigators looking at Mr. Leissner’s activities, people familiar with the matter said.
The person involved in the deal also asked Mr. Leissner if Goldman could hire his child as an intern, and Mr. Leissner agreed, a person familiar with the matter said.
The presence of the person, whose identity couldn’t be learned, caused Goldman to pull out of the deal. 
The deal, which included financing and hedging, would have generated more than $50 million in revenue for the bank, making it one of the biggest transactions in the region since three big bond offerings by the Malaysian fund in 2012 and 2013, which generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Goldman.
The bidders hired Credit Suisse Group AG after Goldman withdrew, the people said. The deal is still being negotiated. A spokesman for Newmont Mining Corp., the U.S. company that controls the copper-mining operations, declined to comment.
At a Feb. 29 mining conference in Florida, Newmont Chief Executive Gary Goldberg said that “Newmont and our partner, Sumitomo, are in discussions with certain interested parties” over the potential sale of the mine.
“But to date,” he added, “none have secured fully committed financing or deal terms.” Newmont said the mine, called Batu Hijau, is located on the island of Sumbawa​and is one of the world’s biggest copper mines. It is partially owned by the government.
Mr. Leissner arrived in Southeast Asia when it was considered by many to be a financial backwater and helped the bank forge key relationships in business and government. When Malaysia established 1MDB in 2009 to spur economic development, Mr. Leissner became a key adviser to the fund.
The Wall Street Journal reported this month that global investigators believe $1 billion that originated with 1MDB was transferred to personal accounts of Najib Razak,Malaysia’s prime minister. In October, the Journal reported that U.S. investigators had begun to examine Goldman’s dealings with the fund.
Investigators in two of the countries probing 1MDB, while agreeing most of the money transferred to Mr. Najib’s account ultimately was returned, believe the money originated with 1MDB, according to people familiar with the probes.
Mr. Najib has denied wrongdoing or taking any money for personal gain. The 1MDB fund said in a statement on Feb. 19 that it “has not paid any funds to the personal accounts of the Prime Minister.” Malaysia’s attorney general said the money that went into Mr. Najib’s account was a legal donation from a member of Saudi Arabia’s royal family, and most was returned. The attorney general said there was nothing improper and it was time to stop scrutinizing the deposits, a notion echoed by Mr. Najib.
Mr. Leissner’s departure from Goldman despite his commercial success underlines Wall Street’s heightened concerns over the risks posed by employees operating far from the watchful gaze of compliance officers and lawyers back at their headquarters. Those fears have deepened with each regulatory probe into allegations of money laundering, corruption and improper ties to government employees or their children.
Offering internships to relatives of clients or potential clients had been common business practice for big banks in Asia. But the practice has some under scrutiny for possible violations of U.S. bribery laws and Goldman is among several international banks being investigated for hiring relatives of top Chinese government officials, according to regulatory filings. Goldman officials have declined to comment on the probes.
​Goldman is expected to disclose some details on Mr. Leissner’s departure in his file with the U.S. securities industry’s self-regulating arm, Finra, people familiar with the matter said.
One person familiar with the matter said Mr. Leissner left Goldman quietly in January and by last month had ceased communicating with some of his closest colleagues in Asia.
Goldman’s investment-banking executives didn’t note his resignation with a memorandum to their employees, a step normally taken with partners who leave the firm in good standing, according to a person familiar with the matter. 
​After leaving Goldman, Mr. Leissner took on an advisory role with Wildcat Capital Management, the family office of private-equity giant David Bonderman. Mr. Leissner is close with executives in Asia at TPG Capital, the firm founded by Mr. Bonderman. A person familiar with the matter said Mr. Leissner was no longer an adviser to his firm. It is unclear why he ended his relationship with the family office.

Kenal tak sumber tu???

Namanya selasa bro..!

Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

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  3. Tim Leissener dah kena subpoenaed dgn penyiasat US. Maknanya maklumat akan dikorek lebih dalam.

    Org putih lain sikit, penyiasat akan offer identiti baru dan keselamatan utk release maklumat. Tim ni ada keluarga, 4 org anak (3 org dgn suami dulu). Tentu dia fikir keselamatan keluarga dia. Dulu baik sangat dgn mama hippo, skrg apa dah jadi.

    Tak lama lg semua akan terbongkar...kunfayakun.

    Cai bugis, kalau di msia bolehlah ko cover. Padan muka.

    1. hahaah... a person familliar with that matter said... wsj.. dah lama dah ... bukan sari kenal wsj...

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  9. Panas! Tun dan PHarapan nak buat road show utk deklarasi rakyat.

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    Umno masih bermimpi di siang hari.

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    Tkpun takut c4

  11. Ini mesti konspirasi mamak,dap dan brunnel..
    Eh brunnel pun tlibat sama..
    What? 1mdb masukkan duit kt bank spore?
    apsal kt spore ade kes smp brunnel letak jawatan?
    Ni semua konspirasi jahat. Semua mahkamah dlm dunia xadil. Yg adil najis dan pandir je. Lain pada tu xadil,dap dan musuh melayu islam