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US Dah Sapina..!

Di US...

Ex-Goldman Banker to Malaysia Fund Subpoenaed in U.S. Probe

  • Prosecutors seeking information about state investment fund
  • Outside law firm said helping Goldman review 1MDB dealings

    A former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker has become entangled 
    in a sprawling investigation of the Malaysian state investment fund 
    as U.S. authorities turn to him for information.
    Tim Leissner was issued a subpoena about the Malaysia matter 
    in late February, according to three people briefed on the matter, 
    just days after Goldman Sachs confirmed he had left the firm. 
    Leissner, a German national, was most recently chairman of 
    the firm’s Southeast Asia operations but had taken personal 
    leave and relocated to Los Angeles by early this year, 
    according to people with knowledge of the move.
    Tim Leissner and wife Kimora Lee Simmons, in Sept. 2015.
    Tim Leissner and wife Kimora Lee Simmons, in Sept. 2015.
    Photographer: Presley Ann/ via AP Photo
    From Malaysia to 
    Switzerland to the 
    U.S. investigators 
    have been trying to 
    trace whether 
    money might have 
    flowed out of the 
    fund and illegally 
    into personal accounts. 
    Accusations have boomeranged and been called politically motivated 
    even as authorities outside Malaysia press ahead with their inquiries.
    Prosecutors in the Justice Department’s kleptocracy asset-recovery 
    unit are investigating whether funds were embezzled from 1Malaysia 
    Development Bhd., known as 1MDB, by politically connected people 
    in Malaysia, the people said. The FBI’s New York office is leading the 
    investigation and is trying to determine if any U.S. laws were broken, 
    according to one of the people briefed on the subpoena issued to Leissner.
    At this point, it is unclear what information Leissner might be able to 
    provide. Leissner’s attorney, Jonathan Cogan of Kobre & Kim, 
    didn’t respond to a phone call and e-mail requesting comment. 
    At a Beverly Hills, California, residence linked in public records 
    to Leissner’s family, a woman who answered the intercom said 
    Leissner wasn’t at home. He didn’t respond to written questions 
    left there. At the Justice Department, spokesman Peter Carr 
    declined to comment, as did Kelly Langmesser, a spokeswoman 
    for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s New York office.

    Local Projects

    Leissner championed a series of bond sales that raised $6.5 billion 
    for the Malaysian fund and were notable for the above average fees 
    generated for Goldman. Since the fund’s beginning in 2009, 
    controversy has raged over whether money was spent as intended 
    for local projects like a financial center in Kuala Lumpur or 
    siphoned off for personal benefit. The finger-pointing within 
    Malaysia intensified with the early 2015 news report that the fund 
    had missed a loan payment, which it later paid.
    Goldman Sachs is working with an outside law firm to conduct 
    an internal examination and is reviewing its own role in helping 
    1MDB raise capital, according to two of the people. There is no 
    indication that Goldman engaged in any wrongdoing, according 
    to the two. The bank is cooperating with the 
    Justice Department’s efforts to gather information, they said.
    Michael DuVally, a spokesman for Goldman, declined to comment.
    Putting its own capital at risk, Goldman earned commissions
     and expenses of $593 million for its role issuing bonds for 
    1MDB, or more than 9 percent of the proceeds, well above 
    the industry norm.

    Internal Inquiry

    Leissner worked at Goldman Sachs for 18 years and is married 
    to former U.S. fashion model and designer Kimora Lee Simmons.
    An internal Goldman Sachs investigation found Leissner had 
    written an unauthorized reference letter to another financial 
    institution last year, according to a person familiar with the matter, 
    who wouldn’t say whom the letter was about or what sparked 
    the probe. After concluding the investigation, which included 
    scanning Leissner’s e-mail messages, Goldman Sachs placed 
    him on leave and he later resigned, the person said. 
    The Wall Street Journal, which reported on the reference 
    letter earlier Tuesday, said it also included statements that 
    Goldman Sachs believed to be inaccurate. 
    Cogan didn’t respond to requests for comment on the 
    circumstances of Leissner’s departure.
    Leissner was named head of investment banking in Singapore 
    in August 2002 and became a partner in 2006. He was 
    instrumental in building business in Malaysia and the region.
    The Monetary Authority of Singapore said in an e-mailed 
    statement that it was “co-operating actively with several 
    jurisdictions” in the case. The MAS said that Leissner left the 
    city-state in 2011, and that while Goldman Sachs announced in 
    2014 that he would move back to Singapore as the bank’s chairman 
    of Southeast Asia, the move never happened.

    Investment Woes

    Since Prime Minister Najib Razak started 1MDB seven years ago, 
    the fund’s debt levels have swelled amid allegations of financial 
    irregularities lodged by opposition officials. The fund, whose 
    advisory board is chaired by Najib, said in February 2015 that it 
    would wind down its assets.
    The prime minister has said accusations of misappropriations are 
    politically motivated and has denied any wrongdoing. The 
    allegations have sparked a feud with former premier Mahathir 
    Mohamad, who has called for Najib to step down, citing what he 
    characterized as Najib’s mismanagement of the economy as well 
    as 1MDB.
    Malaysian police seize equipment from the 1MDB office in Kuala Lumpur in July 2015.
    Malaysian police seize equipment from the 1MDB office in Kuala Lumpur in July 2015.
    Photographer: Mohd Rasfan/AFP via Getty Images
    In July, the 
    Malaysian attorney 
    general said a
     special task force 
    investigating 1MDB 
    looked into deposits 
    into Najib’s bank 
    account amounting 
    to hundreds of millions of dollars ahead of the 2013 general election. 
    The prime minister has said the funds were not used for private benefit 
    and Malaysia’s Attorney General said the money was a political 
    contribution from the Saudi royal family. 
    The Attorney General said Najib returned $620 million to the 
    Saudi donors. In January, the official, Mohamed Apandi Ali, 
    cleared Najib of any corruption charges related to the Saudi donation.
    Representatives of 1MDB have denied transferring funds to Najib’s 
    personal accounts. Najib’s office, the attorney-general’s office and 
    the country’s anti-graft agency were not immediately available for 
    comment. A spokesperson for 1MDB referred queries to a February 
    statement that the fund had not been contacted by any foreign 
    legal authorities on matters related to the company.

    Switzerland and Singapore

    Investigators outside Malaysia are still trying to trace where money 
    from the investment funds might have gone. The Swiss Attorney 
    General froze accounts holding tens of millions of dollars last year 
    as part of a criminal investigation into whether $4 billion was 
    embezzled from state-linked Malaysian companies, with some of 
    it making its way into Swiss accounts of former Malaysian officials.
    “The monies believed to have been misappropriated would have been 
    earmarked for investment in economic and social development 
    projects in Malaysia,” the Swiss authority said in a statement in January.
    The Swiss officials asked for assistance from Malaysia, and 
    subsequently said the Malaysian prime minister wasn’t one of the 
    public officials accused in the matter.
    Singapore’s central bank said in February that it froze a large 
    number of accounts linked to possible money laundering of 1MDB funds.
    Nak saman hari apa pulak ni???
    Lu FIkir La Sendiri!!!

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  1. Interesting...kita tunggu episod seterusnya...

    1. Interesting... dedak baru, episdo baru, payment baru.. wow

      Jaminan Pengganti PM lebih baik? (Sinar Harian 7.3.16)

      Apa jaminan pengganti Najib akan menjadi Malaysia lebih baik? Inilah yang perlu difikirkan. Justeru, berhati-hatilah agar tidak terpedaya dengan perancangan licik ultra kiasu sama ada yang Islam atau tidak. Apakah kita sudah buta dengan matlamat menghalalkan cara ultra kiasu untuk mengaburi mata kita?

      Ultra kiasu sedar, raja atau rakyat Malaysia tidak akan menerima ultra kiasu Cina sebagai PM. Namun, mereka sudah bersedia dengan calon ultra kiasu Melayu. Malangnya, ultra kiasu Melayu masih tidak sedar mereka diperalatkan. Jika adapun yang sedar, kuasa itu lebih utama daripada yang lain meskipun terpaksa menjadi boneka.


      berapa ramai di'sihir' dan dibodohkan oleh fitanh dan gerakan mahazalim madey ini utk mencapai cita2 besar politiknya untuk naikkan anaknya sbg PM... apakah malaysia akan lebih baik dengan legasinya atau rakyat akan ditipu sekali lagi dengan segala bana bntuk rompakan melalui dasar penswastaan ala penyamun itu?

    2. provokasi cara perkauman ni dah lapok la tak da teloq ja masih dok ikut cara ni. tahun 60an saja org guna cara ni. skrg 2016 beb..melayu semua dah pakai seluaq bukan pakai kain pelikat lagi..

  2. abu bakar .. mana ko.. aku dah baca komen ko dlm fb azmi tu..jawapan dia macam ko tak puas hati jer.. aku pun tak puas hati apabila dia kata kat ko suruh simpan sikit kebodohan ko tu.. apa punya jawapan lah si azmi ni.. aku nak ko masuk balik dlm fb dia ko lunyai dia betul betul abu bakar.. ko jgn bimbang aku duduk belakang ko ..[ bukan nak sondol ko...ko jgn salah faham pulak].. hanya ko saja harapan aku abu bakar.. bukan apa ..aku kesian kat budak tu jer..

  3. Padahnya bersekongkol dan makan duit haram riba Yahudi. Negara hancur dek keserakahan pemimpin & isterinya....Cash is king, my foot....!!!

  4. Gara gara seorang pompuan minang puaka nafsu besar bukan najib saje hancur umno dn negara sekali hancur.

    1. "Gara gara seorang pompuan minang puaka nafsu besar bukan najib saje hancur umno dn negara sekali hancur."

      fitnah sapa pulak ni?

      takkan nk ulang recycle skrip Lapiji lembu kot.. xde modal lain ke yg baru sikit?

      kalau ckp gara2 si botak anak mamak tu punya pasal mamakdey meroyan tak habis2 bakar UMNO smpai skrg.. jgn nafikan pulak yer.

      Sbb itu Mamakdey tak namakan siapa pengganti Najib.. dia mau Mokeris botak tu jd Piii Emmm..

      keluarga si mamak yg cukup tamak merompak dan menyamun!

    2. Botak Najis has been given the opportunity but failed to deliver his job. So... why not a chance be given to another Botak...???

  5. hadoi laaa macai madey.. mukeris punya pasai mahadey sanggup tumpah darah pun takpa...

    hadoi laaa penat aku tgk tak habih2 macai2 ini pusing cerita...

    hadoi la.. mat said pun dh join puaka2 ini.. berapa lah di bayar utk jd cai baru... cai lama menjerit pecah cermin pon org xpercaya dah...

    yg ni celah mana pulak pengarah mamakdey nk kaitkan dengan najib? wow.. hebat.. siri baru!!


  6. macaiii.. hangpa cerita jauh2 sgt... ni cerita mamak samun duit petronas 1998 tu fail tu patail gani koyak buang kt mana?

    “‘Pada tahun 1998, Anwar menjelaskan bagaimana beliau telah membangkitkan kemarahan Dr Mahathir apabila beliau enggan meluluskan RM2 bilion duit pembayar cukai untuk melakukan ‘bail out’ syarikat milik anak Perdana Menteri itu. Malah, Dr Mahathir sendiri yang mengesahkan perkara ini apabila beliau berkata anaknya meminta RM2 bilion tetapi Anwar hanya bersetuju untuk meluluskan RM1 bilion. Maka anak beliau rugi ‘RM1 bilion’ dan Dr Mahathir marah. Tetapi kemudian Petronas telah mencatatkan keuntungan yang sangat besar terhadap ‘kerugian’ RM1 bilion anaknya, tambah Dr Mahathir.”

  7. Tuhan sedang tunjuk pada mamaktun angkuh ni..

    dia bijak fitnah ramai manusia tp dia lupa dia sbg Pengerusi Proton telah gagal berkali2.

    Lagi dia asak Najib lg banyak dia gagal. Yg dulunya berjaya pun turut gagal. Kenapa Dato Khamil tiba2 di keluarkan dr Proton spt DSZ? sbb kuasa mahadet yg suka sack org yg dia percaya tak bagus.. 'percaya' tu meaning nya ialah kebencian bg mahadet...

    "The days of Proton Holdings Bhd (Proton) leading the market share are long gone, as the national carmaker has had to deal with quite a few critical reviews and its production, sales and revenue has been suffering way below its optimum capacity.

    Koon Yew Yin, a retired chartered engineer and a philanthropist, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has lots to share as to why the national car has failed. “Why is Mahathir’s inability to learn anything from the disastrous British car industry experience, something that completely escapes many Malaysians?

    “As far as Proton is concerned, Mahathir’s mistake in ignoring the economic fundamentals of the industry was compounded by our lack of expertise or comparative advantage to produce cars,” he wrote in a statement.

  8. Dah lama benar siasatanya,involed banyak negara pulak tu,tapi sampai sekarang tak ada apa yg konkret terbukti.Mustahilah S'por,S'wzland,France,US pun bodoh juga macam SPRM tak boleh jumpa bukti.Atau mungkin semuanya tak ada bukti,dan semuanya fitnah,yg berpunca dari penghasad dengki Mahahtir Kutty?.