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PANAS ~ FORGERY and DECEPTION - 1MDB's Network Of Money-Launderers Unravels..!

Ada yang tersenyum, ada yang ketawa malah ada yang mengkekek apabila membaca kenyataan di atas tu..! 

Mungkin kenyataan dibawah ni pula bakal menyebabkan macai@pemakan dedak merintih, menggaru malah menutup komputer..!

Balas la dengan dokumen..! Buktikan kenyataan dibawah ni fitnah..! Ambil tindakan..! Saman..! Bukannya menjawab sekadar melakukan perkara lazim dengan menggadai akal dan maruah diri..!

Akai mangkuk..!

FORGERY and DECEPTION - 1MDB's Network Of Money-Launderers Unravels

Yesterday’s developments in the Singapore courts have revealed further details about the unravelling criminal enterprise to launder billions of dollars of public money from Malaysia’s development fund.

And more familiar key players have floated into the picture as further evidence emerged from the case of the Commercial Affairs Department against the BSI banker Yeo Jiawei, who has been held on extended remand – in particular Jho Low’s associates Eric Tan and Nik Faisal Arif Kamil.

Forged signature

The prosecutor has now added a 7th charge of forgery against Jiawei – and in the process has for the first time directly referred to a 1MDB entity, namely the former subsidiary SRC International (now absorbed by Najib directly into his Ministry of Finance, following years of controversy over its opaque handling of RM4 billion borrowed from the KWAP public pension fund).
Forged signature to pass money to a company beneficially owned by Eric Tan
Forged signature to pass money to a company beneficially owned by Eric Tan – Tan Kim Loong
Jiawei forged a signature, alleges the prosecutor, on a letter supposedly authorised by his bosses at BSI bank, to transfer US$11.9 million from SRC to a fund (Pacific Harbour Global Growth Fund AA4), from which it was then hopped on to another company named Affinity International Equity Partners Limited.

What the prosecutor is saying is that this was a planned scheme to steal the money by falsely investing it into a front enterprise, which in fact passed it on to another company.
And whose company was this $11.9 million passed on to, say the prosecutors?

Well the owner of Affinity International Equity Partners Limited was none other than Jho Low’s key helper Eric Tan (Tan Kim Loong).

As Sarawak Report has reported Eric Tan has been involved in assisting Jho Low in a number of transactions, including buying jewels in Hong Kong for Najib’s wife Rosmah and also transferring US$20 million to PetroSaudi Director Tarek Obaid (on September 30th 2009, the day after the bogus joint venture with 1MDB was signed).

Affinity International Equity Partners LIMITED

The name of this receptacle company also fits a pattern with which 1MDB watchers have become familiar. There is a genuine private equity company with the name Affinity International Equity Partners, but it appears to have no link to the similarly named Affinity International Equity Partners Limited.

Other such companies linked to 1MDB include Aabar Investments PJS Limited and Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Limited, both of which have been linked to Jho Low.  The former has been identified as the company which sent US$100,000 directly to Red Granite Capital, the finance company owned by Najib’s son Riza Aziz, to fund his film Wolf of Wall Street.

Meanwhile, the bogus Blackstone subsidiary has been identified by Sarawak Report as the source of hundreds of millions paid into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s AmBank account in KL – and also half a billion dollars, which went into the disgraced former Chairman of Aabar, Khadem al Qubaisi’s, Luxembourg account at Edmond de Rothschild Bank.

The afore-mentioned Eric Tan has also been identified as the person who incorporated the company Tanore Finance Corporation, which was the company which paid a whopping further US$681 million into Najib’s KL accounts shortly before the General Election, using its account at the Aabar owned Falcon Bank.

Forged signatures and the role of Nik Faisal Arif Kamil

The Singapore prosecutor brought as evidence before the court what he described as a letter with a forged signature from BSI, sent to obtain the release of the money through the US clearing system via Citibank.  He implies that the signature of the person authorised by BSI for such matters (below left) was forged by Jiawei.
The allegation is that Jaiwei forged the BSI signature.. but who OK'd the investment from SRC?
The allegation is that Jaiwei forged the BSI signature.. but who OK’d the investment from SRC?
The accompanying letter itself is very reminiscent of the disclaimers provided by Bridge Global in the Cayman Islands, where 1MDB supposedly invested no less than US$2.3 billion, which it alleged it had made out of its PetroSaudi joint venture.  

Bridge Global made it clear that its investments were high risk and it was very likely that 1MDB could lose all of its money – in fact, since the money had already been lost, we suggest Bridge Global account was merely a sham designed to cover that loss.

A statement was later produced by 1MDB’s CEO Arul Kanda indicating that US$1.03 billion had been transferred from Bridge Global to yet another BSI account in the name of a 1MDB subsidiary, Brazen Sky.  But the Singapore investigators have likewise confirmed that this statement was also forged.

It would appear therefore that the disclaimers (below) in a second letter presented by the prosecution, containing the same forged signature by Yiawei are a similar gambit to explain in advance why no money should be expected back from this investment either.
SRC agrees to take all the risk
SRC agrees to take all the risk
There is, of course, a second signature on this letter (above right), showing authorisation also from the source of the cash, the Malaysian Government owned SRC International.

Sarawak Report has identified this signature as belonging to Jho Low’s other key side-kick, Nik Faisal Arif Kamil, who by then had been appointed the CEO of SRC International (having previously acted as the Chief Investment officer of both 1MDB and UBG Group – which was bought up using 1MDB cash in 2010).
Nik Faisal Arif Kamil also signed off on the dodgy investment
Nik Faisal Arif Kamil also signed off on the dodgy investment

By the time of the US$11.9 million transfer in December 2013 Nik Kamil held a power of attorney over a number of Najib Razak’s private working accounts in AmBank.

According to a letter obtained by 1MDB investigators, Nik had to appoint named assistants who could be used to input urgent large cash deposits into these accounts on his behalf.

His signature on that letter to the bank is identical to the signature authorising the U$11.9 million transfer to Affinity International Equity Partners Limited, indicating that once again this Jho Low partner was complicit in the scam to extract money borrowed from the pension fund by SRC International, the government company he was responsible for private purposes.

Another gambit to funnel money out of 1MDB subsidiary SRC International?

Nik Faisal Arif Kamil, key player who ran away
Nik Faisal Arif Kamil, key player who ran away
Nik Kamil fled to Jakarta last year, the moment the 1MDB investigations began and it has already been revealed that he used his position at SRC, combined with his power of attorney over Najib’s accounts, to transfer RM42 million and then RM27 million from SRC into Najib’s private accounts through a number of transactions between 2014 to 2015.

This money, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission established, was used by the Prime Minister to fund credit card purchases of jewels, fashion items and holiday expenses in the summer of 2014 and also to make numerous payments to his political allies and others.

The Prime Minister has said that he was unaware that these payments had come from money borrowed by the government owned SRC/1MDB from the public pension fund and that he spent it as a mistake, unwittingly.

He has also said that the US$681 million transferred from Eric Tan’s company, Tanore Finance Corporation, to his other account was in fact a donation from an anonymous Saudi Royal.

His own newly appointed Attorney General, Apandi, has chosen to accept this as a suitable excuse and has “cleared him” of wrongdoing in the face of protests by the MACC and Malaysia’s Bar Council.

Neither has Apandi requested that the Prime Minister should pay the mistaken money back, which he received from Malaysia’s pension fund. The question now (which will surely be answered through this case) is whether the payment to Affinity International Equity Partners Limited will turn out to be another convenient mistake designed to transfer money borrowed from KWAP into the PM’s accounts?

Jho Low is reported to have once told intermediaries, who were representing demands for more cash by Rosmah Mansor:
“She has to be patient. It is not easy to just transfer all this money”
Gradually, it seems, the world is starting to find out how he did it.

Jelas, terang lagi bersuluh..! Malah kenyataan akhir tu cukup mengaitkan, merbahaya dan memalukan..!

Tunggu apa lagi???

Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

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  1. Tun momok nak serah seniri tanda tangan kimaq 1.27 jota.... tak sabaqq nak tunggu bila nak mai istana nihhh.... macai 1.27 juta bole angkut skali nnti....

    1. Macai? Depa ni semua penyokong kebenaran. Tt tanpa dapat balasan melainkan mahu kebenaran dibongkar..hang tu la pemakan dedak. Tulih ni pun sbb dpt dedak, macam orang tak tau.

    2. Macai? Depa ni semua penyokong kebenaran. Tt tanpa dapat balasan melainkan mahu kebenaran dibongkar..hang tu la pemakan dedak. Tulih ni pun sbb dpt dedak, macam orang tak tau.

    3. apa yg benar kalau sumber yg tak sah ... boleh edit bagai .... jgn nak malaikatkan madey ... you know very well his intention !!

    4. 1.38
      Tak guna bagi fakta kat org yg hari2 telan dedak.
      Apa pun fakta yg sahih kau tetap spin putar belit.
      Memang nawaitu kau begitu kan, janji kau boleh melabelkan duit haram tu halal.
      Merompak menyamun tu halal.
      Melarikan duit pun halal.

      Deklarasi ada no ic.
      Boleh check tengok betul ke tak.
      Nak tangkap rakyat yg sign deklarasi tu kena tangkap semua sekali...1 juta lebih rakyat.
      Tergamak ke nak nayakan rakyat macam Basyhar Assad??
      Macam Diktator kuku besi??

      Lagi satu hal Mukhriz tu ADUN ada paham??
      ADUN tak boleh naik jadi PM.
      Ahli Parlimen je yg boleh naik jadi PM.
      Undang2 mana kau pakai??

      Letih bercakap dgn dedakians ni bukan dia paham pun.
      Lepas dia baca posting ni dia akan putar lagi.

    5. sahih ? dapat cara sahih ? lengkap? hearsay ? yg kaki putar korang yg nak jatuhkan PM .. madey yg asyik ganggu PM .. hasad dengki ... PM fokus buat kerja utk BN, UMNO dan negara .. korang geng madey buat apa ??

    6. Kami tak buat apa... Goyang kaki aje...
      Dah boring, kami kutip le tandatangan...
      Itu pun dari rakyat yg suka dan rela...
      No dedak and no paksa...

      Tapi ada jugak puak yg dengki dan irihati.
      Walhal takde kena mengena dgn dema pun...
      Jangan le cakap Mahathir nak ganggu Najib
      sedangkan dia nak baling gelas pun tak pecah!
      Dan rasanya tak jejas pun reputasi Najib...
      Tak jatuhkan maruah Najib pun...
      Dia TAK ADA MARUAH, camne maruah nak jatuh?

  2. geng badot sarkas kepala dongga menyalak lagi. 2 prk dah dekat. macam2 ada lah fitnah. gerenti blogger sendiri pun tak faham apa yang dia cut and paste, apatah lagi balaci2. geng badot sarkas kepala dongga ni macam2 ada, ada nak boboi jadi pm, ada nak dia sendiri jadi pm, ada nak skrew melayu, ada nak perjuangkan lbgt, ada nak bebaskan suami/papa dari jel.

    1. Macam biasalah pemakan dedak. Hujah takdak isi, janji dedak masyuk. Podaaah..

    2. Macam biasalah pemakan dedak. Hujah takdak isi, janji dedak masyuk. Podaaah..

    3. kamu tu tak makan apa2 pun ... makan angin ... kena kencing di madey dgn drama tamil dia ... go fly kite !!!

  3. Fitnah Madey Kutty Kerala dah bertingkek-tingkek.

    Bila Madey Kutty Kerala nak mintak maaf pd Najib Dan Rosmah nie ?

    Nak tunggu hinga Boboi Boy dpt jadi PM baru nak mintak maaf ke ?

    Madey Kutty kena ingat, malaikat cabut nyawa tak kira masa.

    Cepat2 lah mintak maaf tu. Cukup2 lah memfitnah. Muka pun nampak ketara dah bertambah legam.

    Rakyat percaya, Najib dan Rosmah akan memaafkan.

    1. Fitnah? Ayah Tun tak perlu mohon maaf sbb dia mahukan kebenaran. Kalau ikut petua hang semua polis kena minta maaf pada penjenayah sebab tangkap penjenayah tu.
      Hang lah kena minta maaf kat seluruh rakyat malaysia sebab ambik upah hasil wang rakyat utk wat kerja hang sebagai cyber trooper pemakan dedak. Mcm orang tak tau.. ceh..

    2. Fitnah? Ayah Tun tak perlu mohon maaf sbb dia mahukan kebenaran. Kalau ikut petua hang semua polis kena minta maaf pada penjenayah sebab tangkap penjenayah tu.
      Hang lah kena minta maaf kat seluruh rakyat malaysia sebab ambik upah hasil wang rakyat utk wat kerja hang sebagai cyber trooper pemakan dedak. Mcm orang tak tau.. ceh..

    3. jgn nak malaikatkan madey ... you know very clear his attention !!!

      go fly kite !!!

    4. ayahanda tun m panggil pengikut tun m Mari kita tubuhkan team b he.he.he. boleh kita belasak gusti WWF nanti ia Belasak pengikut anwar, nanti kita gelanggan lawan kerusi pelastik siapa menang akan dapat jawatan ketua umum, bila pertandingan ketua umum pkr nak di akan diadakan ,kita tak sabar2 ini Belasak pengikut anwar ITU, saya bekas pengikut kahlid akan bersatu Belasak pengikut anwar, kita lawan WWF kerusi pelastik he.he.he.

      Hidup ayahanda tun m
      Hidup ayahanda tun m
      Hidup ayahanda tun m
      Hidup ayahanda tun m

    5. Kirim salam banyak2 nak suruh Tun mintak maaf.
      Yg hilang 42 juta tu bila nak mintak maaf dgn rakyat??
      Konpom ramai rakyat nak tau duit tu sekarang kat mana??

  4. Sama-sama kita hayati surah Yasin ayat 9 yang bermaksu " dan Kami adakan diantara hadapan mereka dinding dan dibelakang mereka dinding dan Kami tutup (mata) mereka sehingga tidak dapat melihat"...Itu firman Allah. Yang memberi hidayah adalah Allah. Jadi kita hanya mampu berdoa sahajalah. Allah Maha Adil.

    1. Ayat tu sesuai di tujukan kpd tun nyanyuk tu...hehehe

    2. Tujukan ayat tu pada perompak ternama. Mudah-mudahan dapat hidayah.

    3. Wei Tanpa Nama 14 Mei 2016 3:30 PTG, tak boleh cakap perompak tau... Itu fitnah namanya. Berdosaaa...

      Cakap 'Perdana Menteri yg paling masyhur seantero dunia' baru betul. Kalau cakap gitu insyaallah dapat pahala...

  5. still a spin without legitimate facts that can be submitted to court of law... showcase at your blog is irresponsible act ... by all means it should be submitted as police report. That why this just a spin to slander .... madey game is about perception ... so go fly kite !!!

  6. Dokumen ini tak boleh pakai
    1) mana cop syarikat ia,
    2)Dibawah tandatangan mana nama,
    3)tandatangan je cukup senang bank ITU lepaskan trasaksi ITU nampak sangat penipuan
    4)Jho Low boleh tandatangan teransasi bawah bsi pulak ITU
    5)siapa luluskan tandatangan kedua ITU kami mahu Tanya ini.
    6)fax boleh luluskan transasi mana macai ini belajar
    7)kurang2 nya Mesti teransasi kena nomber bank Jho Low ke SRC ITU mana data akuan syarikat ITU ia jho low pindah akan Wang ke src

    Nampak sangat penipuan dokumen yg dibuat oleh macai tun m, dah lah tun m kalau anda tak reti tengok dokumen itu anda kena tipu bulat2
    Yg kami mahu dekumen duit 1mbd masuk ke dalam akaun najib 'ITU gagal dibagi oleh tun m itu

    1. ADA tambahan akaun pribadi nik pun nak siarkan he.he.he yg tak kena mena dengan 1mbd 'nampak kebodohan tun m ini he.he.he

    2. Tapi tak boleh nak kalahkan kebodohan sign buta.

    3. Utk maklumat (dalam bahasa Melayu) yg lebih mudah dihadam oleh penyokong Najib, boleh pergi ke sini...

  7. Kalau itu semua fitnah ,dipersilakan utk Saman
    .kemukakan lh bukti yg semua ini adalah agenda musuh Najib al penyamun. Cuma diharapkan dedak yg dilahap oleh dedakians jenis gred A+. Baru lh sel² otak dedakians berfungsi. Jawab jgn x jawab, Saman jgn x Saman. Baru anak jantan pahlawan Bugis yg ada telo.

    1. Bukti ITU tak sah CAI
      1)Kalau transfer pakai computers mana dia akaun keluarkan masuk debit and credit he.he.he
      2)Boleh pulak transfer duit guna mesin fax he.he.he nak bodoh kan orang
      3)mana cop syarikat dekat Surat ITU he.he.he
      4)nama kedua tandatangan ITU siapa' hantu kot

      Menbazir je najib saman, biarkan lah pakatan haramjadah layan nyanyok tun m ITU,

    2. Oooowwhh....ko mintak bukti ye....mana bukti bank statement duit yg dah dipulangkan balik tu? Tarikh bila, berapa baki??

      Mana bukti statement bila duit derma masuk, jumlah, dari mana dari sape???

      Dgn org ko pandai mintak bukti...yg ko bila nak bagi bukti??? Buktikan WSJ tipu...2 hari lagi selasa.

      Bukti mana....bukti???

    3. Bukti yg dia tunjukan penipu tandatangan Tampa cop syarikat he.he.he jangan spin lah
      Kau bukti hanya tandatangan siapa nak percaya ia, bro SRC ITU syarikat dah tentu perlukan dua tandatangan CEO lain mana.
      He.he.he lupa,
      Macai bagi bukti tak betul hanya buat2 Dan palsu, bila aku persoalkan bukti kau Cuba spin pulak 3:15. kau buta sebab fanatik sangat, masalah bukti yg bagi palsu jangan Cuba spin puluk cerita lain

    4. Tanpa Nama14 Mei 2016 2:01 PTG
      Bukti ITU tak sah CAI...

      SAH. Standard korang guna airliur pun dah cukup. Admin letak gambar jugak nak bagi korang senang faham. Tapi kalau nak lihat semua dokumen dan statement tu korang kena pergi Singapore. Kes sedang berjalan.

  8. Pemakan pemakan dedak parpu salam di atas macam boss dia org jugak (CASH IS KING)..SPIN dan NAFI..lawan atau saman tak berani..setakat pusing cerita dan alih cerita...yang pasti..RAKYAT telah menunjukkan reaksinya di mana CASH IS KING HAS TO STEP DOWN..Tahniah Rakyat Malaysia yg berfikiran matang..bukan macam PEMAKAN PEMAKAN DEDAK YANG MATA DAN HATI NYA telah buta.

    1. Kau macai tun m kau tak nampak pelik ke dokumen ITU
      Cop syarikat tak boleh pulak transfer Wang 'tak rasa pelik ke,

    2. Cop syarikat tak ada boleh fransfer Wang
      Undang2 mana tun m pakai ini he.he.he

    3. 2.07 & 2.16.....Selama ni yg imam dedak ko cakap dgn air liur jer tu boleh ke dijadikan bukti?? Satu hitam putih pon tak penah tunjuk. Bila org tanya jer tangkap, pastu kata "nothing to hide".

      Air liur je cukup ke nak dipanggil "bukti"??? Kalo dalam mahkamah cakap2 jer boleh laku ke??

      Saman Tun M pon nak batalkan. Pe tak lawan jer Tun dalam mahkamah. Buktikan Tun salah.

    4. 3:28 Saman boleh terbatal jika seorang tak cukup bukti he.he.he, tun m boleh kemukakan bukti di mahkamah tapi tun gagal kemukakan bukti pada para peguam tun m Dan peguam najib setuju tak meneruskan saman sebab bukti tak ADA untuk perdebatkan ini bererti tun m telah kalah, kalau tak Hakim setuju untuk ambil kes ITU tapi para Hakim tak berminat dengan kes saman sebab bukti tak ADA, jika ikut najib boleh saman malu pada tun m ITU, tapi najib tak buat sebab dia tahu tun m dah nyanyok.
      Biarkan pembangkang melayan nyanyok tun m itu. Kes ITU taleh tertutup oleh peguam negara telah di beri kuasa PAC untuk tutup kes itu. PAC telah arahkan peguam negara menutup kes ITU. Nanti orang cakap PAC kawal oleh kerajaan silap, macai tun m macam kau macam itu

    5. Kesian 846m kena reka teori sendiri... Lu percaya sendiri la maam tu...

  9. Dah tu saman ajelah kata buat bukti palsu. Kata pejuang Boogis yg berani...

  10. Aku ingtkn jho low sorg je pejuang islam pujaan najis dgn cacai.
    Rupenya ade eric tan.
    Ini pun sesuai dibagi tokoh maal hijrah 2020.
    3 tokoh pejuang islam ahli sunnah wal jamaah.
    1. Najis
    2. Jho low
    3. Eric tan

    1. Banyak watak yg ada dalam drama dongeng 1MDB ni. Setakat hujung Mac aku kutip...
      1. Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Hj Abd Razak Acc No: 2112022009694 [AmPrivate Banking, KL]. Acc closed on 30/08/2103.
      2. Khadem Al Qubaisi, Chairman Aabar
      3. Mohamed Al-Husseiny, CEO Aabar
      4. Jho Low, Low Taek Jho
      5. Shahrol Halmi,
      6. Arriane de Rothschild, Khadem Al Qubaisi’s banker
      7. Earl Hume, RBS Coutts, Zurich Chairman
      8. Riza Aziz
      9. Tim Leissner
      10. Mohd Hazem Abdul Rahman, CEO 1MDB
      11. Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, a director of SRC International. Mr. Kamil had power of attorney over Mr. Najib’s accounts, according to documents that were part of the government investigation.
      12. Yeo Jiawei, pegawai di Banca della Svizzera Italiana (BSI), Singapore
      13. Eric Tan Kim Loong,

      Memang tak complete. Syarikat ada 40, bank 6, agensi penguatkuasa 11. Itu tak termasuk kakitangan/agensi kerajaan kita sendiri

  11. Itu bukti semua amat enarik.

    Aku rasa surat yang di katakan dari anak Raja Arab Saudi beri derma kpd Najib itu pun palsu.

    Yang muka bulat gemok gedempol mengurat Paris Hilton itu boleh buat apa saja. Dia ada "tangan ghaib" di sana sini.

    Namun demikian, kalau betul pun "derma anak Raja Arab" itu, ada 4 punca yang berlainan masukkan wang ke ekaun2 Najib itu sehingga berjumlah RM4.2 bilion.

    Aku rasa Najib yang tupu. Wang itu datang nya dari 1MDB. In "circuitous methods of payments", kata Tun.

    1. Ni zaman cakap2 air liur pun dah cukup.
      Tu buktilah tu.
      Tak payah tunjuk bukti sahih black n white.
      Kalau tunjuk pun siapa yg nak baca??
      Org sekarang tak payah susah2 nak baca2.
      Tak payah panggil saksi.
      Cakap je sudah.
      Habis cerita.
      Noktah....nothing to hide...let's move on....

  12. 1) kalau nak tahu pedasnya Kari
    tolong masuk kan santan berlada
    memaki memcerca berhari hari
    tak jadi kudis Tun ayahanda

    2) negara bergolak angkara siapa
    bukan Anwar Mahathir juga
    masalah emdibi siapa ketua
    bukankah boogis sebagai panglima?

    3) ini nak tegak benang yang basah
    dah nampak tanda pencacai gelisah
    penyokong pee Emm semakin gelabah
    kena lah dedak lagi ditambah..

    4) asyik nak minta salinan bukti
    siapa dia kita nak bagi
    seluruh dunia siasat emdibi
    2.6 masuk fitnah ke lagi?

    5) bila menentang dikata DAP
    red bean army juga sekali
    sebab cacing dah turun ke pipi
    pencinta umno ramai dah lari...

    6) rakyat dah muak seribu pembohongan
    bertambah susah GST menekan
    pelajar universiti ada tak makan
    dia dan bini bershopping sakan..

    rakyat dah muak sejuta pembohongan
    hidup susah GST menekan
    pelajar universiti ada tak makan
    bos dan bini bershopping sakan..

    1. Terrrbaekkk dari ladang.
      Bagi pedas melantun bro.

    2. apa yg terbaek ? kerja meroyan ni baek ker ... madey dah racun kepala otak ko !! go fly kite !!

    3. Suka hati nenek akulah kalau aku nak cakap terbaek ke tak?
      Kau apahal atok kau susah hati ke kalau aku cakap??
      Apa kau susah kalau aku suka ke tak??
      Kau yg meroyan.
      Go fly your bloody self....!!!

  13. 1) day by day you go fly kite
    shows your head is full of termites
    right or wrong you simply can't decide
    what matters most your dedak is aside

    2) Person like you is of no use
    always astray and completely confused
    like a useless bomb you lost your fuse
    pity your parents by the words you use

    3)fly kite fly kite is all you know
    so many countries are investigating
    better for you to live beneath snow
    real asupporter of the act of cheating

    1. FanTun... I am your number one FAN! Tun jadi nombor 2 kot kalau dia tau... Heh heh heh...

      FANTASTIC... Memang susah nak buat pantun omputih ni... Lebih2 lagi sambil tembak pemakan dedak...

      Tahniah Bro!

    2. Bro Fan Tun teruskan berpantun.
      Bagi pedas bagi dedakians terbako.
      Sakit hati mak dia bro.....