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HOT 1MDB ~ Apa Pendedahan Yang Mengejutkan Tu..!

Apa cerita..?

The Shocking Truth About 1MDB - We Unlock The Officially Secret AG Report

Sarawak Report has now gained extensive access to the Auditor General’s report into 1MDB, along with key accompanying documents from the enquiry.

This report was originally commissioned to shed light on the disappearance of billions of dollars, but was later declared an ‘Official Secret’ by Najib Razak.
In charge - Najib Razak
In charge – Najib Razak

Our review has made it abundantly clear why Najib decided that the findings could not be released, since he wishes to remain Prime Minister – after all he is also the Finance Minister and sole shareholder responsible for decision-making at 1MDB and the conclusions are damning.

What the Auditor General encountered, according to the documents, was chaos and confusion in an organisation where senior executives were unable to provide convincing or consistent explanations for vast payments made to a bogus subsidiary of Abu Dhabi’s sovereign fund Aabar and to a separate false subsidiary of an earlier venture partner, PetroSaudi.

A grand total of US$7 billion is calculated as having gone missing and conflicting and unbelievable explanations were given about why the payments were made.

The AG lamented that the justifications provided for retrospective Board ratifications of those payments (which had already been made months earlier by management without prior permission) changed from one year to the next: furthermore, multi-billion dollar payments were made for the same advertised purpose two times over.

The AG even complained that management would provide one story to his enquiry on one occasion and then completely re-write their own version of events the next time they met.

There was never sufficient proof according to his data, to back up the stories being told. In particular, bank statements were not provided to substantiate many of the simply enormous sums that 1MDB management alleged were being invested in various funds or in ‘refundable deposits’ or ‘terminations of options’ with the bogus Aabar Investments PJS Limited, based in the British Virgin Islands.
Arul Kanda - last minute new versions of the truth!
Arul Kanda – last minute new versions of the truth!

On one case the AG was plainly so incensed by the variable and inconsitent claims by 1MDB management (headed by CEO Arul Kanda), that he described their final version of events as “suspicious” and “unsubstantiated” and therefore refused to accept the documents 1MDB had provided as reliable evidence.

This matter related to a purported US$1.392 billion, that had supposedly been redeemed from 1MDB’s Cayman Island fund, and was originally recorded as having been spent on the termination of options owed to Aabar ($993 million), plus the repayment of loans.

That is what the Board was informed in December 2014 and what was recorded in the Annual Report (even though the AG records there was insufficient proof this was how the money was spent).
The AG - unimpressed
The AG – unimpressed

Then as late as February 2016, to the AG’s disbelief, he was presented with a series of papers ratified by the Board on November 26th 2015 which a year on provided an entirely separate story for how the money was used.

Based on an alleged agreement signed by management in October 6th 2014 (after most of the money had already been paid), the Board on November 26th 2015 retrospectively ratified a series of payments to Aabar Ltd totalling US$1.15 billion saying they had been for the ‘extension of guarantees’ for loans (see our previous story).

The AG complained that there had been no mention of this belated new explanation when he had previously met with 1MDB in December, although it had all been supposedly signed off the previous month:
a.     Although this resolution was approved on Nov 26, 2015 it was only presented to the JAN [AG enquiry] on Feb 2016. This important information was not raised during (JAN’s) discussions with 1MDB’s management held on Dec 16, 2015. This raises doubts on the veracity of the information and documents which were presented.
b.     This also showed that the 1MDB management had made payments without prior knowledge or approval from the Board. The information is also in conflict with information that was given by the 1MDB management during the Board meeting on Dec 20, 2014 – that USD1.392 billion from the redeeming of SPC funds had been used to pay for Aabar’s Termination of Options amounting to USD993 million and the USD399 million used for interest payments for the USD Note(s). However, JAN was unable to verify both payments. [Addendum Document to AG’s Report]
It gets worse, thundered the AG in his addendum to his report, explaining why he had rejected the belated material from his enquiry, on the grounds that it was simply too suspicous:
Although the agreement was signed on Oct 6, 2014, the document was only presented to JAN on Feb 2016 and this important information was not acknowledged or raised during meetings with 1MDB’s management on Dec 16, 2015. This raises doubts on the veracity of the information and documents that were presented.
4. Remittance Slip regarding payments to Aabar and Aabar Ltd
There are 9 remittance slips regarding payments to Aabar (1) and to Aabar Limited (8) which were presented to JAN on Feb 2016. This important information was not acknowledged or raised during meetings with 1MDB’s management on Dec 16, 2015. The veracity of the format of documents was suspicious as it does not include written instructions to the bank nor bank statements as supporting documents.[Addendum Document to AG’s Report]

Double payment meant 1MDB bought out Aabar’s ‘options’ for  more than its guaranteed power plants were even worth!

The AG continues by saying that according to the original data provided by 1MDB the ‘options to Aabar’ were terminated twice over with near identical payments totalling over US$1.8 billion – more than the total value of the 49% of the company Aabar was supposed to be guaranteeing.

Indeed it seems clear that the decision to alter the reason given for these payments was only taken after this outrageous double payment had been spotted and reported upon in the press over a year later. The AG wasn’t buying it:
5. Funds from the Duetsche Bank loan (USD250 mil and USD975 mil), a total of USD855 mil was used for Aabar’s termination of option from May to Sept 2014. According to the Board’s minutes on Dec 20, 2014, a total of USD993 mil was also paid between Sept and Dec 2014. This means that the total amount paid for the termination of option was USD1.848 billion. The total termination of options payment amounting to USD855 million was only changed to Top Up Collateral (Security Deposit) a year later through the Ratification of IPO Variation Payment Made to IPIC on Nov 26, 2015. This demonstrated that the original intention of 1MDB was to pay a total of USD1.848 billion to Aabar Ltd, in contrast with the total stated in the Agreement Relating to Option Agreement (Settlement Agreement) amounting to USD300 mil (refer to Chapter 5, para Pg 189). [Addendum Document to AG’s Report]
Apart from this, the USD1.848 billion amount exceeded the 49% equity value  in 1MDB Energy Sdn Bhd (1MESB), which amounts to RM1.225 billion, and RM862.40 million in 1MDB Energy Langat Sdn Bhd (1MELSB) which amounts to RM2.09 billion in total (refer to Chap 5, para 7.3.2. Pg 182).


That a government fund could be run in such a negligent fashion, with such an apparent slip-shod attitude towards the dispensing of billions of dollars of public money, would under normal circumstances defy belief.
Ex-CEO Shahrol Halmi - protected by his dear friends Najib and Rosmah
Ex-CEO Shahrol Halmi – protected by his dear friends Najib and Rosmah
Scanning through the AG’s forensic analysis, readers are consequently led to one glaring conclusion, which is that no one, from 1MDB’s management to the Board, considered it to be their job to worry about the genuine custody and investment of all this cash. In other words, the fund was plainly a front behind which money was being siphoned out by the man in charge (the sole shareholder/Finance Minister/Prime Minister).

No one could conclude otherwise from the narrative and criticism laid out in the AG’s 300 page plus report and analysis, as we shall show over coming articles.

No wonder the Prime Minister, who had a year before assured Malaysians that their concerns would be put to rest about the loss-making fund through this audit, has decided to make it a secret instead.

Changing Options

This was how the Auditor General in the main body of his report referred to how the Board was informed about the supposed second payment of options to Aabar, made from money lent by Deutsche Bank, based on a promise that there was a collateral cash holding of a billion dollars in BSI Bank Singapore (untrue).
“8.9 The Board of Directors [of 1MDB] were informed on Dec 20, 2014 that Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore had agreed that the USD993 million be used to pay for Aabar’s termination of options from redeeming the SPC funds amounting to USD1.392 billion. Tthe balance of USD399 million were to be used to pay interest off loans in USD Notes.
8.10 However, details about the payment of USD993 million to Aabar for the termination of options and the interest payments on the USD Notes amounting to USD399 could not be verified by JAN. The Board of Directors had also sought details on the payments on Dec 20, 2014, but checks by JAN have established that the matter was not raised again during subsequent Board of Directors meetings. During their meeting on Feb 23, 2015, the Board of Directors had raised the issue of payments for Aabar’s termination of options, and that they were informed only after the payment was made. This showed that the payment for Aabar’s termination of options was made without the Board of Director’s approval.”
In other words, neither the Auditor nor the Board of Directors were ever able to get any proof out of 1MDB management that the money had existed in the first place or had been utilised in the manner being claimed!  A pattern of activity, whereby the Board failed to be consulted by management and was just expected to sign off vast payments retrospectively, is confirmed time and again in this report.

Bogus Guarantees

The AG also deals with the whole frustrating story of  the supposed ‘security deposits for guarantees’, which we now also know were in fact never part of the formal agreements with Aabar/IPIC when the Abu Dhabi fund agreed to guarantee the US$3.5 billion raised in two ‘power purchase’ loans in May and October 2012.

He confirms that nevertheless a total of US$1.367 billion was paid in the name of such guarantees to the bogus Aabar Limited in BVI:
Chap 5 – Energy Sector.Item 7 “Funding for 1MDB Group’s Energy Sector” Collaboration Agreement for Credit Enhancement (f) Checks by JAN [AG Department] found that the security deposit amounting to USD1.367 billion (RM4.468 billion) was paid by 1MEL (1MDB Energy Ltd) and 1MELL (1MDB Energy [Langat] Ltd) to Aabar Ltd and was recorded as a security deposit in the financial statements of 1MEHL (1MDB Energy Holdings Ltd) for the year ending May 31 2013 and 2014. However, the security deposit payments were made without the approval of the Board of Directors. The responsibility of payment for the security deposit for the issuance of the first USD Notes was transferred to 1MEHL because 1MEHL had acquired 1MEL from 1MDB. This is based on the Assumption for Obligations Agreement dated Nov 1, 2012 between 1MEHL and 1MEL. Details are as follows:
Table 5.27 – Security Deposit Payments to Aabar Ltd [pg 184]
DatePayeeTotal USD milTotal RM mil
Source: Agreement and Deloitte papers
Note: BNM exchange rates = May 2012 (RM3.18) and Oct 2012 (RM3.06)

Total of US$7 billion missing!

The above dodgy payment, it should be noted, joins a number of others which the AG said 1MDB failed to substantiate with any concrete evidence such as bank statements.

Accompanying the report is a chart produced by the AG’s department detailing the unsatisfactory and unproven payments identified by his enquiry, with total up to the US$7 billion, which the AG concludes has effectively gone missing from 1MDB:
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 08.55.09
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 08.55.21

[GRAND TOTAL $6.87 bn]

The culpability and deliberate deceit behind all this mismanagement is summed up by the Auditor in his addendum document about the bogus ‘Top-Up Security Deposit’.  His final paragraph states that the then CEO and present Board Member Shahrol Halmi, knew perfectly well there were no payments owing to Aabar for its guarantees on the loan. This was because the AG had a copy of the original agreement signed between Halmi and IPIC/Aabar in May 2012. IPIC was happy to rely on the promise of a Malaysian Ministry of Finance obligation to 1MDB (ie the taxpayer was liable).
IPIC and 1MDB had signed another agreement known as Interguarantor Agreement on May 21, 2012. This agreement was signed by Shahrol Azral on behalf of 1MDB and Khadem Al-Qubaisy for IPIC. Checks by JAN showed that the agreement did not state a need for 1MDB or its subsidiaries to issue USD Notes to implement the “option and credit enhancement” to Aabar Ltd in return for a guarantee from IPIC. (emphasis theirs).
According to the main condition of this agreement, 1MDB must continue to be wholly owned by MKD (Finance Ministry Inc). 1MDB also needs to receive sufficient support and funds from MKD to repay IPIC, should 1MDB fail to repay all the cost, expenditure and all obligations regarding this note [USD Notes?]. Although a guarantee was given by IPIC, 1MDB still bears all the risks should there be any failure to pay for all the cost regarding the servicing of the USD Note.
Following the AG’s report and parallel Public Accounts Committee report the Inspector General of Police publicly notified that he would be investigating this former CEO and Board Member of 1MDB over suspected criminal behaviour.
Secret no longer.
Secret no longer.

However, a month later and no such moves have been made, although numerous critics of 1MDB (all vindicated) have been harassed, persecuted and charged on apparently trumped up charges.

Halmi, on the other hand, has let it be known that he considers himself protected by the power of the Prime Minister/Finance Minister and the kind and gracious support which he is receiving from his wife, Rosmah Mansor.

SR wishes readers a Happy Eid with hopes for better things to come.
More on the details of the AG report later this week.

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  1. Laporan Audit yang telah di"OSA"kan kini telah bocor....Pasti pihak Polis akan mencari siapa yang membocorkan maklumat tersebut...sebagai rakyat marhean...kita faham tindakan polis...Tetapi rakyat marhean WAJIB tahu tentang maklumat tersebut..sampai di"OSA"kan...walhal dulu kata..."tunggu laporan audit", "Tiada apa nak disorokan"...last2..di"OSA"kan...

    Kini..laporan telah bocor..adalah lebih baik ditarik balik status "OSA"...oleh PM...biar rakyat marhean menilai laporan tersebut yang mana kenapa di"OSA"kan...

    1. 100% jelas PM Najib menipu dan mencuri wang rakyat. Sekarang apa IGP nak lakukan? Hanya mendiamkan diri? Kalau tindakan tidak di ambil IGP melakukan kesalahan yang amat besar terhadap negara. Sama juga dengan AG yang mengatakan Najib tidak bersalah padahal bukti telah nyata apa yang dilakukan oleh Najib. Seperti IGP, AG juga melakukan kesalahan tidak menjalankan tugas yang dituntut oleh undang2 negara.

    2. Tang mana bocornya? Kalau tengokkan pada kulit laporan tak nampak ada kebocoran. Apakah SR sengaja ada adakan benda yang tak ada?

  2. Bertaubatlah....

    Najib, menteri, punahsihat dan pencacai2 yg bersyubha, bersekongkol dalam skandal pengelapan dan pengubahsuaian skandal 1mdb wang kepunyaan rakyat ini.

    Lagi sekali, bertaubatlah....

    1. Jawab mana takrikh Wang ITU masuk akan
      Mana dokemun Wang ITU masuk akan
      Akan buku kenapa Tak dedahkan?
      Kalau setakat buku muka depan baik tak payah
      Laporoan buku biru menyebut najib tak bersalah
      Cuba tengok buku laporan ITU macam dibuat je macai protun ITU .
      Ini pulak timbul buku audit merah nampak macam dibuat2 je.

      Kami mahu tarikh masuk duit
      Cop syrikat 1mbd.
      Siapa tandatangan.
      Siapa CEO tandatangan luluskan termasuk dua CEO luluskan Wang keluarkan.
      Loporan aduit yg lengkap
      Sila dedahkan nya dikalrasi Rakyat barulah Rakyat percaya?
      Kalau setakat laporan tak lengkap wiki gelakan macai protun ini, ingat kata2 wiki ketika kes Panama parper sila dedah laporan lengkap icij media yahudi baru Rakyat dunia percaya pemimpim duina ITU rasuah

    2. Tanpa Nama8 Julai 2016 3:54 PTG...Bodo la ko...tanya la 1MDB apasal ada dokumen2 susah nak kasi kt AG...yg mula2 sekali...apasal OSA kan report tu haaaa?!!!! Skrg buang status OSA tu dulu...pasti buat press conference...siar dlm utusan melayu haprak dan TV3 suku...kasi hentam abis SR...baru la rakyat percaya.

    3. SR kata tiada wang keluar atau masuk. Kalau tak ada, maknanya tiadalah wang yang hilang. Apakah ini silap mata?

  3. Kuasa Allah. Dah terburai apa yg nak sgt disorokkan. Sekarang semua dah baca. Nak baca yg bm pun ada.
    So...apa tindakan pengamal undang2? Apa tindakan pembangkang? Orang lain rasuah ciput pun kena tangkap dan dakwa.
    Kalau taknak dakwa orang yg mengelapkan us7 billion = rm32 billion, tak payah juga tangkap penjenayah lain. Baru betul.

    1. Kalau setakat letak muka depan buka laporan tak tahu isi kandung dalam 'baik tak payah,
      Suruh tun m dedahkan dokumen bukti di dekalrasi Rakyat yg sebenar 'barulah rakyat tandatanganya

    2. menunjukkan Saddam Husin itu dan ini? Nah terbukti semua itu palsu. Dalam kata lain usah telan hook line and sinker maklumat yang kafir hulur, nanti tercekik, bro

  4. Tunggu aje la penjelasan dari ag. Lepas tu boleh la kaji juga macam mana irwan serigala tak jadi gabenor bank negara.....kehkehkeh...walaupun sr dan wsj dah pasti dia yg jadi gabenor bank negara.

    Tak oun boleh siasata la juga macam sr dan wsj bahi kenyataan usd 3 bil masuk kat bank singapore tapi sah menipu....adehhhhhh......

    kehkehkeh....tanya sama itu hud2.....

    1. Jing Projibo,

      Kau nampak dendam dgn Tan Sri Irwan, Ketua Setia Usaha Kementerian Kewangan - kementerian yang punyai 1MDB, yang bayar modal RM1 juta 1MDB tuh.

      Kau geram sebab dia di panggil ke PAC dan terpaksa kata Perkara 117 Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A) 1MDB mengatakan bahawa semua tindakan penting 1MDB mesti ada kebenaran bertulis dari Najib. Bermakna segala kesalahan 1MDB Najib yang tanggung jawab.

      Kau bodoh bagi nak mampos. Tan Sri Irwan tak kisahkan jawatan Gabenor BNM lah. Dia career PTD Officer, nombor 2 kekanan nya di seluruh perkhidmatan Kerajaan Malaysia ini.

      Walau apa malumat yang menuding Najib yang di keluarkan nya pun, dia tak di buang kerja. Tak boleh, sebab dia menjalankan tugas nya, memberi penerangan kpd PAC. Kau tak nampak, sekarang 1MDB di bawah dia - di ambil alih seluruh nya dek Kem Kewangan dan dia yang coba sorting out problems di sana.

      Kau ni sibuk nak cakap tapi bodoh, tak ada otak.

    2. Hanya orang bodoh cakap kebenaran dari najib 'lupa CEO yg telah buat salah pelaboran telah dibuang oleh PAC dan najib, tindakan pentang mesti pada najib tapi kenapa macai tak serta bukti najib keluarkan Wang najib tandatangannya sila,

      sila jawab keputusan penting termasuk keluar masuk wang mesti dapat dapat kebenaran dari najib 'mana Surat keluar masuk Wang akaun 1mbd sila jawab.
      Najib hanya penasihat bukan CEO, jadi keputusan semua terletak pada CEO Dan dua ahli lembaga pengarah lain keluar masuk Wang itu, ITU Cara pengurusan syrikat

      Macai protun langsung gagal membuktikan najib tandatangan keluar masuk Wang, bukti pun macai protun palsukan, kalau semua keputusan terletak tangan najib kenapa macai protun hanya dedah seorang CEO 1mbd tandatangan keluar masuk duit, logik ke hanya seorang CEO boleh keluarkan berjuta2 rm, pikirlah dengan otak kau ITU

    3. “Bodoh sangat le kamu tak tahu apa itu bukti, tak mahu google makna nya, keras kepala asyik jeritkan takda bukti apekebenda.

      Ini dia makna bukti:

      Kamus DBP, Bukti: keterangan yang nyata, dalil, saksi, tanda

      bukti = evidence

      Oxford English Dictionary, Evidence:

      1. clearness, obviousness
      2. indication, sign, testimony, facts making for a conclusion
      3. information tending to establish fact, statements, proofs admissible as testimony in court
      4. serve to indicate, attest

      Dari apa yang dah keluar di berita di dalam dan di luar negara sejak meletup nya skandal Najib, dari Hansard atau rekod testimony kapada PAC di Parlimen, kepala hotak kau kalau tak habis habis soalkan bukti. Bodoh, bangang, tongong, bahalul, baghal.

      Aku akan keluarkan komen ini setiap kali kamu keluarkan soal bukti.”

    4. Bukti kafir untuk jatuhkan empayar othmaniah

      Bukti Bush untuk jatuhkan Sadam

      Bukti Madey untuk jatuhkan al Jubri

      Bukti Pkr untuk jatuhkan Khalid

      Bukti banglo tanpa tandas awam untuk banteras rasuah

      Bukti SR bukti sekerat sekerat, edit editan.

  5. cai najib cakap itu semua fitnah. tak ada sebutpun nama najib. percaya sangat apa yang sr tulis. tapi tak ada yang pertikai apa yang sr tulis dan menafikan apa yang tersiar. kita nak percaya pun susah juga, tapi bila tak yang menafikan, makanya betul la apa yang dituliskan itu. nanti masuk pulak dalam wsj. tak saman juga.

    1. WSJ peper kafir tu dah tenat. Sekarang dah ibarat pahat, sekali tukul (bayo) sekali potong (print). Kalau tak tukul (tak bayo) tak potong (tak print). Soalnya siapa yang bayo si kafir tu? He he

  6. Yang penting tak ke PM mencari jalan kalau dia bukan Perdana Malingsia untuk merampas kembali wang yang berbilion2 ringgit nie. Pelik pulok kenapa siasatan olih polis tidak berakhir dengan dakwaan. Adakah mereka ini amanah memenuhi sumpah setia sebagai penjawat awam? Kalau tidak mereka juga bolih diambil tindakan tapi siapa yang bolih bertindak terhadap mereka?

  7. Habislah Najib, Mukhliz pasti jadi PM PRU 2018 ini.

    1. Jangan mengidam lebih lebih boleh tak? LGE nak letak mana?

  8. nak pertikai apa kat SR atau WSJ...... pertikai pun korang akan kata itulah perkara yg benar....dah jadi macam kita korang..... bila apa yg ada dlm SR atau WSJ jauh Dari kenyataan korang tak terima...... tu laporan audit Jabatan audit yg ori ker tu????? ya... dia tulis rahsia..... tapi so far jarang jumpa document rahsia bermula depan fancy mcm tu..... amacam...masih mau percaya ker? kalau sulit..... perkatakan sulit AAU rahsia tu sebenarnya lebih besar..... piiiiiirah

    1. Hancing betul puak projib. Tak habis2 palsu.. Tak ori lah..
      Dah tu kenapa Saleh Keruak melalak melolong suruh cari sapa yg bocorkan laporan PAC tu..? Maknanya benda tu betul. Akai ada pakai la...

      Bebal betul otak projib. Cukup2 la puak projib yg mandi kencing & bau hancing.. Jgn korang plak nk mengencingkan org lain.

      80% betul pun dah kategori A apa... 100% betul tunggu siasatan telus & tanpa gangguan serta terkanan.

    2. tak ke waktu Najib kantoi 2.6 billion masyuk anjing salakan lanun bergegas kata.....nombor salah, ejaan erroneous, stub-transaction made-up lah.....

      dah nak bungkus pun masih nak kelentong-temberang???? Duit raya.....ooppps....duit rasuah money no enough ehhh???

  9. Go fly kite mana tau detail mcm ni.
    Dia ikot suruhan tulis mana bukti, sore loser, prk menang dan ntah pape yg xkena mngena.
    Hutang 1mdb 50b sapa nk byr pun xle jawab.
    Tp mngaku konon sokong sbb prinsip bkn sbb dedak.
    Nk bodohkn org ikot level dia punya bodoh

  10. Inilah akibatnya apabila Najib Dan zahid isytihar perang terhadap IS hasil 'DERMA' Dari putera arab dimana punca sebenar "DERMA" tersebut datang dari pengelapan Dan mengubahsuai wang 1mdb.

    Pengeboman di puchong adalah permulaan pengisytiharan perang IS terhadap kerajaan malaysia!

    Tahniah! Dan bertaubatlah pemimpin dan pencacai sekalian!

  11. IS yang timbul akibat Perang Iraq, cilaka George W Bush dan Tony Blair yang mulakan nya.

    Ini kata kata seorang British Professor of Criminology berkenaan Blair yang kena basuh salepas laporan salah laku nya berkaitan Perang Iraq - kata kata itu tepat kalau di gunakan kpd Najib jugak:

    ".. he is using that denial as a defence mechanism to block out reality, and thereby assuage the inevitable guilt that would surely consume him if he faced the truth."

    1. Bukan saja tepat pada Jiby malah lebih tepat pada mentornya (TM). Bezanya ialah Jiby tutup sebelah mata apabila TM using all sort of denials and ISAed people during that era to block out reality. 2x5=10, bro.

  12. DERMA konon...phuih!

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    Akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga
    Nak suruk banyak memang tak dapat
    Kuasa Allah siapa nak duga

    Tinggi tinggi si matahari
    Anak kerbau mati tertambat
    Baling batu sembunyi diri
    Rahsia terbuka walaupun lambat

    Pulau Pandan jauh ke tengah
    Gunung Daik bercabang tiga
    Gigil badan nafas pun mengah
    Hingga subuh masih berjaga..

    1. Jangan dengar guruh di langit boboi melompat. Nanti, bila hujan tak jadi, boboi jadi kambing tak mandi, he he

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    Hari hari dia di jing orang
    Muka tebal kulit belukang
    Carut mencarut memang petualang
    Agaknya asal keturunan jembalang

    Memang spesis tak tahu malu
    Tak dapat beza buruk dan baru
    Masuk ke blog teruk dipalu
    Tak ada modal meroyan merapu..

    1. Hahaha...caya lah saudara fan tun :)

  16. Ha..ha..selepuk ko jing!!