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SPRM & Bank Negara Mencari @ Melindungi Jho Low & Sekutunya..?

Itu berita yang dihidangkan kepada rakyat Malaysia..! Juga berita dibawah ni..!

Solanya betul ke semua diatas tu sedang diburu? Macam mana yang diburu boleh ke ceruk rantau dunia dengan cukup bergembira berparti bersukaria???


How Jho Low’s Gang Blasted Malaysia’s Millions At New Year!

Jho Low’s party guests gave the game away on Instagram!
As Prime Minister Najib Razak prepares to confront the country
 with a belt-tightening revised new budget for 2016, 
Sarawak Report can inform Malaysians how some of its 
missing development funds have been spent.
Fugitive billionaire Jho Low, who stole hundreds of millions 
from 1MDB, has been recorded on social media entertaining 
his gang of friends and co-conspirators to the most 
extravagant imaginable partying and waste in a series of 
New Year bashes across the globe.
The jaw-dropping debauchery even included renting two 
jumbo jets so that the looters could “double-countdown” 
2013 — by celebrating New Year in both Sydney and Las Vegas 
on the same day. As one admiring hanger-on commented:
“Only JL can manage this for double countdowns 2013″
Two private jumbo jets packed full of celebrity pals heading from Sydney to Vegas 
— all thanks to Jho Low
The revellers also gloried in wasting millions of dollars in 
gambling chips… money that could have bought food and 
education for thousands of Malaysian kids.
“A good way to waste a million dollars” brag the partygoers, gambling away millions 
on one night of debauchery
The 15 hour long journey from Sydney to the US was capped 
by a chauffeur driven limo ride from the plane to the Vegas 
venue for their greedy second countdown.
Party goers bragged on Instagram about the
 entire event
Jasmine Who?
Significantly, as the trail of party pics and instagram records 
make clear, one member of this inner circle of Jho Low party 
groupies is none other than the diminutive Kuching lawyer 
and ex-UBG/1MDB employee Jasmine Loo.
Loo is wanted by the Malaysian authorities for questioning
 over her role in channelling hundreds of millions of ringgit
 from 1MDB into Sarawak’s UBG buy out by Jho Low.
So far she has evaded arrest and is believed to have abandoned
 her flat in a swanky Manhattan block in New York 
(which at US$4 million would appear to be well out of the 
normal price range for an already retired 30-something 
Malaysian legal executive).
However, this very New Year, Jasmine was again hanging 
out with Jho Low’s top celebrity friends Alicia Keys and 
Swizz Beatz in the posh French ski resort Corcheval.
The pals have been on several trips together, according to 
a mass of instagram evidence, which shows a sickening level 
of excess at the expense of ordinary Malaysians, whose 
money Jho Low looted from the 1MDB development fund 
controlled by his so-called ‘Big Boss’, Prime Minister 
Najib Razak.
Jasmine Loo (right) with Alicia Keys’ brother Cole Cook in the 
French ski resort 
of Corcheval over New Year
Also in the same party of ski revellers was none other than the 
Wolf of Wall Street producer and partner of Najib’s son 
Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland.
In a schmaltzy comment on their cosy line up, Keys’ brother 
exclaimed this band of friends have bonded over the years
 to become “family”. There is one common denominator, 
who brings all these hangers-on together and that is Jho Low.
Red Granite’s Joey McFarland with girlfriend Antoinette Costa 
and Alicia Keys’ brother and son
Sarawak Report has identified the core contingent of Jho Low’s 
party-guests, who have been pictured time and again at these gatherings since the original 1MDB heist of hundreds of millions 
of dollars in 2009.
These include the former celebrity booker cum film producer 
Joey McFarland and actors from Red Granite movies such 
as Jonah Hill; Jasmine Loo herself; the sons of Najib Razak 
and their close pals from Thailand; some key employees of 
Low’s Jynwel Capital, including his brother Szen Low and 
deputy Seet Li Lin, as well as the likes of Alicia Keys, 
Swizz Beatz, Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton and Leonardo Dicaprio.
Jho Low (centre) parties in Vegas with Hollywood stars Leonardo Dicaprio 
and Tobey Maguire
All have either participated in Low’s theft of Malaysia’s cash 
(like Loo and Seet) or enjoyed the fruits of his money through excessive partying and gambling and payments to their various charities and PR activities.
Jasmine and Alicia’s family on snowy 
holiday together
Indeed, with Jasmine in the know and on the run it appears 
that Jho Low has decided to keep this mousey nobody of a 
local lawyer as part of this ‘close family’ — even if that means 
including her in his key celebrity circle of flash Hollywood 
big shots.
Najib’s son Norashman, like step-son Riza frequently appears in 
the Jho Low circle of pampered party-goers
Private Jumbo hire so Jho Low’s crowd can celebrate 
a global NY
The level of debauchery and extravagance by the Jho Low 
‘family of friends’ is best described through their own testimony.
In 2013 Hollywood rapper/actor Jamie Foxx (a regular 
beneficiary of Jho Low’s largesse with Malaysia’s stolen 
money) went on television to brag about the excesses of
 their New Year’s partying.
He had a “friend with some money”, Foxx coyly explained 
to gasping show host Jonathan Ross. That friend had hired 
two private jumbo jets, so that the well-paid celebrity pals 
could first enjoy New Year in Sydney and then fly to welcome 
it in a second time in Las Vegas!
“I got a friend, you know he got some money and he flew me,

Leonardo Di Caprio, Jonah Hill and some other cats and we

flew to Australia right. And we did the countdown in Australia

then jumped back on a plane and then did the countdown

in Vegas. That’s crazy! That was nuts!”

“I got a friend, he got some money” brags pal Jamie Foxx — time to
 ask howJho Low got that money?
There is no doubt that the “friend” was Jho Low, because 
it was the same “family” of hangers on who indulged in 
this event — bragging to their pals “only JL can manage this”.
McFarland joins the 2nd NY party in Vegas 
strip club
True to form Joey McFarland was there to party in Vegas, 
whilst the party in Sydney on board yet another grandiose
 yacht involved the entire Jho Low family, before the revellers
 filled two entire jets for the 15 hour trip to Vegas

The circle of friends were gushing their thanks to the 
“Low family” for the supposedly fabulous occasion hosted by 
them on the fancy yacht in Sydney.
Sarawak Report has established that by this date not only 
had Jho Low himself siphoned over US$1 billion directly 
from 1MDB, he had passed some US$530 million of that 
money from the company Good Star’s account into his 
private account at BSI Bank in Singapore.

Jamie Foxx, DJ Chuckie, Jho Low and father Larry Low on their 
private yacht in Sydney
Information from Switzerland has also indicated that his 
father Larry Low was a recipient of some of the remaining 
multi-millions from the Good Star account, a matter currently 
under investigation by the Swiss authorities.

Not so Halal
It is worth noting that these humongously extravagant 
events have always involved extensive debauchery at the 
expense of Malaysian taxpayers, who are being increasingly 
lectured and harangued about ‘halal’ values by the 
government of Jho Low’s patron Najib Razak.

Jho Low favourite Paris Hilton joins the Vegas crowd — 
later party, same champagne
Dicaprio’s PR machine meanwhile works overtime 
promoting his image as an environmentalist and indigenous
 rights campaigner.
The common themes of these party events, as insiders have 
detailed to Sarawak Report, is the hiring of women in a 
state of extensive undress, drunkenness, the availability 
of drugs and massive gambling.

Drinking a bath
And private gambling…
None of Jho Low’s circle of sychophants in Hollywood 
have yet responded to the information about 1MDB.
To the contrary, Leonardo Dicaprio is gearing up to star in 
the next Red Granite movie for millions of dollars, whilst 
Alicia Keys has also taken millions for her charities from 
Low and was there with her family this very New Year in 
Corcheval with all Jho’s pals.
Joey and the boys living it up with Jasmine this 
NY in Corcheval
More skiing with the in-crowd for Jasmine — 
Whistler 2012/3
Back in 2013 the Jho Low ‘family of friends’ went on 
celebrating it large in lavish style following their Sydney
/Vegas New Year extravaganza, according to their bragging
 instagram records. After the “double count-down” the 
party travelled on for a week of further spectacular 
merry-making at a top ski resort, Whistler in Canada.
Their party host, Jho Low, had planned out this further 
week of organised luxury, clearly again at his own 
expense and sent his guests a full itinerary for the trip:
Itinerary days 1–3 — uploaded onto instagram by the 
bragging guests
Unlike his guests the tubby Jho Low has not been 
photographed on the slopes himself, mainly contenting 
himself with the apres ski it appears.
Second half of the extravagant family holiday bestowed on Alicia Keys, 
husband Swizz Beatz and various family members and friends.
The highlight of this Canada trip, according to gushing instagram uploads, was a trip to an “ice castle” decorated with 10,001
 red roses in mid-winter for their delectation.

“Only J L can make these happen” gushed Jho Low’s

ecstatic hangers-on once again!

Only Jho Low can make all this happen (thanks to his stolen 
public money)
Is PM Najib Razak really so willing to let the Orang Asli and 
Orang Ulu suffer, just so that these pampered kids and celebrity 
side-kicks can have their fun? Sadly, the answer seems to be yes.
Hanging onto the party waggon from start to end was none 
other, of course, than Jamine Loo:
What a joke for Jasmine, the lawyer who masterminded the UBG deal from inside 1MDB!
And in February 2015, Jasmine Loo hit the slopes of Whistler o
nce again thanks to her ‘family’ status with Jho Low and 
his current top celebrity Alicia Keys, according to the same 
records on instagram.
Jasmine Loo (Left) and Alicia Keys’ brother Cole Cook (Right) 
skiing in Whistler
Throughout all this frolicking the pictures leave no doubt 
about the close connections between this group of Jho Low 
groupies, who describe themselves as “the boys”. They 
include his business colleagues, such as brother Szen Low 
and Seet Li Lin, as well as two wealthy Thai brothers 
from the Songthaveepol family, who have recorded these 
events — and also the son and steps son of Najib Razak.
Najib’s son Norashman Najib (centre-right) with Jho Low’s friends, 
the Songthaveepol brothers
Indeed, the Malaysian Prime Ministerial connection
 is frequently alluded to on the tell tale instagram accounts 
located by Sarawak Report. The party puppies have even l
anded themselves a trip on Malaysia’s publicly funded 
prime ministerial jet — a freebie that could only have been 
authorised by Najib himself.
In with the in crowd? — Jho Low’s clique get to 
ride in Najib’s jet
Invitations and dinner line ups with Jho Low’s ‘Big Boss’
 also feature on the Songthaveepol brothers’ instagram
 records — these extravagant playboys are Malaysia’s 
hangers on, benefitting from public funds to an 
extraordinary degree, courtesy of 1MDB and its 
pilfered funds.
Honoured by Najib
Top table for the well connected rich kids
Destination Vegas!
The destinations of Jho Low’s party set also make an 
extremely telling insight into 1MDB’s business connections, 
which he has so excessively mixed with his own pleasure.
Sarawak Report has already investigated and detailed the
 fraudulent tycoon’s close connections with Abu Dhabi’s 
sacked former Aabar/IPIC boss Khadem Al Qubaisi, who 
has invested billions into nightclubs in Las Vegas and 
beyond, through his questionable Hakkasan Group.
Hakkasan’s night clubs have provided a repeat venue for 
many of Jho Low’s expensive jaunts. Just a few weeks ago 
the gang were all over at Wet Republic, one of the chain’s 
newest openings
Hanging round Hakkasan, the Al Qubaisi chain fronted by 
ex-bar owner Neil Moffit.
Al Qubaisi has also invested huge sums in the South of France, 
where Jho Low’s groupies have also regularly hung out, 
especially on the luxury yacht circuit.
Jho Low took delivery of his own personal super-yacht
 Equanimity in 2014, but before that his gang of friends 
were treated to several extravaganzas aboard various hired 
boats. As they proudly announce, this is Jho Low’s “style”, 
meaning disgusting extravagance with money stolen 
from the poor of Malaysia?
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Jangan tunggu lagi..!
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