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WSJ Memang Nak Kena Saman Ni..!


Memang meronta ronta minta disaman WSJ ni..!

‘Derma’ Arab Saudi kepada Najib bangkitkan keraguan, lapor WSJ 

Walaupun Datuk Seri Najib Razak dibersihkan daripada salah laku, peguam negara tidak menangani beberapa persoalan mengenai sumbangan RM2.6 bilion daripada penderma Arab Saudi yang dimasukkan ke akaun peribadi perdana menteri itu, kata The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).
WSJ, dalam bahagian analisis mengenai keputusan pendakwa semalam berkata, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali gagal menjawab beberapa persoalan dibangkitkan pembangkang dalam kenyataan 4 muka suratnya itu.
"Kenyataan 4 muka surat peguam negara itu tidak menangani beberapa soalan tokoh pembangkang Malaysia untuk mendapatkan jawaban, termasuk: Siapa yang secara spesifiknya menderma wang itu? Mengapa ia didermakan? Mengapa ia mengambil masa lebih 6 bulan bagi kerajaan untuk mengatakan di mana wang itu datang? Dan apa yang berlaku kepada wang tidak dikembalikan?
"Kenyataan itu juga tidak menyatakan mengapa wang masuk ke dalam akaun Najib melalui syarikat British Virgin Islands tidak bernama dan bank swasta Swiss dimiliki Abu Dhabi yang amat berkait rapat dengan 1MDB (1Malaysian Development Berhad)."
Selepas hampir 6 bulan penyiasatan, Apandi pada sidang media di pejabatnya di Putrajaya berkata, tidak terdapat bukti mencukupi untuk mengaitkan perdana menteri. 
"Berdasarkan kepada fakta dan bukti, tiada kesalahan jenayah dilakukan perdana menteri berhubung 3 kertas siasatan.
"Saya dengan ini memerintahkan supaya SPRM (Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia) menutup kertas siasatan," kata Apandi.
Tiga kertas siasatan itu ialah derma RM2.6 bilion dan 2 berhubung SRC International yang mengambil pinjaman RM4 bilion daripada Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen Diperbadankan (KWAP).
Apandi juga membersihkan Najib daripada sebarang salah laku berhubung syarikat Kementerian Kewangan, SRC International.
Apandi turut mendedahkan, Najib memulangkan semula AS$620 juta (RM2.03 bilion) kepada keluarga diraja Arab Saudi pada Ogos 2013 kerana wang itu tidak digunakan.
SPRM tahun lepas membuka siasatan berikutan laporan WSJ dan Sarawak Report pada Julai tahun lepas yang mendakwa derma RM2.6 bilion dan RM42 juta berasal daripada SRC International, anak syarikat yang diilhamkan Najib, 1MDB.
Ini adalah sebagaimana menurut dokumen berhubung aliran wang yang diberikan penyiasat Malaysia, kata WSJ dan Sarawak Report.
Perdana menteri semalam mengalu-alukan keputusan itu dan berkata ia adalah "satu gangguan yang tidak perlu bagi negara". 
"Hasil keputusan adalah susulan siasatan terperinci institusi berkaitan, dan beliau mengesahkan apa yang saya katakan selama ini: tiada jenayah dilakukan," kata perdana menteri dalam satu kenyataan 4 perenggan yang dikeluarkan pejabat beliau di Putrajaya.

Malaysia Says Saudis Gave Prime Minister Najib Razak a $681 Million ‘Donation’.

UALA LUMPUR—A transfer of nearly $700 million to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s alleged private bank account before a 2013 election was a “personal donation” from Saudi Arabia’s royal family and not illegal, a Malaysian investigating body said.
The nation’s top prosecutor, Attorney General Mohamed Apandi Ali, said on Tuesday all but $61 million of the $681 million transferred in March of that year was returned to the Saudis five months later. 
Mr. Apandi said he ordered Malaysia’s anticorruption body to close its investigation into the transfers, which sparked mass street protests against the prime minister after they became public last summer. 
Tuesday’s finding is unlikely to quell controversy about the funds. 
“The notion that the Saudi ‘royals’ would ‘donate’ hundreds of millions of dollars to a foreign leader, as opposed to a government institution, struck me as suspect, to say the least,” said Fahad Nazer, a senior political analyst at consultancy firm JTG, in an email. Mr. Nazer previously worked as a political analyst at the Saudi Embassy in Washington.
The attorney general’s four-page statement didn’t address several issues Malaysians have sought answers to, such as: Who specifically donated the money? Why was it donated? And what happened to the money that wasn’t returned?
Although the statement said the Saudi donor didn’t expect anything in return from Mr. Najib “in relation to his capacity as a prime minister,” the finding could raise questions about the extent of foreign influence over Malaysia’s political establishment. The funds were received shortly before a closely contested general election in 2013.
Mr. Najib, who came to power in 2009, has made efforts to strengthen Malaysia’s diplomatic and business ties with Gulf nations, including Saudi Arabia. Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a center for Islamic finance, and Malaysia was one of the first non-Arab countries to join a Saudi-led coalition that launched airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen in late March. The two nations are both majority Sunni Muslim, though Saudi Arabia practices a more austere version than moderate Malaysia. 
“This is a no-win situation for Najib. Despite the AG decision, public perception will not be on his side,” said Wan Saiful Wan Jan, chief executive of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, a Malaysia-based think tank.
Mr. Najib welcomed the attorney general’s decision but didn’t give any further details on the transfers. The prime minister has denied any wrongdoing or taking the money for personal gain.
“This issue has been an unnecessary distraction for the country,” Mr. Najib said. “Now that the matter has been comprehensively put to rest, it is time for us to unite and move on.”
A spokesman for the Saudi Foreign Ministry said ministry officials were looking into the statement and couldn’t now comment further. The alleged donation was made under the kingdom’s previous monarch, King Abdullah, who died a year ago. 
The Wall Street Journal reported in July that an earlier Malaysian government investigation found almost $700 million had entered Mr. Najib’s accounts via banks, companies and entities linked to 1Malaysia Development Bhd., or 1MDB, a state fund that Mr. Najib set up in 2009 to foster economic development.
That investigation didn’t name the funds’ source or how they were used. Malaysia’s central bank, the nation’s antigraft body, a parliamentary committee and the auditor general went on to probe 1MDB and the transfers. 
The fund is now saddled with more than $11 billion in debt and having trouble repaying it. The fund was used to help finance Mr. Najib’s victorious 2013 election campaign, the Journal reported in December. Mr. Najib didn’t respond to questions about this. 
Critics of Mr. Najib, who say the prime minister has stymied official probes at home into 1MDB and the transfers, weren’t satisfied by the attorney general’s conclusions. 
Mr. Apandi “has provided no new or convincing information or arguments” to show the fund transfers were bona fide and not used for corruption, said Tony Pua, an opposition lawmaker. 
Malaysia’s former attorney general, who was coordinating investigations into 1MDB, stepped down in July. The government cited health reasons for his departure, and Mr. Najib named Mr. Apandi as his successor. Mr. Najib fired a deputy prime minister who had been calling for stepped-up investigations into 1MDB’s activities and promoted the head of the parliamentary committee into his cabinet, delaying the committee’s probe into the fund.
That probe, and an investigation of 1MDB by the auditor general, are continuing.
Malaysia’s central bank in October said it had recommended the attorney general begin criminal proceedings against 1MDB’s management for allegedly breaking foreign-exchange rules. Bank Negara Malaysia said 1MDB had given inaccurate information when seeking to invest $1.83 billion overseas.
But Mr. Apandi declined to take action, saying evidence was insufficient. 
Attempts to reach 1MDB for comment weren’t successful. The fund has denied wrongdoing and said it was cooperating with probes being conducted by the central bank and other investigating bodies.
The 1MDB fund had moved the $1.8 billion overseas to invest in a joint venture with a Saudi oil company, PetroSaudi International Ltd., which is owned by a Saudi prince.
The auditor general, in a draft version of its report into 1MDB, a copy of which was viewed by the Journal, found that $700 million of 1MDB funds meant for that venture instead were transferred to another company. Two 1MDB board members resigned in 2009 and early 2010 over the matter, the draft report found. What happened to the funds is unclear.
The 1MDB fund has said it made a profit from the venture. PetroSaudi called the venture profitable for the Malaysian fund.
Overseas, probes into 1MDB’s activities are continuing in at least five countries. A U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation probe is looking at assets owned by Mr. Najib and his family, including luxury real estate in New York and Los Angeles, according to people familiar with the matter.
The earlier Malaysian government investigation found the $681 million had entered Mr. Najib’s account in 2013 from the account of a British Virgin Islands-based company. The owner of that company wasn’t made public. The firm held its account at the Singapore branch of a Swiss bank owned by an Abu Dhabi sovereign-wealth fund which had done business with 1MDB.
The attorney general also said Tuesday there was no evidence that Mr. Najib was aware of—or had approved—separate transfers of around $14 million in late 2014 and early 2015 into his private accounts.
That money entered his accounts from SRC International, a unit of the Finance Ministry, which Mr. Najib also heads, via Ihsan Perdana, which carries out corporate social responsibility for 1MDB, the earlier Malaysian government probe found.
Ihsan Perdana was used as a conduit to send money from 1MDB to politicians from Mr. Najib’s ruling coalition ahead of the 2013 elections, the Journal reported in December.
The former head of SRC International, which formerly was a unit of 1MDB, Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, had power of attorney over Mr. Najib’s accounts, according to a document that formed part of the earlier Malaysian government investigation. Attempts to reach Mr. Kamil were unsuccessful.
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Tajuk tak sakit tapi isinya cukup menyakitkan..!
Sakitkan siapa???

Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

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  1. Haha...kerajaan saudi kata tiada dalam amalan kerabat raja saudi yang menderma ke akaun peribadi. Lepas ni nak kelentong apa lagi....phuii..

  2. Wsj tu portal bangsat je.bbc telah mengesahkn najib telah mendapat derma dari almarhum raja Abdullah bekas pemerintah Arab Saudi bagitujuan membantu negara islam yg sederhana.wahai admin kenapa anda bersikap berat sebelah dgn terus mengeluarkan artikel walaupun telah benar fitnah dan tuan admin menyorok artikel yg tidak selari dengan kehendak admin.

  3. Only an official statement from saudi gov or royal family will quell the suspicious nature of the "donation". Mula2 kata tak de duit masuk, dah kantoi kata plak arab (tsk tsu yg mana) derma, lawan yahudi, pastu utk lawan isis, sekarang raja saudi plak derma lwn ikhwan. Spe nak percaye cerita tukar memanjang. BBC punya "sumber tanpa nama" tak boleh caye.

  4. Pembohongan!!

    Saman WSJ kalau berani dan mahkamah akan menentukan siapa yang membohong atau memfitnah!!

    Najib ada buah keduak tak??

    Why takes years want to proof that you are right??

    enuf of the nonsence

  5. PM kaki kelentong!!!

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  7. Kalau betul ada donation kerajaan saudi mesti tahu walau dari almarhum dulu sebab setiap duit keluar mesti ada dokumen untuk audit dan akaun. Kalau tidak kerajaan saudi juga yang susah.
    Benda ni dah lama tp kenapa duta saudi ke malaysia pun tak tahu menahu.
    Setidaknya najib tunjuk dokumen transfer dari kerabat saudi ke akaunnya dan dokumen transfer duit pulang semula. Ada berani?

  8. A Saudi government official,while declining to comment specifically on the prosecutors statement, said the Saudi ministries of foreign affair and finance had no information about such a gift and that a royal donation to the PERSONAL bank account of a foreign leader would be UNPRECEDENTED.


  10. Tiada pengesahan rasmi dari keluarga diraja malahan kerajaan arab saudi.

    Malahan rakyat marhaen seluruh malaysia ingin tahu siapakah individu gila kerabat raja arab saudi yang sanggup derma beribu ribu (bukan puluh, bukan ratus) juta ini?

    Siapakah sanggup derma beribu juta kemudian sipenerima boleh pulang kan balik wang derma tersebut?

    Marilah kita sama2 menghayati analogi cerita dibawah ini...

    Rosmah Mansor (bukan bini najib) telah menderma 1 juta ringgit kepada pusat jagaan anak2 yatim dan kurang upaya tengku budriah jalan cheras.

    Pengetua pusat jagaan tengku budriah pula telah memulangkan semula 600
    ribu yang telah diberi oleh rosmah mansor.

    Rosmah mansor dengan sukacitanya menerima pemulangan wang derma tersebut.

    Rakyat marhaen tertanya tanya, mana logiknya? Akai ada ka? Adakah rakyat sebodoh najib dan penerima dedaknya?

  11. Wahai apandi kenapa ko sebut kerabat saudi. Kan dah susah sebab orang akan korek. Zahid pun takut nak sebut sebab dulu dia kata dari beberapa penderma.

    Apandi - kerabat saudi
    Zahid - beberapa penderma

    Penyokong najib kena kerja lebih kuat lagi.

  12. Pandai juga apandi perangkap jibby.

  13. Hihihi belit sana sini akhirnya terperangkap diri sendiri...