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1MDB ~ Di Malaysia Suci..! Tapi Dunia Caci..!

Kan ikut kata Pandi..!

Suffers Exits and Dispute on Liability

Global investigations into a troubled Malaysian state investment fund have cast a deepening shadow over one of the fund’s Swiss bankers, BSI SA.
Several senior employees have left BSI’s Singapore office in recent months or are leaving, including the three members of the bank committee that vetted major new clients at a time when money flowed in from 1Malaysia Development Bhd., or 1MDB, and related entities, according to people familiar with matter. None of the three have been accused of wrongdoing. 
Separately, BSI’s parent company, Grupo BTG Pactual, and the bank’s previous owner, Assicurazioni Generali SpA, are at odds over indemnities for potential losses tied to BSI’s dealings with the Malaysian fund.
The turmoil surrounding BSI comes as authorities in Singapore, Luxembourg and Switzerland are trying to determine if some of the billions of dollars raised since 2009 by 1MDB were siphoned into the personal accounts of politically connected individuals. The U.S. Justice Department has asked global banks to retain records about 1MDB-related funds they may have handled, people familiar with the probe have said.
As more international banks field regulators’ questions, Lugano, Switzerland-based BSI and its Singapore arm has emerged as one of the most intertwined with 1MDB. One of the bank’s former employees was named in a Singapore court proceeding in connection to the investigations, with documents from that case showing that the bank handled accounts for 1MDB and several related parties.
Neither BSI nor its staff have been charged by regulators in the city-state. The bank hasn’t been accused of wrongdoing and has said it will cooperate with authorities. It also isn’t clear whether the staff exits were related to the bank’s dealings with 1MDB.

Exiting COO

Recent departures from BSI Bank Singapore have included the unit’s head of compliance and an executive in its wealth management unit, said the people familiar with the matter. 
The chief operating officer for the bank’s Asia operations, Gary Tucker, has decided to leave BSI and return with his family to Europe, according to Luciano Crobu, a Lugano-based spokesman for the bank. Tucker didn’t reply to e-mails seeking comment or return calls through BSI’s main switchboard.
Those exits come on top of the previously reported pending retirement of the bank’s Asia chief executive officer and the departure of a private banker who according to court documents was the primary relationship manager for 1MDB.
Crobu declined to comment on staff matters beyond Tucker’s, saying the bank doesn’t on principle comment on staff movements or potential or ongoing investigations.

String of Owners

With BSI in the middle of a sale that would transfer it from Brazilian to Swiss ownership, questions have lingered about which of the bank’s recent string of owners may be on the hook if regulators conclude that improprieties occurred.
In September, Sao Paulo-based BTG bought BSI from Italy’s Assicurazioni Generali for 1.25 billion Swiss francs ($1.3 billion). Soon, BTG found itself in a position to sell. BTG’s then-chief executive officer Andre Esteves was arrested in November amid a widespread corporate corruption scandal unrelated to the 1MDB matter. Esteves, now under house arrest, has denied any wrongdoing through his lawyers.
BTG announced in February that it was selling BSI to EFG International AG in a proposed 1.33 billion Swiss franc deal. Since then, people familiar with the two sides in the deal offered contrasting accounts about the degree to which various parties would be responsible for 1MDB-related litigation and regulatory costs.
On Tuesday, BTG said it had mailed a claim to Generali, asking it to cover any 1MDB-related liabilities. 
“BTG has notified Generali by letter that it is entitled to indemnity to cover potential liability for BSI’s dealings with a state-run Malaysian fund,” the bank said in a statement. BTG hasn’t sought a specific amount as potential costs are unknown, it said.
The letter received “not only failed to quantify any damages but also to give any detailed evidence supporting any potential breach of a representation,” Generali said by e-mail. “Generali is protected by several contractual provisions including a duty on BTG to mitigate and a sizable deductible that may limit any ability of BTG to recover any damage."

‘Sizable’ Protection

For its part, EFG has said it enjoys protections for potential liabilities. Speaking on Feb. 22 as the deal was announced, EFG CEO Joachim Straehle responded to a questioner asking if the bank would have protection from a fine of as much as $1 billion. Straehle said only that the bank’s protection was “sizable.” 
On March 31, EFG Chief Financial Officer Giorgio Pradelli said on a call with analysts that the bank had strong legal protections for the deal and a “material” amount in escrow. EFG, through spokeswoman Daniela Haesler, declined to comment further on the agreements.
In striking its deal to buy BSI, Zurich-based EFG was advised to take its Swiss rival’s business but not its legal operating units in countries where there are potential regulatory and legal risks, according to a person familiar with the deal. EFG was also advised to review BSI’s clients and staff to decide which of them shouldn’t be kept when the deal closes, said the person.

Malaysia Exit

BSI has exited its Malaysia business, CEO Stefano Coduri said during a March 31 call with investors, adding that the move was “in context” of 1MDB. He declined to discuss the Malaysia business’s size or staffing levels. “There are official investigations, but I cannot elaborate on the topic,” he said.
Swiss prosecutors said in January they are seeking legal assistance from Malaysia after a probe they conducted into 1MDB, whose advisory board is headed by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, revealed “serious indications” that about $4 billion may have been misappropriated. The Swiss said on Feb. 1 that Najib is “not one of the public officials under accusation” in its probe.
Both 1MDB and the premier have consistently denied wrongdoing. The Malaysian attorney general’s office cleared Najib of any wrongdoing in January. It has at least twice rejected the country’s central bank’s request for criminal proceedings against 1MDB.
On March 31, the Monetary Authority of Singapore said that as part of its investigations related to 1MDB, it has been conducting a “thorough review of various transactions as well as fund flows” through its banking system. Singapore, which in March 2015 said it was assisting in Malaysia’s probe of 1MDB, is also working closely with authorities in other financial centers.

Jho Low’s Accounts

BSI Singapore managed accounts for 1MDB and the fund’s Brazen Sky Ltd. subsidiary, according to documents entered into a Singapore court. It also did business with Abu Dhabi’s Aabar Investments PJSC, an entity with which 1MDB did business, as well as Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho, according to the documents. 
Low, who has said he provided consulting to 1MDB and has gained attention for art and real estate deals in the U.S., has been called by a Malaysian parliamentary committee to assist in its probe of 1MDB. Low didn’t respond to a phone call seeking comment. Officials at Aabar Investments didn’t reply to an e-mail requesting comment.
Those Singapore documents emerged when a one-time BSI private banker, Yak Yew Chee, went to court in Singapore to attempt to access funds that had been frozen by city-state authorities investigating fund flows related to 1MDB.
Yak left the bank in February, according to a spokeswoman. He hasn’t been charged and said in court documents that he hasn’t done anything wrong.  
In an Aug. 14 e-mail reproduced in court papers, Yak said the bank’s regional leaders knew of the accounts and had met “big clients” of the bank. The lender followed anti-money laundering procedures and sent related alerts to clients, Yak wrote.

‘Scapegoat’ E-Mail

“I get the sense that senior management, namely yourself, is trying to make me a scapegoat of sorts for things that senior management knew and should assume full accountability for, not that there was anything that was done illegally,” Yak wrote in the e-mail to regional CEO Hanspeter Brunner. 
Brunner didn’t respond to e-mails requesting comment or return calls through BSI’s main switchboard. BSI, through spokeswoman Valeria Montesoro, declined to comment on the e-mails cited in court documents, adding that it is committed to anti money-laundering controls.
BSI said on March 9 that Brunner, 64 this month, would retire in coming weeks. 
Brunner was a member of the Singapore unit’s client acceptance committee -- which also included Lisa Tan, head of legal and compliance for BSI Singapore and Tucker, the unit’s COO -- the people familiar with the situation said. The committee approved and vetted major client accounts including those linked to 1MDB and related entities, they said. 
Tan has left BSI, the people said. A BSI receptionist confirmed she had left the bank. Tan didn’t reply to e-mails sent previously to her office address, and an e-mail sent April 4 to her office address was returned with a delivery failure message.
Kevin Swampillai, managing director of wealth management services, has also left, according to the people. He declined to comment on his relationship with the bank when contacted by telephone on April 1.
Yeo Jiawei, a wealth planner who proposed investment products to the fund, left in mid-2014, according to one of the people. He was questioned as part of the 1MDB investigation and was part of a team managed by Swampillai, they said.
A BSI receptionist confirmed Yeo has left the bank. Yeo’s contact details weren’t listed in the local public directory and he didn’t reply to e-mails sent to his former office address.
Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

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  1. Adoiii... Kalau ikut hotak tentera Mohd Najib, ini semua fitnah... fitnah... fitnah...

    Kesyian Mohd Najib... Semua fitnah yg diterimanya sejak akhir2 ni. Satu dunia kutuk dia... hingga takde satu berita baik pun yg diberi kepada dia. Kejam sungguh dunia ini...

    Mohd Najib, kumpullah pulak ahli persatuan penarik beca, tunjukkan depa semua tu sokong kamu seratus peratus. Minggu depan kumpulkan pula penonton setia TV3 suku utk tunjukkan taat setia mereka kepada kamu. Minggu satu lagi kutip pulak pengumpul besi antik satu Malaysia, bawak ke Seri Perdana, bagi jamuan dan elaun kehadiran. Aku rasa itu saja cara yg kamu boleh buat nak dapatkan sokongan.

    Nak buat referendum dah tak demokrasi...

  2. Terkini....Shahrol mangsa pertama 1MDB dalam malaysia.

    Saya teringat tulisan OTSB ada menyatakan...."jangan nanti kata saya tak bagi warning".

    Najib masih suci dan dara

  3. Wowww ada yang lebih 'advance'....baru nak komen, 12.11 dah letak komen dulu!!!!

    PAC SALAHKAN bekas CEO 1MDB Datuk Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi .




    Kerana Najib bersih, suci murni dan halal al toyiban!!!

    Hancur Agama!!! Hancur Bangsa!!! Hancur Negara!!!

  4. Cisss...suda ada yg sudi jadi kambing hitam mohd najib...ProOO00ootTt

  5. Najib cakap camni...

    "Saya tidak tahu apa2 tentang 1mdb, mereka SURUH saya tandatangan, saya tandatangan ajelah, bukan duit saya pun.....tak banyak pun billion2 jer"

  6. Nasib celaka rakyat msia....kerajaan jadi gurantor rm20.31 billion utk 1mdb. Skrng ni nak bayar apa2 pun harap duit gst. Tang mana nak korek rm20.31 billion tu??? Tanah dah jual, apa lg nak jual lps ni???

  7. PAC dalam laporannya oleh Pengerusi iaitu Hassan 'Cari Makan' telah menyalahkan Shahrol Halmi Ibrahim iaitu bekas CEO 1MDB berikutan masalah dalam 1MDB, Najib pul cuci bersih tak ada disabit apa-apa walaupun mengikut undang-undang perniagaan 1MDB, kelulusan untuk kontrak dan pembayaran adalah diputuskan oleh Ketua Lembaga Penasihat 1MDB iaitu Najib sendiri.

    Sekarang ni kita lihatlah, bila pula polis nak tangkap Shahrol Halmi ni? Jangan tetiba Shahrol Halmi ditemui mati lemas di laut atau disimen dalam tong dram dan dibuang ke mana-mana lombong atau dijumpai tergantung atau ditemui mati di atas katil dan terus ditutup kes dengan alasan mati mengejut sudahlah.

    Bukan apa, kita takut jugalah, nanti satu lagi nyawa melayang kerana nak melindungi kegiatan ketua penyangak di dalam negara ini pula.

    Sedarlah semua.

    Salam perjuangan A Ba Ta,

    Ikhlas daripada,

    Abu Bakar

  8. Perniagaan buluh kasap 1MDB, modal asal 1MDB RM 1 juta, hutang 1MDB hingga Januari 2016 sebanyak RM 50 bilion bersamaan 50,000 kali ganda dari modal asal, lepas tu kadar faedah bank yang kena bayar bagi tempoh 1 April 2015 hingga 31 Mac 2016 adalah RM 3.3 bilion bersamaan 3,300 kali ganda dari modal asal 1MDB.

    Itulah dah berkali-kali diulang bahawa 1MDB ini perniagaan buluh kasap, jenis model berniaga macam main judi, hutang bertimbun-timbun tak lepas nak bayar, nak bayar faedah bank pun terkial-kial, hutang untuk bayar faedah bank, akhirnya pelingkup harta lelong sana sini untuk bayar hutang, kelak harta lingkup, hutang makin bertimbun pula.

    Apa lagi cybertrooper Mohd Najib nak bantah lagi, dah memang 1MDB itu perniagaan melingkupkan negara, melingkupkan harta, tapi nak tahu jugalah apakah yang sebenarnya yang berlaku dalam perjanjian antara 1MDB dan Petrosaudi dalam usahasama melibatkan USD 700 juta yang mana lepas 6 bulan tandatangan usahasama, terus batalkan pula, duit tak dipulangkan terus, tapi Arul Kanda kata dah bagi dah duit tu, ada di Cayman Island, Bank Negara suruh bawa balik, tapi 1MDB dan Arul Kanda degil macam mangkuk tak mau bawa pulang wang itu, pasal apa ye?

    Nak tengoklah nanti dalam hasil siasatan tu nanti, apa yang sebenarnya yang berlaku.

    Jangan sampai rakyat turun ke jalan raya ramai-ramai dan berhimpun beramai-ramai mengepung Najib di Sri Perdana pula nanti, kelak buruk padahnya.

    Lagi satu seorang Perdana Menteri di negara yang majoriti penduduknya bukan Islam, malahan Perdana Menteri negara itu juga bukan Islam Islam, iaitu di Iceland, bila terbongkar skandal melibatkan dirinya, maka dia letak jawatan sebagai tanda bertanggungjawab dan tidak mahu dituduh mencampuri siasatan, tapi di Malaysia, sebuah negara Islam, malahan Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang dicanangkan sebagai pejuang Islam dalam satu surat dari 'putera arab' sampai bagi hadiah USD 375 juta, dan ikut sukalah nak gunakan wang itu macam mana pun, dan disahkan di dalam surat itu bukan sebagai rasuah lagi, tetapi Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang kononnya pejuang Islam tu, bila dilanda skandal jenayah bukannya nak letak jawatan, malahan memecat orang lain pula, Timbalan Perdana Menteri pun kena pecat, Peguam Negara pun kena pecat, Menteri pun kena pecat, Menteri besar pun kena pecat, ahli-ahli parti pun dipecat, digantung jawatan, malahan ada yang digantung keahlian hanya kerana bertanya pasal isu RM 2.6 bilion dalam akaun Perdana Menteri yang kononnya pejuang Islam itu.

    Korang nilailah sendiri.

    Sedarlah semua.

    Salam perjuangan A Ba Ta,

    Ikhlas daripada,

    Abu Bakar

  9. Wawawa nmpak frust mnonggeng geng protun.Nampak kena konar baring lagilah.Tun m kena usung lglh tiangol kikiki.

    1. Apa yang kamu merapu ni? Laporan PAC tu menunjukkan bahawa percubaan Hassan Cari Makan untuk mengelakkan Najib dibabitkan di dalam salah laku yang berkaitan 1MDB walaupun Najib memang terlibat dalam perkara tersebut.

      Malahan laporan Ketua Audit Negara juga tidak dibentangkan di parlimen, apa semua ini? Nak auta lagi ke dalam laporan tersebut?

      Ini menunjukkan juak-juak Najib tak faham isu, mereka merapu tak tentu hala seperti mereke reti sangat dalam sesuatu perkara sedangkan mereka hanya komen merapu tak tentu arah sahajalah.

      Sila jawab persoalan yang diutarakan, bukannya merapu merepek tak tentu pasal.

      Sedarlah semua.

      Salam perjuangan A Ba Ta,

      Ikhlas daripada,

      Abu Bakar

    2. Aloo.. Abu burn... Pac tu ahli dia bn sajer ka??? Yg dari pbangkang buat apa..???

  10. Mana nak korek 50 billion nak bayar hutang 1mdb?


    Rakyat apa tahu?

    Alahai 50 billion jer, orang mesia ni bermuka muka, hipokrit! Mana berani nak tegak kan kebenaran!

  11. Pusing kut mana pon nama najib tetap ada terlibat...1MDB nie mcm bayang2 najib kt mana2 pon dlm dunia nie. Kalau la kita follow law btol2...hatta law org kafir pun...takan jadi kemelut mcm ni. Skrg dah jadi makin mengarut...semua org tau termasuk la najib dan dedak2 warriors dia mcm menteri2 hatta ustad2 UMNO termasuk sekali bersekongkol. Dah lama Tun M propose jln penyelesaian terbaik, bersumpah dlm masjid dan tubuhkan RCI sebagai penyelesaian pihak ketiga yg non-partisan. Tapi jelas sejelas2 nya yg najib mmg takut...di sini kita tak payah la nak konar sana sini mcm keling yg realitinya najib dah terbelit dgn kemelut nie dan cuma menanti bila hukum karma akan menimpa diri dia. Dia mungkin bleh lari drp undang2 negara tapi sampai bila dia sanggup lari kalau bayang2 1MDB sentiasa mengekori di mana2.

  12. Kita tahu respons Najib- seperti biasa dia akan buat tidak tahu. Tidak mengapa. Budak2 suruhan nya akan berpentesan kaki ‘menerangkan’ keadaan’. Seperti biasa, penerangan mereka menyebabkan kecelaruan yang lebih banyak. Mereka berbohong untuk menutup bohong yang lagi satu.

  13. "Mereka berbohong untuk menutup bohong yang lagi satu."

    Kat akhirat boleh lepas ker? Menyiarkan berita palsu? Makan dedak haram, rakyat tak izinkan? Maki hamun, menghina orang lain yang berjuang menegak kebenaran?

    Pencacai jawab la kat akhirat!

  14. Hahahaha najiborosmah mana prgi pun orang dah benci, lps ni kau kena minta pertolongan 'persatuan ahli kubur' la pulak!!!

  15. Wahai rakyat malaysia yg cintakan negara marilah kita semua beramai2 berdoa agar Allah memberi pembalasan yg setimpal dgn dia buat terhadap rakyat dan negara dgn cepat kpd najib dan sekutu2nya samada di dlm kabinet kayunya, menteri2 atau pemimpin yg menyokongnya serta sesiapa sj yg bersubahat dgnnya. Yg benar tetap akan menang dan yg salah tetap akan tersungkur. Ini adalah janji Allah di dlam Alquran kitab Allah.

  16. Apanama semalam budak botak dan the gang bohjan sesaja jer mudah lupa siar Panama Paper setelah WSJ kantoi fitnah... ari ni tetuba Panama Paper hilang dari radar.. ari ni bank doonia pulak kecoh kepoh pasal 1mdb.... yg pasti lapuran lengkap dari bank asing tak pulak dinyatakan cuma gambarkan dng persepsi buruk pasal 1mdb... sama tema macam WSJ gak I akhbar fitnah rothchild siar berpuluh2 akhbar didoonia sebar ... sumbernya 1 ajer WSJ... skg tema guna Bank maka bank .gambia dll bank sahut menyahut buruk 1mdb... tema fitnah masih sama... maka puak pluralist.. komunis.. syiah yg dah sekapal dbg bohjan tua suka suka mak bapaknya luoa dan macai2 pun terkinja kinja spin dan fitnah... kanada dah terima melayu murtad pembontot tegar dapat suaka politik disana.... pada macai mamak mudah lupa yg dah sekapal dng pluralist. ..komunis...syiah dan lgbt peluang cerah utk pindah trus ke kanada amat dialu alukan skg... kikiki....