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HOT ~ Pendedahan Skandal SRC..!

Pertama rakyat nak tanya duit yang masuk ke akaun peribadi 'tanpa pengetahuan' tu dah pulang balik ke SRC belum? 2. Kenapa tak ambil tindakan kepada pegawai yang membenarkan duit sebanyak RM42 Juta 'tak sengaja' masuk ke akaun peribadi???

Sekarang baca dan fahamkan pula cerita bagaimana duit KWAP di joli sakan oleh mereka..! layan...

Matching Sums Of $170m Left SRC And Arrived In Najib's Account - Late 2011 EXCLUSIVE!

As international investigators circle the affairs of 1MDB Sarawak Report can reveal a new and excruciating development for Malaysia’s Prime Minister.
It relates to the unexplained figure of US$170 million, which we have earlier reported was paid by a company owned by the businessman Jho Low into Najib’s AmBank account in late 2011.
Devastatingly, it has now emerged that the very same unusual sum was paid out during the same period by the company SRC International, a subsidiary of 1MDB which has already been the focus of charges drawn up against Najib.
Nik Faisal Arif Kamil, CEO of SRC and former Chief Investment Officer of 1MDB
Nik Faisal Arif Kamil, CEO of SRC and former Chief Investment Officer of 1MDB

It raises an inevitable question as to whether the two transfers were connected.
Sarawak Report has obtained information that in November 2011 SRC International, which was managed by Nik Faisal Arif Kamil, a close associate of Jho Low who is now hiding abroad, paid US$170 into an overseas account at the Swiss private bank Julius Baer.

Questions that need now to be answered are why was the money sent and where did it go next?
If these answers are not forthcoming there will be inevitable suspicion that the origin of the money that passed from Jho Low’s BVI company Blackstone Asia Real Estate Parters into Najib’s KL account was indeed public money from SRC.

SRC , which was divested from 1MDB to the direct ownership of Najib’s Finance Ministry in February 2012, has been the subject of relentless controversy.  It was originally set up as a subsidiary of 1MDB and took a RM4 billion loan from the public pension fund known as KWAP in 2011.

Opposition politicians have persistently demanded to know how this money has been invested and why the company’s accounts have been regularly delayed and so lacking in transparency?

When the Prime Minister/Finance Minister finally answered questions last year on SRC he repeated the claim that most of the money had been invested in Mongolia.  However, Sarawak Report investigated and found that the value of the claimed coal mine investment could only amount to a fraction of the RM4 billion borrowed.

Growing SRC scandal

SRC has meanwhile been the focus of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission investigations into the missing billions from 1MDB, which have already identified two sets of payments totalling RM42 million and RM27 million, transferred within Malaysia from SRC to the Prime Minister’s AmBank accounts.
Note the relevant AmBank accounts in this paper waved by the AG - 880,
Note the relevant AmBank accounts in this paper waved by the AG – 880, 898 & 906
These payments were facilitated by Nik Faisal Arif Kamil, according to the evidence, and Sarawak Report has already provided documents to show that the Prime Minister had granted Kamil authorisation to manage these private AmBank accounts on his behalf.
Nik was in charge of the accounts belonging to the 'account holder', which  Najib Razak has now admitted was himself.
Nik was authorised to make ‘urgent cash deposits’ into these  accounts belonging to a separate ‘account holder’, whom Najib Razak has now admitted was himself.
This domestic investigation was sensationally closed last month, through a single-handed intervention by the new Attorney General, whom Najib had installed after unconstitutionally sacking his predecessor for drawing up charges against him relating to these transfers.

The hand-picked Attorney General has now been challenged on the matter by several legal figures and a growing number of police reports and law suits have been initiated against him for exceeding his authority in over-ruling the recommendation of the MACC that charges be brought.
Follow the money - PM and Finance Minister Najib Razak ultimately controlled all the transactions at 1MDB and SRC
Follow the money – PM and Finance Minister Najib Razak ultimately controlled all the transactions at 1MDB and SRC

The MACC has also stood its ground and appealed Apandi’s decision along with his announcement that the Prime Minister had been “cleared” of all charges on the basis that there was “no evidence” to show that money had been misappropriated from 1MDB.

The fact that a new international money trail has emerged, apparently also linking back to SRC, therefore introduces a new deadly dimension to the situation for Najib.

He might be able to shut down local investigations (albeit at the expense of the political turmoil that now besets Malaysia), however payments of dollars through the global banking system can be traced by outsiders.

The US and Swiss authorities are known to be working closely together on these matters and they are in a position to discover exactly where the money then went to from the Swiss Private bank, which has a branch in Singapore (where the authorities are also cooperating in the investigations).

If the sum that left SRC is not the same sum that entered AmBank account number 694 in KL belonging to the Prime Minister in 2011, therefore, this is the time for him to show the proof.

Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners (BVI)

Seet Li Lin, Jho Low's side-kick was the named manager of Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners BVI
Seet Li Lin, Jho Low’s side-kick was the named manager of Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners BVI
Sarawak Report has already detailed the role of this BVI company in making payments not only to Najib, but to the other major player in 1MDB’s deals with the Abu Dhabi fund Aabar, its Chairman Khadem Al Qubaisi.

In 2012 KAQ, as he is known, received a staggering half billion dollars into his personal Luxembourg account at yet another private bank, Edmond de Rothschild banque privee, paid by Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners (BVI).

Plainly named to appear as if it were linked to the major US Blackstone fund BAREP is framed in the classic mould of a series of off-shore companies set up by Low to launder money.

It had been incorporated in November 2010 and was liquidated in May 2013, shortly after the Malaysian General Election.

Sarawak Report has already reported that US$170 million was transferred from this company to the same AmBank account belonging to the Prime Minister that received US$681 million in March 2013.

Sources close to the investigation into 1MDB have also informed Sarawak Report that the registered manager of Blackstone was the same Seet Li Lin, who was a key staffer for Jho Low and who also managed the company Good Star Limited, which received the initial US$700 million stolen from the 1MDB PetroSaudi join venture.

If, therefore, the US$170 million dollars that was paid into Julius Baer by SRC International in November 2011 was not then transferred, directly or indirectly, to Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners, which had an account with Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore and then on into the Prime Minister’s KL account, then this is surely the time for the Minister of Finance to explain what did happen to this missing US$170 million?

Growing headcount of banks embroiled in 1MDB scandal

Finally, this development has pulled yet another two major global banking institutions into the 1MDB money laundering scandal.

Julius Baer is the latest of a growing list of Swiss private banks which have allowed themselves to be utilised by plainly politically exposed persons to transfer gobsmacking sums of money.  Others are BSI, Coutts Zurich, JP Morgan Suisse and Falcon Bank.

Just last December the bank was fined half a billion dollars by the US authorities for assisting tax evasion by its wealthy clients.

The pivotal role of a number of Singapore branches has also become glaring in this affair, with the major player Standard Chartered now also in the frame as the account holder for the plainly bogus Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners (BVI).
Add to the above Australia’s ANZ bank, the major shareholders and office holders in AmBank, and the US giant Goldman Sachs.

Najib’s foreign lobbyists are doubtless at work and spending Malaysia’s money to silence these investigations, but signs are that the regulators and world media know too much for a cover up.

Habis duit rakyat..! hilang begitu sahaja duit negara..! Dokumen sebegini mesti dinafikan dengan dokumen..! Sila buktikan dokumen sahih..! 

Ada ke??? atau memang kat atas tu  ler yang sahih..?

Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

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  1. Celaka punya cina jho low. Berparti sakan dalam kapal dengan duit rakyat msia.

    Rakyat pula najib suruh bayar gst. Suruh jimat, buat 3 kerja. Kena bangun awal utk elak jalan ada tol. Lahabau.

  2. Macai mabuk dedak pun dh bersyukur..

  3. "Celaka punya cina jho low. Berparti sakan dalam kapal dengan duit rakyat msia.

    Rakyat pula najib suruh bayar gst. Suruh jimat, buat 3 kerja. Kena bangun awal utk elak jalan ada tol. Lahabau."

    Tepat Dan amat terkesan! Syabas bro!

  4. Jika laporan PAC di OSA kan,

    Dengan kuasa esekutif tambahan diberikan kepada Najib,

    Adakah sesuatu yang menghairankan jika Najib akan menangguhkan PRU14 akan datang dengan alasan,

    "mengganggu gugat keselamatan Dan kenteteraman awam"

    padahal yang sebenarnya...

    "menganggu gugat kedudukan Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri?"

  5. Waa memang geniuslh anon dikira same taraf dgn Mahataik@shit.

    1. Xbrilliant mana pun.biase je pndngn dia..
      Tp ko sama taraf najis nk kate idea tu sbg genius

  6. Kenapa 3 ekor yg dicari sprm tu lari ke overseas tak balik2 ya?Kalau tak buat salah kenapa takut?Kalau najib tak salah,senang yg amat,tubuh saja suruhanjaya diraja siasat semua kes 1mdb,derma 2.6b,src yg dikaitkan dengan najib setelus2nya.Kenapa najib takut?Sendiri dituduh sendiri siasat sendiri kata tak salah?

  7. Ketua PKR Cabang Tangjung Karang Hj Mohd Yahya Shahri yang berkhidmat sebagai pegawai khas kepada bekas Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim gagal untuk mengketepikan sabitan kesalahannya.Pasaipa tak tanggkap TSKI?

  8. SPIN ler cerita baru....duk ulang siar jer... cam langgan siaran tv berbayar je!!!

    1. Yg spin tu najis..
      Yg dibentangkan semua fakta..
      Yg bodoh tu cacai. Jual akal dan maruah

    2. Najib takut saman Tun Dr. Mahathir, sedangkan Tun Dr. Mahathir hanyalah rakyat biasa, malahan dalam UMNO pun hanyalah setakat ahli sahajalah, bukan ada jawatan apa pun, ajk cawangan pun bukan, malahan Tun Dr. Mahathir bukannya ada jawatan dalam kerajaan pun.

      Najib takut nak saman Tun Dr. Mahathir pasal apa? Tun Dr. Mahathir bukannya ada kuasa politik atau kuasa eksekutif untuk pecat Najib dari mana-mana jawatan jika Najib saman Tun Dr. Mahathir pun, pasal apa Najib takut saman Tun Dr. Mahathir?

      Nak kata Najib takut Tun Dr. Mahathir tumbuk muka Najib, takkanlah Najib yang lebih 30 tahun lebih muda dari Tun Dr. Mahathir takut dengan seorang tua berumur 91 tahun seperti Tun Dr. Mahathir itu.

      Jadi Najib kena jelaskan, pasal apa dia tak saman Tun Dr. Mahathir sedangkan Tun Dr. Mahathir dah membuat berbagai kenyataan mengenai salah laku yang dibuat oleh Najib.

      Kalau Najib di pihak benar, tentu Najib dah saman Tun Dr. Mahathir, saya tak fikir Najib takut bertumbuk dengan Tun Dr. Mahathir, sebab Najib jauh lebih muda, hampir 30 tahun lebih muda dari Tun Dr. Mahathir yang umur 91 tahun itu, Najib baru 63 tahun, takkan orang umur 63 tahun takut kena tumbuk dengan orang umur 91 tahun kot, itu tidak munasabah.

      Kalau kata Najib takut jawatan dia dalam parti dan dalam kerajaan terjejas jika saman Tun Dr. Mahathir, itu tak munasabah juga, Tun Dr. Mahathir hanyalah rakyat biasa kini, beliau tak ada apa-apa jawatan dalam parti, hanyalah ahli biasa, malahan dalam kerajaan lagilah, Tun Dr. Mahathir tak ada apa-apa jawatan dalam kerajaan, jadi apa sebabnya Najib takut jawatannya terjejas jika ambil tindakan terhadap Tun Dr. Mahathir?

      Kepada Najib, jika kau tu di pihak benar, maka samanlah Tun Dr. Mahathir yang kau kata Tun Dr. Mahathir fitnah kau tu, sila saman untuk buktikan apa yang dicakap, ditulis oleh Tun Dr. Mahathir atau fitnah.

      Najib takut nak saman kerana apa yang dinyatakan oleh Tun Dr. Mahathir adalah perkara yang benar.

      Sedarlah semua.

      Salam perjuangan A Ba Ta,

      Ikhlas daripada,

      Abu Bakar

    3. bro. kita biar je lah anjing2 mahadey ni spin.

      selagai tk kiamat manusia2 jahanam ini mmg akan kekal ada.

      Zaman Nabi SAW pun wujud spesis ini, apalah sgt zaman kita ini yg 1437 tahun lebih dr Fathul Madinah, mereka ini akan kekal sampai kiamat!

    4. Najis dan anjingnya yg spin..
      Putar belit nk jawab billion2 dlm akaun..
      Tnya soalan mudah pun xmau jawab lari tajuk..
      42juta dari src masuk akaun najis tu fitnah ke fakta?

    5. 4.39,

      Berhati hati apabila menulis, kerana tulisan itu mencerminkan diri sendiri.

      Apabila persoalan tak dijawab, mempertahankan pemimpin secara terang mengakui menerima wang dimasukkan kedalam akaun peribadi dan wang tersebut kepunyaan rakyat siapakah yang berbohong berulang kali?

      Najib atau rakyat?

    6. Eh? Bukan najip dan para penjilat serta pemakan dedak haram ke yg dok spin selama ni?

      Cash bertukar jadi Just Unit..
      Takde wang dalam akaun bertukar jadi derma..
      Duit masuk akaun kononnya tak tahu..
      bla bla bla

      nampak tak betapa bangangnya penyokong najip

  9. Tun Dr. Mahathir seorang mantan Perdana Menteri, mantan Presiden UMNO, mantan Pengerusi Barisan Nasional, sekarang tak ada apa-apa jawatan dalam parti, ketua cawangan pun bukan, ajk cawangan pun bukan, malahan bukannya senator pun, sudah tidak ada apa-apa jawatan, lagi pun beliau sudah tua, terlalu tua umur 91 tahun pada tahun ini.

    Tetapi Tun Dr. Mahathir begitu digeruni oleh Najib dan kuncu-kuncunya hingga setiap hari Najib dan kuncu-kuncu serta alat-alat propaganda mereka seperti TV 3, Utusan, Berita Harian, blog pro Najib setiap hari membantai dan cuba memburuk-burukkan Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    Tetapi apa yang peliknya adalah seorang tua berumur 91 tahun, tak ada apa-apa jawatan dalam parti, tak ada apa-apa jawatan dalam kerajaan, tetapi konsisten, tetap bersemangat, tetap mendapat sokongan rakyat.

    Sedangkan Najib yang menjadi Perdana Menteri, menjadi Presiden UMNO, menjadi Pengerusi Barisan Nasional tidak mampu untuk mengambil apa-apa tindakan terhadap Tun Dr. Mahathir yang dah umur 91 tahun itu, yang tak ada apa-apa jawatan dalam parti dan tak ada apa-apa jawatan dalam kerajaan itu.

    Sampai sekarang Najib tidak berani untuk mengenakan tindakan undang-undang terhadap Tun Dr. Mahathir, sampai sekarang Najib tak berani saman Tun Dr. Mahathir walaupun Tun Dr. Mahathir mendedahkan pelbagai salah laku Najib yang Najib kata Tun Dr. Mahathir fitnah Najib itu.

    Kalau Tun Dr. Mahathir fitnah Najib, cakap bohong pasal Najib, pasal apa Najib takut nak ambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap Tun Dr. Mahathir?

    Ini membuktikan Tun Dr. Mahathir bercakap benar, sebab itulah Najib sampai sekarang pun takut nak ambil tindakan terhadap Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    Begitu juga dengan laporan polis oleh kuncu-kuncu Najib untuk memerangkap Tun Dr. Mahathir, tetapi Tun Dr. Mahathir dengan tenang dan konsisten menghadapinya, beliau disoal siasat oleh polis, tetapi sampai sekarang pihak polis tidak ada sebab untuk menghadapkan Tun Dr. Mahathir ke mahkamah, sebabnya Tun Dr. Mahathir bercakap benar, sebab itu beliau sampai sekarang ni tidak dihadapkan oleh pihak polis.

    Sehubungan dengan itu, kepada juak-juak Najib, korang siang malam kutuk Tun Dr. Mahathir, korang tuduh Tun Dr. Mahathir fitnah bagai, tetapi tengoklah Najib pun tak berani ambil tindakan terhadap Tun Dr. Mahathir, polis pun tak hadapkan Tun Dr. Mahathir ke mahkamah sedangkan sudah banyak kali laporan polis dibuat oleh kuncu Najib untuk memerangkap Tun Dr. Mahathir, bukannya kerana Najib takut Tun Dr. Mahathir tumbuk muka dia, Tun Dr. Mahathir dah umur 91 tahun, hampir 30 tahun lebih tua dari Najib, takkan Najib takut kena tumbuk dengan Tun Dr. Mahathir yang dah umur 91 tahun itu kot.

    Malahan polis tak hadapkan Tun Dr. Mahathir ke mahkamah walaupun dah banyak laporan polis dibuat dan polis pun dah beberapa kali siasat Tun Dr. Mahathir, pasal apa tak hadapkan ke mahkamah? Apa yang pihak polis takutkan? Tun Dr. Mahathir bukannya ada kuasa politik atau jawatan dalam kerajaan yang boleh ambil tindakan kepada mana-mana pegawai polis yang mendakwa Tun Dr. Mahathir di mahkamah, tapi pasal apa polis pun tak ambil tindakan mendakwa Tun Dr. Mahathir ke mahkamah?

    Ini membuktikan bahawa Tun Dr. Mahathir bercakap benar, Najib pun takut kalau Tun Dr. Mahathir di dakwa di mahkamah, kerana kalau Tun Dr. Mahathir didakwa di mahkamah, tentu rahsia Najib makin banyak terbongkar.

    Teruskan perjuangan Tun Dr. Mahathir, rakyat yang celik hati, dan celik pemikiran menyokong perjuangan Tun, kami sayangkan negara ini, terima kasih Tun Dr. Mahathir, walaupun Tun sudah 91 tahun, tetapi Tun lebih bersemangat dan lebih bagus jika dibandingkan dengan Najib dan kuncu-kuncu yang harap saja ada kuasa, tapi pengkhianat, tapi Tun adalah wira untuk rakyat.

    Sedarlah semua.

    Salam perjuangan A Ba Ta,

    Ikhlas daripada,

    Abu Bakar

  10. Kalau aku tak masuk blog lendir hanyir ni xde hits pon posting setakat haram jadah dua ekor ni je tukang menyalak..

    abudedak taik. hang ulang le 1 juta kali pun skrg rakyat tertumpu pada kerja gila mahadey. Bila dia join musuh yg ckup jahat mcm Lim Kit Siang itu maka automatik org ini pengkhianat.

    Org khianat ini dr awal mmg tak betul. so cerita imdb derma ini dtg dr pengkhianat. Habislah menyalak lah byk2 takde sapa nak pandang lagi cerita bohong kau!

    Syabas abudedak taik!

    1. Najis adlh pengkhianat umno..
      Apabila 2.6B masuk akaun peribadi beliau tp memalitkan nama umno konon2nya derma..
      Pengkhianat umno dan melayu..
      Memalukan islam..

  11. hahahaha tulis pnjng2 perasan mcm ada org nak bace dedak taik tu.

    ko buatlah demo besar2 sikit pastu ceramah lah pnjng2 tu..kot2 ada dedak yg nk dengar...

    abudedak taik.. ko mmg penjilat tegar pengkhianat!

    1. Contoh-contoh manusia yang disebut oleh Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. dalam sabdanya: “Akan ada setelah (wafat)ku (nanti) umaro’ –para amir/pemimpin—(yang bohong). Barangsiapa masuk pada mereka lalu membenarkan (menyetujui) kebohongan mereka dan membantu/mendukung kedhaliman mereka maka dia bukan dari golonganku [bukan umatku] dan aku bukan dari golongannya [dan aku bukan rasul mereka], dan dia tidak (punya bagian untuk) mendatangi telaga (di hari kiamat). Dan barangsiapa yang tidak masuk pada mereka (umaro’ bohong) itu, dan tidak membenarkan kebohongan mereka, dan (juga) tidak mendukung kedhaliman mereka, maka dia adalah dari golonganku, dan aku dari golongannya, dan ia akan mendatangi telaga (di hari kiamat). (Hadits Shahih riwayat Ahmad dan An-Nasaa’i dalam kitab Al-Imaroh).

    2. Konon xde org baca tp ko sakit ati dgn tulisan dia smp maki dia..
      Najis dan cacai bodoh selamanya

    3. Chai; baca dan fahamilah apa yang ditulis oleh saudara 6.06.

      Najib dan punahsihatnya dah berbohong berpuluh puluh dan berulang kali dah.

      Nabi tak ngaku umat dia chai....berat tu chai!

      Bertaubat dan insaflah chai, kembalilah ke pangkal jalan.

      Sebelum bertaubat hang pi buat rawatan mental kronik tu, ubat jangan tinggal, jangan lupa lakukan terapi kejutan letrik ianya
      penting untuk saluran dalam tubuh yang penuh taik termasuk sel2 otak yg sedang berhubung tu pon penuh taik. Kenapa terjadinya taik? Berpunca dari makan duit haram pemberian najib tu.

      Kesimpulannya...insaf dan bertaubatlah.

  12. Lakaran tersebut dibuat sendiri makanya ia bukanlah bahan bukti.

    Atas sebab tu Pendi tak boleh buat apa-apa dengan bahan mentah yang tak dimasak betul-betul, well done gitu.

    Kalau betul buat kerja, Macc Gyver sepatutnya berikan bahan bukti tetapi bukan lakaran tangan yang dicopy dan pasta dari laman Sengal Report.

    Bahan segitu bukan boleh dibawa ke mana-mana melainkan letak dalam baby cot aja. Mungkin SR perlukan puting susu.

    1. Soalan mudah je cai..
      Kalau xde salah ape2 apehal peg src tu menghilang..
      Xpyh la nk temberang kona sana sini tukar topik