Ahad, 14 Februari 2016


Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

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  1. MYKMU bloggers and their followers are good examples of these...hahaha

    Their replies are bent on condemning, name calling, swearing reflecting their lack of knowledge and immaturity.

  2. One pro-UMNO blogger yesterday even resorted to justify the plan to bring in more Bangladeshi workers by using the phrase 'muslim workers'.

    Wow... if the intention is to increase muslim population, why not "putihkan" those Rohingyas who are regarded stateless and slaughtered by their own countrymen. Rohingyas are Muslims. And I'm sure they can be good workers too if given the chance.

    Bloggers like these tend to justify everything without discussing the REAL issues behind our people's lament. The least they should do is write a comment on what Datuk Khaled Nordin had voiced out.

  3. They do not listen,they only hear

  4. They do not listen,they only hear