Khamis, 4 Februari 2016

Nazir Bikin Panas..!

Nazir Razak ni anak Tun Razak..! Mewarisi sifat berani, benar dan berintegriti..! Contohi Nazir Razak..!

The brother of Malaysia’s prime minister used Instagram to compare the country to Game of Thrones

game of thrones
In the post, first reported by Bloomberg, Razak asks: “So what lies ahead? The parallels with GoT continue.”
He goes on to say: “I just can’t see how our institutions can recover, how our political atmosphere can become less toxic, how our international reputation can be repaired.”
Nazir’s comments allude to the ongoing financial and political scandal that has engulfed Malaysia in recent months.
The scandal centres around alleged corruption by the prime minister, Najib Razak, and Malaysia’s state investment fund, known as 1MDB. He posted the photo just a day after a Swiss investigation into 1MDB said there are “serious indications” that about $4 billion may taken from state companies in the country. Malaysia’s government has since accused Switzerland of “misinformation” over the claims.
As well as being the brother of Malaysia’s prime minister, Nazir is a senior banker, and sits as chairman of CIMB, the country’s second largest bank, so has a key role in Malaysia’s financial sector.
Prime minister Najib has admitted to receiving a $681 million dollar “personal contribution” into his personal bank account, believed to be from the Saudi royal family.
Last month he was cleared of any wrongdoing by Malaysia’s attorney general, but a major anti-corruption body in the country has said they will challenge the ruling.
In the Instagram post, Nazir also argues for a National Consultative Council to deal with the scandal. As the Financial Times reports, the last time such a council was called, in 1969, Malaysia’s first post-independence prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, was forced to resign, and a new government was formed.
Nazir Razak instagram
On Tuesday morning, Business Insider reported that officials from Singapore have seized “a large number” of bank accounts as part of a probe into money laundering connected to 1MDB. 1MDB has also been subject to investigations in the USA and Hong Kong.
Both Najib and 1MDB have both consistently denied any wrongdoing.
Last week, it was reported that Goldman Sachs’ southeast Asian boss Tim Leissner was to leave Asia and move to the USA, as well as taking a period of “personal leave.”
Goldman’s dealings in Malaysia have been scrutinised in the past after the bank was accused of receiving excessive commissions on bond deals carried out for 1MDB, although no wrongdoing has ever been formally suggested.

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