Jumaat, 30 Oktober 2015

Kenapa Lari?

Berani menghadapi sebarang kemungkinan..! Berani menentang kebathilan..! Berani menegakkan kebenaran..! 

Berani kerana benar..!

A Kadir Jasin 

سْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

PROLOGUE: The former Perak Menteri Besar, (Datuk Seri) Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin has apologised to Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak over a disparaging remark he made in 2012. – The Star Online.


THE KULAI, Johor Member of Parliament, Teo Nie Ching had described as downright “appalling” the leniency shown by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) towards two directors of SRC International.

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The two persons referred to by the DAP lawmaker are lawyer Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and former top civil servant (Datuk) Suboh Md Yasin. They are wanted in the corruption probe implicating the Prime Minister.
From left: Suboh, Nik Faisal and Jho Low in MACC "wanted" poster
Among the many questions begging answers are:

1. Is it true that Mohd Najib and possibly the two “missing” persons ware on the verge of being charge for allegedly misappropriating RM42 million belonging to SRC International when then Attorney General, (Tan Sri) Abdul Gani Patail, was abruptly relieved of his job on July 27 last?

2. Did Nik Faisal and Suboh lelf the country on their own free will or were they told to leave the country when the news of their impending arrest by the MACC leaked out?

3. It is true that Nik Faisal and Suboh are hiding in Indonesia under the protection and patronage of some very influential people there?

4. Is it true that the two fugitives are willing to meet the MACC investigators in a foreign country (not Indonesia) but “were stopped” by their “handlers” in Malaysia?

Teo also described as “ridiculous and completely unacceptable” Mohd Najib’s explanation that the two men were absence because they were “making preparations to be interviewed by MACC soonest.

It is widely believed that the Nik Faisal Suboh are under some sorts of “protective custody” in Indonesia to avoid them from talking to the MACC or being clandestinely shanghaied by the latter.

I can believe the theory that they are in the protection of some powerful Indonesia personalities but I cannot believe that the MACC would dare risk a diplomatic scandal by clandestinely apprehending and transporting the two back to Malaysia.

The Malays have a proverb that says “berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.” Roughly translated it means you dare because you’re in the right and you fear because you’re in the wrong.

Logically, since these two men are Malays and Muslims, they should not run away if they have not done anything wrong. But the very fact that they absconded from the country suggests that they have something to hide.

If they have nothing to hide and are free to act on their own, they should clear their names and the good name of their families by presenting themselves to the MACC.

They have been missing since July. The MACC issued an appeal by the latter on August 22 requesting them to present themselves for interviews.

DAP MP Teo wants Mohd Najib to act

Speaking at a press conference at the Parliament House on Oct. 29, Teo said it was unheard of that preparations for an interview should take three months and demanded Najib take stern action against them immediately, failing which their absence would be seen as being “sanctioned” by him.

The talk about these people and others - like 1MDB’s President Arul Kanda Kandasamy and Jho Low - needing time to prepare for the MACC interviews could be a delaying tactic to give 1MDB enough time to restructure and regularize its books.
The fact that Nik Faisal and Suboh are wanted in connection with SRC International and absconded strengthens the assumption that it was the SRC International’s case that Abdul Gani was brining to court when he was unceremoniously booted out.

Abdul Gani Blinked

Abdul Gani could have made a tactical error by hesitating and by consulting too many people in his decision-making.

He was believed to have consulted several Malay Rulers, former law and legal officers and retired Umno/Barisan National leaders for guidance and consent.

Abdul Gani and Mohd Najib during happier days
When he was ready and rearing to go, some of these people had second thought about the timing of the action, including the Ramadhan fasting and the Hari Raya Aidifitri that followed.

Now Abdul Gani is gone and his lips are “sealed” for reasons that only he knows, the SRC International’s legal case is unlikely to see daylight anytime soon.

Abdul Gani's successor, (Tan Sri) Mohamed Apandi Ali, is unlikely to reopen the case. He has given us the preview of what is to come when he shot down Bank Negara’s recommendation to charge 1MDB for forex offences.

Apandi had already shot down Bank Negara's recommendations
His stand and stance should not surprise us if we take into account his past involvement in politics and the circumstances in which he was appointment AG.

The Economy Stalls

In the meantime, confidence in the government and thus in the economy continues to decline. The stock market – the indicator of investors’ confidence – tumbled after Mohd Najib presented his 2016 Budget on Oct. 23.

Even the mighty EPF is cautious. It is unsure about meeting its annual dividend target of inflation plus two per cent “due to volatile market movements since the middle of this year”, according to its CEO, (Datuk) Shahril Ridza Ridzuan.

Felda Global Ventures Berhad – Mohd Najib’s post- 2013 General Election corporate coup – is as good as a junk stock. In the last one year, its share price had fallen by almost 52 percent. It is now trading below RM1.80. Its 2012 IPO price was RM4.55 and it opened trading at RM5.39. FGV is the lifeblood of Felda settlers and Mohd Najib is their mentor.

EPILOGUE– Prime Minister has filed a defamation lawsuit against former MCA president Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik. On October 5, Najib demanded that Dr Ling apologise and retract remarks reported in the press that claimed the prime minister “has taken people’s money and put it in his own personal accounts.” – The Malay Mail Online.


Atau lari kerana BERSALAH???

Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

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  1. Assalamualaikum Putamerdeka

    Semenjak isu 7 pemimpin macam busat bakal kena terajang kecoh la wei....

    Semua pandai pulak sembang undang2 UMNO..itu ari bodoh semcam...Alahai....

    Yang bestnya korang la...dah mula terasa bahangnya...Aku nak habaq kat engkorang la terutama geng Tun M...UMNO klau sepak ja Tun M automatik Tun takda apa2..

    Faham tak? Tun M kuat kerana UMNO...Kalau UMNO kasi buang bajunya Tun M tak mampu la nak menang dalam PRU.

    Isu 7 pemimpin bakal tersingkir langsung tidak mengugat UMNO

    1. Kalo tak mengugat umno tak paya lar meghoyan..pung pang pung pang sembang kencang!!!...

    2. ha ha ha siapa yg meroyan brother..Kau faham tak apa yg aku sembang?

      Kalau 7 pemimpin itu HAIBAT UMNO bakal berpecah la...Maksudnya macam ini...katakan tindakan bakal diambil maka seluruh ahli UMNO bangkit dan UMNO berpecah 2 ........baru la dikatakan HAIBAT...

      Kalau takat dinturle and the gang meroyan tak yah la..buang karen la...

      Bgtahu geng engkorang sabau...ada msa lagi bernafas dalam lumpur...

    3. Kahkahkahkahkahkahkah!!! ( sambil menghirup nescafe ais ).. Sentap ker??!!.. dedak kat umah abisssss??!!!.. kahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkah!!!

    4. Kahkahkahkahkahkahkahkah!!!.. ( sambil menghirup nescafe ais )...,Sentap ker cai??!!.. kahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkah!!!...

    5. 12.01

      Rakyatlah yang akan menanggung dan beban hutang 1MDB selama berpuluh puluh tahun lamanya.

      Siapakah yang harus bertanggungjawab?

  2. Isu 2.6B memang isu yg penuh emosi. Isunya bakal berakhir kerana siasatan yg penuh bakal ke garisan penamat. Persepsi bakal diaibkan apabila tiba masanya...

    Semua buat lupa bahawa 2.6B adalah wang derma UMNO..Dan wang tersebut memang dibawah atas nama presiden parti.Yg bestnya wang tersebut disimpan di malaysia dan dibawah kebenaran Bank Negara.

    Yg kelakarnya bila geng Najib tibai Tun M psal rasuah maka dikatakan buka pekung didada...Ha ha ha Macam la ketika Tun M serahkan UMNO kpd Pak Lah UMNO parti paling Bersih alahai...semua bingai kot..

    Satu perkara paling bodoh geng Tun M apabila dikatakan Najib rasuah berbillion simpan duit kat bank malaysia psal lurus bendul.

    Alahai nak faham perangai UMNO rasuh tak susah..Cuba kaji IPP psal apa bekas guru boleh dapat share?

    1. Siasatan??!!..kahkakakahkahkahkahkah!!!.. di bawah kebenaran bank negara???!!.. kahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahh!!!. 2.6b wang derma???!!.. kahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkahkah!!!!!....

    2. Aku yakin pemakan dedak hanya melihat isu ni dikalangan propaganda pakatan...Disebabkan propaganda ni cukup kuat di media sosial maka geng2 Tun M mendapat suntikan semangat bahawa mereka dipihak yg benar.

      Propaganda berakhir apabila kebenaran menjelma..Kebenaran hadir daripada siasatan pihak berkuasa.

      Cuma yg syoknya bilama geng2 Tun M terus melaukan isu 2.6B bakal menghumbankan UMNO...Alahai macam la rakyat kenyang dgn isu tersebut...

      Aku nak habaq kat engkorang la...rakyat pakatan citer ayam gaduh tepi jalan pun boleh salahkan UMNO ada faham tak?

      Korang mesti ingat ya BRIM banyak memberi kemenangan kpd UMNO diluar bandar..La ni budget fokus golongan B40 dan M40..Maksudnya apa tau?
      CASH IS KiNG....itulah hakikatnya Najib faham rakyat hanya inginkan duit utk menyelesaikan masalah kehidupan mereka bknya isu ISA atau Liwat...

      Korang sembangla rasuah UMNO ka..Azmin ka..DAP ka...yg rakyat sembang mudah ja keranda pun kena GST ...maksudnya pa tau..CASH IS KING..semuanya cerita duit duit dimana kau duit

    3. 11.43 & 12.09

      Rakyatlah yang akan menanggung dan beban hutang 1MDB selama berpuluh puluh tahun lamanya.

      Siapakah yang harus bertanggungjawab?

  3. Putramerdeka jangan lupa ya PAC yg korang serang bagaikan babi gila akhirnya mendapat sentuhan berbisa dari Tony Pua...siapa sangka Tony Pua mempertahankan jawatannya yg cukup mulia dan tinggi ha ha ha alahai..

    Sembang 1MDB bagaikan dunia ini ana yang punya bila minta blah dari PAC ...tak mahu la wei...Banyak besat PAC maaa.....Ini PAC manyak bagust maa...

    Sudah la ..Inilah politik pemakan dedak ayam..kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang....Nyawa engkorang dah sampai ke penghujung ya..Tony Pua orang no 2 setelah Tun M yg menyerang 1MDB pun dah tersedak dgn dedak...Jangan luapa YA Tun M dah kata tara bukti...

    Kesian Abu Bakar sembang berbulan2 lamanya akhirnya semua fitnah dan penipu...

    Kawan2 jgn plak bgtahu aku tak baca utusan dan bharian berkenaan temubual Arul di bernama...Baca la wei..1MDB rasuah la ya...Najib sapu duit ya..pastu simpan kat ambank ya...nasib engkorang kata ambank kalau simpan bawah bantal lagi lawak...

    1. Baca utusan?!!.. ini bukan makan dedak lagi, ini BODOH namanya...

    2. Aku secara ikhlas menamg suka geng Tun M tak baca utusan...pelik bukan?

      Ramai beranggapan mereka dipihak yang benar kerana sentiasa menghadam media pembangkang terutama Malaysiakini.

      Kita tengok la ya..Cuma cerita Tony Pua sudah kecut betul kan jgn plak kata aku tak tahu..teruk sangat ketinggalan keretapi nya...

      Kepada geng2 Tun M yg mengamalkan politik kais pagi makan pagi dan kais petang makan petang sabau ya...bagi masa kepada cybertrooper UMNO...biar kami uruskan negara dan rakyat...Tak payah la asyik sembang UMNO bakal tersungkur ya..

    3. Eh eh!!.. berani sungguh yer arul kanda berdebat live!!.. hmmm.. kalo najib.. Kudaku LARI Gagah Beraniiiiii...!!!..

    4. 11.57 & 12.14

      Rakyatlah yang akan menanggung dan beban hutang 1MDB selama berpuluh puluh tahun lamanya.

      Siapakah yang harus bertanggungjawab?

    5. Bestlah geng pro Najib ni.
      Sentiasa nak kaitkan org tua tu bila berhujah.

      Berilah hujah2 yg lebih signifikan drpd membuat perbandingan dgn pencapaian org tua tu.

      Semakin korang guna pendekatan tersebut, semakin rendah imej dan penampilan Najib.

      Kerana setakat ini, boleh dikira dgn sebelah jari tangan saja pencapaian Najib.

      Tun diakui mmg seorg yg kuat membaca dan menganalisa maklumat.
      Sesuatu yg sukar dicari di kalangan pemimpin2 negara mahupun dunia sekarang ini.

      Org yg rajin membaca penilaiannya lain.
      Peribadinya pun lain.
      Dia sukar utk terikat dgn satu pandangan, keras kepala dan degil.
      Yg pasti, pendirian dan keputusannya tetap, sukar berubah.

      Seperti juga org yg beriman dan beristiqamah.
      Kita akan melihat kelainan pada wajah dan peribadi mereka.

      Aku juga semakin nak tahu, kenapa org tua tu mahu Najib turun?

      Aku juga nak tahu kenapa ada yg nak dipecat dari Umno?

      Aku juga nak tahu, adakah dgn pemecatan ,Umno semakin bersatu?

      Aku juga nak tahu sejauh mana keberanian mereka,mengapa yg ingin dipecat ini tidak terus ditangkap atau disaman saja seperti Khairudin dan Mathias?

      Aku juga nak tahu, sampai bila beratus2
      blog,FB2 dan berjuta2 rakyat yg marah, membenci Najib dan kerajaan akan diambil tindakan?

      Apakah Najib dan pengampu2nya telah 100% yakin, rakyat akan terus memberi sokongan kpd mereka dlm PRU14 nanti.?

      Sudahkah mereka meneliti dan menganalisa sepenuhnya keputusan PRU12 dan PRU13, bagi setiap negeri, bagi seluruh negara?

      Menutup/mematikan langkah seorg pejuang akan membangunkan beribu2 lagi pejuang yg lain.

      Korang mmg tahu ini.


  5. Nak tanya satu je, kenapa bila komen nomor ghaib , nomor togil keluar, tak ada orang kritik atau blog admin tak potong je?

  6. 1. Baik umno, mic, mca......kesemua parti ini telah menyimpang jauh dari objektif penubuhannya sejak pak lah menerajui bn......

    2. Bagi umno, perjuangan untuk bangsa agama dan negara jelas tiada lagi. Yang ada hanya untuk habuan dari pemimpin dan mempertahan pemimpin yang memberi habuan

    3. Penentu kuasa pemimpin adalah dari KBU dan MTU, bukan lagi dari ahli akar umbi.

    4. Pak Lah pemimpin lemah.....senang dikalahkan

    5. Najib pemimpin korup dan menggunakan RASUAH untuk terus berkuasa

    Bagi saya umno dan bn wajib kalah dalam pru14

    Hanya akar umbi umno saja yang boleh mengubah keadaan ini dengan izin ALLAH. Kalau mereka ini bertindak....selamat lah umno. Kalau gagal bertindak......terimalah hakikat melayu, muslim dan negara ini akan hancur buat selama2nya. Jangan ingat kuasa itu boleh d7rampas kembali sekali terlepas dari genggaman

  7. Fakta

    1. Sesetengah melayu dalam umno yang telah dibangsatkan tiada maruah.

    2. Majoriti Melayu sememangnya penerima rasuah

    3. Melayu dilihat sebagai pembela kepada pemimpin yang NYATA seorang terlibat dalam rasuah

    4. Penyesalan majoriti melayu yang mengundi BN tidak dapat dibendung lagi.

    5. Hakikatnya umno akan bunbkus pru14