Isnin, 1 Ogos 2016

Hinanya Najib..!

'Satu dunia menuding jari..! Kalau tak bodo takkan mampu buat buat bodo sebegitu' - getus haji ramli..!

Malaysia’s Leader, Dogged by a Billion-Dollar Scandal, Proves Untouchable

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — The conspirators were confident. They planned to confront Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, at a cabinet meeting and demand his resignation. Prosecutors had collected evidence that Mr. Najib had deposited millions of dollars of public money into his personal bank account. Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail was ready to file criminal charges, according to Najib advisers and opposition leaders.
Mr. Najib had a reputation as a gentleman who was slow to act and never fired anyone. But when word of the plot reached him last July, he moved quickly. He dismissed both Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, the man who would have taken his job, and the attorney general. And he blocked further inquiries into the allegations against him.
“They took it for granted that he was a sitting duck,” said Tony Pua, an opposition member of Parliament. “He turned the tables on them.”
Throughout Mr. Najib’s 40 years in public office, he has been easy to underestimate.
This month, the Justice Department filed a civil complaint in a money-laundering case outlining how Mr. Najib, identified as “Malaysian Official 1,” received $731 million from a government fund he oversaw. Investigators around the world are tracking the money trail to his bank accounts in what has become a billion-dollar scandal.
Protesters demanding the resignation of Mr. Najib in Kuala Lumpur, the capital, last August. Still, Mr. Najib faces no realistic challenge to his authority and is likely to win re-election in 2018.

But Mr. Najib, a genteel, British-educated aristocrat who became prime minister in 2009, faces no realistic challenge to his authority and is confidently looking ahead to winning re-election in 2018.
The bank transfers are not the first scandal to threaten the career of Mr. Najib, 63, one of America’s most important allies in Southeast Asia. Over the years, he has been accused of having ties to a murder, taking kickbacks from the purchase of military hardware and helping concoct a criminal prosecution against a rival.
He has deployed the formidable powers of his office to impede investigations, silence critics, block media outlets and maintain the backing of his largely rural, Muslim base. He has deftly played Malaysia’s brand of money politics, distributing cash to buy party leaders’ loyalty.
As prime minister, he oversees Parliament, the cabinet, the police and the intelligence branch. As president of the governing party, he decides who holds key leadership positions and sits atop a vast patronage system that affects the wealth and livelihood of thousands of people.
He appointed himself finance minister, giving himself control of the state investment fund at the heart of the scandal.
Mr. Najib playing a round of golf with President Obama in Hawaii in 2014.CreditNicholas Kamm/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images 
For the United States, Mr. Najib has offered the promise of a moderate Muslim ally and an Asian partner in counterterrorism, whose nation is one of the 12 negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. As a sign of Malaysia’s growing importance, President Obama visited the country and met with Mr. Najib in 2014 and 2015. In between, they golfed together in Hawaii.
While that relationship did not deter the Justice Department investigation, his relationship with Saudi Arabia has been more helpful. Mr. Najib’s advisers say most of the money at issue was a gift from the Saudis, partly to help finance his 2013 election campaign, a position the Saudi government has loosely corroborated.
Malaysians grumble about Mr. Najib’s wealth, which he claims to have inherited, and the extravagance of his wife, Rosmah Mansor, who is known for epic overseas shopping excursions and her multimillion-dollar collection of Hermès Birkin handbags.
The allegations of high-level corruption and the lack of any impartial Malaysian investigation highlight the fact that the region’s movement toward democracy has left Malaysia untouched, said Donald Greenlees, an authority on Southeast Asia with Australian National University.
“Najib is a throwback to the era of Marcos’s Philippines and Suharto’s Indonesia with ruling families hungry for power and great wealth,” he said. “Imelda had her shoes and Rosmah has her Birkin bags. But the bags are vastly more valuable than the shoes.”
Mr. Najib has acknowledged receiving hundreds of millions of dollars, but says he has done nothing wrong and took nothing for personal gain. He said his government would “fully cooperate” with the Justice Department investigation.
“Don’t think I am a crook,” he told the party faithful in March at a rally in Pahang, his home state. “If I had wanted to rob, I would have robbed the forest here long ago. I didn’t take a single tree in Pahang. I didn’t take the bauxite mine. I didn’t take anything.”
Police seizing equipment from the offices of the 1 Malaysia Development Berhad fund in Kuala Lumpur last year. Mr. Najib, who gave himself extraordinary authority over the fund, is accused of taking money from it. CreditMohd Rasfan/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images 
Mr. Najib is accused of taking money from a state investment fund called 1 Malaysia Development Berhad, or 1MDB. He gave himself extraordinary authority over the fund as both finance minister and, until recently, advisory board chairman. The United States attorney general, Loretta Lynch, said Malaysian officials had laundered more than $3 billion from the fund through American financial institutions.
Mr. Najib’s advisers acknowledge that he received $1 billion but assert that most of it was a gift from a member of the Saudi royal family.
The current Malaysian attorney general, Mohamed Apandi Ali, announced in January that Mr. Najib had received $681 million from the Saudis and returned all but $61 million. He cleared Mr. Najib of wrongdoing and closed an investigation by the Malaysian anticorruption commission.
Mr. Najib and Ms. Rosmah declined through a spokesman to be interviewed for this article.
Mr. Najib was destined to become prime minister, his friends and supporters say. His father was Malaysia’s second prime minister, and his uncle the third.
Balding, with a neatly trimmed graying mustache and silver-rim glasses, Mr. Najib behaves like a British gentleman with impeccable manners, they say. He is often dressed formally even for late-night meetings at his home. He is viewed as a numbers guy with an keen eye for detail.
“He’s very cool,” said Fatmi Che Salleh, his longtime friend and former political secretary. “He takes things one at a time. Everything is planned, what to do, how to do, especially now we see so many attacks on him.”
Mr. Najib grew up in a household immersed in the politics of an emerging nation and its governing party, the United Malays National Organization, or UMNO.
He was educated in Britain and studied economics, rejecting the advice of his father, Prime Minister Abdul Razak, to become an accountant.
As prime minister, Mr. Abdul was well known for his frugality. He refused his children’s plea to install a swimming pool at the official residence because it would waste government funds, one brother recalled. The lesson on thrift was another piece of fatherly wisdom Mr. Najib ignored. 
When Mr. Abdul died in 1976, Mr. Najib ran for his father’s parliamentary seat and at 22 became the youngest person ever elected to Malaysia’s Parliament. He married a minor princess, with whom he had three children.
In the mid-1980s, Mr. Najib met Ms. Rosmah, who was married with two children. The pair divorced their spouses and married in 1987. They have two children together.
Mr. Najib steadily climbed the party ladder, receiving help along the way from UMNO leaders indebted to his father, including Mahathir Mohamed, who succeeded Mr. Najib’s uncle as prime minister.
“I owed his father a great deal,” Mr. Mahathir, 91, said in an interview. “If I could do something for the son, especially as the son looks very promising, I would do it.”
He has spent his entire adult life in elective office, living in a bubble, surrounded by aides and devotees. On a trip to Europe, he did not know how to check in for a flight or find his departure gate, said a friend who traveled with him. He never packed his own suitcase; for a two-day trip, his servants packed him six suits.
Mr. Najib was deputy prime minister when the murder of a Mongolian woman and corruption allegations over the $1.2 billion purchase of two Franco-Spanish Scorpene submarines nearly derailed his career.
A Scorpene-class submarine owned by Malaysia docked at Port Klang, outside Kuala Lumpur, in 2009. Accusations of corruption over the $1.2 billion purchase of two Franco-Spanish Scorpene submarines nearly derailed Mr. Najib’s career
The woman, Altantuya Shaariibuu, was the mistress of his close friend and adviser, Abdul Razak Baginda. She claimed she was owed $500,000 for helping broker the submarine deal. In 2006, she was killed by two of Mr. Najib’s bodyguards, who tried to hide the evidence by blowing up her body with C-4 explosives. They were convicted of murder.
Mr. Najib has denied meeting Ms. Altantuya or having a role in her death. But a decade later, he is still dogged by allegations that he was connected to the killing and received kickbacks from the submarine purchases. The French authorities are investigating whether a French company paid Mr. Najib and Mr. Abdul Razak $130 million to secure the sale. The two deny any wrongdoing.
Mr. Najib’s name has also been attached to another murky episode, the criminal case that sidelined his biggest rival, Anwar Ibrahim, a former deputy prime minister who became leader of the opposition.
In a case widely seen as politically motivated, Mr. Anwar was imprisoned on sodomy charges in 1998. After his release in 2004, he began rebuilding the fractured opposition, and new sodomy charges were filed in 2008.
The accuser was Saiful Bukhari Azlan, an aide in Mr. Anwar’s party. At a trial, Mr. Saiful testified that he had met with Mr. Najib at his home two days before the sexual encounter. Mr. Saiful also met with senior police officials before the encounter.
It has never been fully explained how Mr. Najib, then deputy prime minister, happened to meet with a staff member from the opposition party at that time, or why Mr. Saiful met with police officials.
Anwar Ibrahim in 2013. Mr. Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, became leader of the opposition.CreditSanjit Das for The New York Times 
Mr. Anwar was acquitted and led the opposition to victory in the popular vote in 2013, though not by enough to overcome district lines favoring Mr. Najib’s coalition.
In 2014, an appellate court overturned Mr. Anwar’s acquittal and sentenced him to five years in prison. Opposition parties have yet to coalesce behind another leader.
When Mr. Najib became prime minister seven years ago, he inherited a political system awash in cash.
“In Malaysia, politics is about money,” said Oh Ei Sun, a former political secretary to Mr. Najib and an adjunct senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore. “It’s not a contest about your brilliant ideas.” Indeed, parties vie for votes by funneling money to loyal followers and financing overdue public works projects.
In May 2010, Mr. Najib demonstrated how the system works. During a by-election, he promised voters in the Sibu district that his government would pay $1.3 million for a flood-control project if his candidate won. “The understanding is quite simple,” he said. “You help me, I help you.”
He poured more than $300 million into the 2013 parliamentary elections campaign, his advisers say.
Malaysia has no limits on how much party leaders can raise or spend, and there is no reporting requirement, said Wan Saiful Wan Jan, the chief executive of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, a Malaysia think tank. The money is tax free, and much of it is distributed to local party leaders, who can easily pocket a share.
No law prohibits candidates from depositing donations in their personal bank accounts, even $1 billion.
“I don’t think Najib is the only one,” Mr. Wan Saiful said. “I don’t even know if he’s the biggest.”
The story of the Saudi gift has evolved with new revelations about deposits into Mr. Najib’s accounts.
Mr. Najib’s government said in January that $681 million was a gift from a member of the Saudi royal family. After questions were raised about additional deposits of hundreds of millions of dollars, Mr. Najib’s advisers said Saudi donors had given him about $1 billion.
His office declined to provide documentation demonstrating that either sum was a gift.
The Saudis, too, have changed their story. In February, the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, said the money had come not from the government, but rather from a private citizen making “an investment in Malaysia.”
In April, after Mr. Najib and his aides met privately with Mr. Jubeir in Istanbul, Mr. Jubeir said Mr. Najib had received a gift from an unidentified Saudi source.
“It is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return,” he said.
Mr. Najib has cultivated close ties with Saudi Arabia, but even so, experts say, a gift of $1 billion was unlikely. “Nobody believes that the money came from Saudi Arabia,” said James Chin, the director of the Asia Institute at the University of Tasmania.
Mr. Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, in 2014, leaving the Time Warner Center in New York, where the couple has an apartment. Ms. Rosmah is known for her overseas shopping excursions and a multimillion-dollar collection of Hermes Birkin handbags. CreditMichael Appleton for The New York Times 
The Justice Department complaint said Mr. Najib’s relatives and associates had taken more than $1 billion from 1MDB, spending it on luxury real estate, gambling, Hollywood moviemaking and high-priced artwork.
Ibrahim Suffian, the director of the Merdeka Center, an independent polling agency in Malaysia, said surveys showed that two-thirds of the public were unhappy with Mr. Najib, yet people feel powerless to remove him from office.
As popular support has eroded, Mr. Najib’s government has blocked news outlets, prevented opposition leaders from campaigning and prosecuted critics under a colonial-era sedition act that he once promised to repeal.
“Clearly, in order to save his own political skin, he’s prepared to destroy what little remains of basic civil liberties and human rights in Malaysia,” said Phil Robertson, the deputy director of the Asia division of Human Rights Watch.
The effort to force Mr. Najib from office — and the threat of prison — have given him new resolve to remain in power until the 2018 election and beyond, advisers say. His prospects are good.
“He will be more invincible in 2018,” said Mr. Oh, the former Najib aide, “because as it is, he is already unstoppable.”
Kertas takkan mampu membungkus api..!
Lu Fikir La Sendiri!!!

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  1. Kepada sahabat yg cintakan keamanan dn kesinambungan islam anda dinasihatkan usahlah terkesan dgn mainan fitnah berterusa oleh prokatun/pro banglo kerana rakyat semakin matang masakn tidak prn dn dua prk yg baru berlalu telah menceritakn segalanya.Kalau derang terus propa kemukakan soalan tahap tadika prn bn menang ke kalah?dn 2 prk bn menang ke kalah?.Jika derang agk fahan kita up kn skit soalan thp darjah 6 kenapa dap telah membatalkn prn awal penang,

    1. Dap nak tunggu parti baru. Kasi gegar ramai2 sampai umnu koma terus KO. Parti baru Sabah pun baru bermula. Tunggu kuat bah.

      Kepada sahabat yg cintakan negara dan ugama.....mari sama2 hancurkan parti rasuah yg mendokong penyamun.

    2. Sudahlah...takyah mainkn isu keamanan dn kesinambungan islam bagai...dua prk lalu bkn ukuran sokongan terhadap Mohd najib..entah berapa juta dilaburkn mohd najib untk beli pengundi..dap nk batalkn prn ITU masaalh dalaman parti bkn ada apa2 kesan pun...,proott

    3. Jangan salahkan parti, salahkan orangnya. Parti tak makan suap yang makan suap adalah orangnya. Atas sebab itu bila orang tadi keluar parti dia akan bawan bersamanya tabii buruk itu (makan suap) masuk parti baru. Dan langkah kajang adalah buktinya. Lebih malang bilamana tabii makan bersuap turut merosakkan tabii makan sihat amalan turun temurun si TOK-ong Penang. Itu masalah TOK-ong, bukan salah Pak Dap terbela pemakan suap. Ada faham! Wakakaka

    4. 234, betul, up to a point.

      Mmemang tak salah UMNO, salah Najib.

      Tapi MT UMNO pun salah, tak gantikan perasuah terbesar dan pengsonglap duit tuh.

    5. lebih hina dan najis puak2 dan kuncu2 yahudi yang menjaja fitnah pada pihak asing tanpa bukti sahih..inilah dajal2 zaman moden dari puak2 pembangkang.

  2. Semua itu hanya cerita dan laporan tanpa sedikit pun bahan bukti untuk menyokong tuduhan. Apabila pihak media kuasa besar diberikan imuniti yakni tak makan saman mereka boleh karang apa saja kerana tanpa fiksyen sukar untuk surat khabar lama kekalkan kelangsungan. Faham faham sajalah.

    1. TYNT terkezut bila jibun dibersihkan oleh AG seolah olah ia satu yang bukan lazim kononnya. Kah kah kah betul ker?

      Walhal Klenton juga di siasat bersabit isu email tapi dibersihkan oleh Doj dan bukan di mahkamah apa ceta, kah kah kah si tertuduh siap dibela dan dibelai.

      Ini menunjukkan TNYT hanya nak kuman di seberang lautan tapi momok depan mata buat buat tak nampak, kah kah kah,,,hek eleh.

    2. mana bukti derma 2.6bilion dah pulang blk ke pak arab...tak dak kan..menipu je

    3. Betula. Naj iblis pilih siapa yg boleh siasat dia.
      Xkn la dia nk pilih org yg nk crk kesalahan dia.

    4. 157 cakap pasal bukti?

      “Bodoh sangat le kamu tak tahu apa itu bukti, tak mahu google makna nya, keras kepala asyik jeritkan takda bukti apekebenda.

      Ini dia makna bukti:

      Kamus DBP, Bukti: keterangan yang nyata, dalil, saksi, tanda

      bukti = evidence

      Oxford English Dictionary, Evidence:

      1. clearness, obviousness
      2. indication, sign, testimony, facts making for a conclusion
      3. information tending to establish fact, statements, proofs admissible as testimony in court
      4. serve to indicate, attest

      Dari apa yang dah keluar di berita di dalam dan di luar negara sejak meletup nya skandal Najib, dari Hansard atau rekod testimony kapada PAC di Parlimen, kepala hotak kau kalau tak habis habis soalkan bukti. Bodoh, bangang, tongong, bahalul, baghal.

      Aku akan keluarkan komen ini setiap kali kamu keluarkan soal bukti.”

  3. Yes, unstoppable. Except by the political process -

    Among what was said by ZAID, a former minister in charge of law -

    It has been a hard two days for me; first was seeing the former Number One and Number Two of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) - Abu Kassim Mohamed and Mohd Shukri Abdull - bundled out of the organisation they helped start.

    Abu Kassim was impressed that the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption had many “oversight” committees, but I remember cautioning both of them at a meeting in my house that committees would not be much of a deterrent if we allowed political interference.

    At that time we did not expect Pak Lah to “retire” quite so quickly and so we felt “safe” that there would not be any interference from the political side.

    Some people say they are not happy with the way events have unfolded in the country but they do little other than talk about it in coffeeshops.

    They (Abu Kassim and Shukri) do not have to join political parties but they must not remain silent. They have a profile and they were chosen by Pak Lah to help the country fight corruption. They must continue that mission.

    In this vein I am somewhat disappointed with Pak Lah for keeping quiet. He started the MACC with great enthusiasm, but now just watches its destruction and humiliation, including the maltreatment of senior officers he had handpicked, without saying a word.

    Powerless against AG

    I am also depressed after a long day in court last Friday hearing submissions by the Attorney-General’s Chambers arguing that the power of the attorney-general (AG) to charge or not charge someone was not “justiciable”.

    In plain language, the attorney-general can do whatever he wants, and the court has no power to grant relief to anyone who seeks help in wanting to know why the AG made a particular decision.

    The AG is a man who does not have to account for his actions, and if the applicant (me) is not happy with the decision of the AG, then he must seek his relief somewhere else. That’s the crux of the submissions which will most probably be accepted by our court.

    I understand the message well. It means I have to get help from the people of this country. It means that only a political solution will clean up this country of corruption and abuse of power. Only a political solution will rid this country of eunuchs who obey orders without conscience.

    I have to start the campaign process soon and I wish to assure my readers that this is exactly what I will do.

    1. does not have to account for his actions - that's dictatorial

    2. 2:09,

      And yours 2 cents assumption seemingly applicable to these scandals as well:

      1. Banglo with no swimming pool scandal - dictator

      2. DEBtun scam - dictator

      3. CM replaced by Langkah kajang - dictator


    3. 219, no wonder Najib di kempen PRU13 panggil korang bangang hamjadah, sikit tak memabntu dia kasi jawapan yg tepat kpd tuduhan2 ke atas nya.

  4. Alo
    Nak muntag baca laporan diatas.. make me puke..!!! Kahakkk tuiiii...
    Bukti lansung tak ada...
    Fakta ke laut..
    kes targantung..
    assets blom sita..
    kes pertuduhan mana..?
    fakta kes mana..?
    bukti..? La sung tak tunjukkan..
    bahan bukti..? Elekkk...
    dokumen.. tunjukkan la...smpi la ni x tunjuk..
    surat menyurat mana..?
    tarikh kejadian...bila..?
    No account mana..?
    Bank mana..?
    suma tak tunjuk ...

    mme haeamjadah....puiiiii

    1. Ini Anjing Jibo di peringkat dia dah tak tahu nak response atau meradang - dia mengarut dan mencarut, campur sikit kebudakan, seperti dalam watak berikut:

      Anjing Jibo di blog ini sekor saja. Selalu masuk tak pakai nama, ada masa menyamar pakai nama yang orang lain dah pakai di sini, ada masa pakai nama seperti Keris Berayon dll. Semua Protun di sini tahu bahawa yang di hayon nya ha nya bola dia. Dan bola Jibo, bos dia.

      Bola yang kecut sebab Jing Jibo ni dah tua. Masuk sini pagi petang siang malam, walau pun pukul 2-3-4 pagi. Dah tua baka tapi otak budak kecik. Itu pasal apa yg dia cakap selalu nya mcm bebudak.

      Anjing Jibo ini gunakan berbagai mode, cara, gaya bahasa, nada bercakap. Kekadang guna mode bertitik ... kekadang mode bebudak kikiki, hahaha, hehehe, kekadang serius bahasa sikit tinggi.

      Tapi pada umum nya - terutama nya bila dia dah tak tahu nak response atau meradang - dia mengarut dan pada masa masa nya mencarut. Dia di kasi makan dedak, takda melukut yang ada habuk beras sikit pun, takda zat, tak membina otak nya. Pengtahuan nya cetek, selalu nya bodoh, bangang, bongok, bingong, bingal, baghal.

      Kita teruskan balas, bidas, sebat, belasah, hentam, tibai, kritik, kutuk, ketuk, sekel, pelangkong, kentot dan tahikan dia. Itu saja cara nak deal dengan dia.

    2. 2.23ptg
      kalau bukti tak de, tak de DOJ siap buat press conference..yang x de bukti si PM kesayangan saudara tu..mana bukti kata duit dah pulangkan? sekadar cakap boleh dikira bukti ke?Asal keluar dari mulut PM tu kira bukti ke bro??? lepas tu maki hamun org...kipidap..besok jumpa najib cium je kaki dia..baru nampak sayang lebih sikit...

    3. Kalau kaki penuh pekong, amacam nak cium, Bang?

  5. Elok itu macai protun berkawan dengan gay,pondan,lesbia ITU
    Tengok APA mereka perjuankan oleh Human Rights Watch dibahagian Asian tengara Phil Robertson

    1. Bangang cakap pasai human rights masakan si Jibo tak peduli Peguam Negara nya boleh buat ikut sesuka hati nya.

      Tak tangkap Jibo seleweng 1MDB dan songlap berbilion masuk akaun dia, bini dia, anak tiri dia dan kroni dia.

      Jibo diktator, tau tak?

    2. 2.49ptg
      Aku tak kawan pun dgn gay, pondan, lesbian yang pasti saudara kwn dengan penyamun..dia kaya, saudara??? dapat pe???

  6. Nampak nya ada kempen menghentam Najib di US. Dulu peringkat media - WSJ, kemudian NYT. Terakhir ini DoJ, ajensi gomen US. Dan sekarang NYT belasah Najib lagi.

    Aku gembira. Aku rasa kalau kempen di buat di US, tentu bermakna. Boleh harap berhasil menjatuhkan Najib. Sama ada dia letak jawatan, atau UMNO gantikan dia, atau pengundi PRU14 gulingkan dia.

    Bila bicara mahkamah kes DoJ nanti, akan riuh rendah lagi cerita si Najib. Kot MO1 akan di kenal pasti. Di kenal pasti atau tak, semua orang dah tahu. Pelabur asing pun takut nak masuk Malaysia, rasa nya. Rule of law dah lacking kalau Peguam Negara boleh buat ikut sesuka dia saja. Merudum lah ekonomi negara. Harap UMNO sedar dan gantikan Najib.

    1. Suruh je doj tangkap Hillary Clinton,bank hsbc Dan Goldman Sachs itu. Sampai sekarang tak ADA tindakan di buat he.he.he boleh pulak doj lepaskan Hillary Clinton, bank hsbc Dan Goldman Sachs ITU. Kalau orang ikuti kes ITU pasti anda lihat pelik pada ketiga2 kes itu

      Ingat tak kata2 Trump doj hanya untuk orang di white house di YouTube . ADA berani he.he.he

    2. Jing Jibo 308 ini dah cakap mcm bebudak, kepala sewel, tak jawab apa NYTimes kata apa DoJ kata, mengarut pulak.

  7. Tun m harus sedar kami menyokong najib bukan sebab sebab kroni najib itu, kami menyokong umno Dan najib sebab dia pertahankan dari golongan lgbt berkuasa dia Malaysia ini, kami tahu orang bawa budaya lgbt di Malaysia Anak tun m sendiri Dan anwar itu.
    ahli umno akan menhalang marina tun m minta peruntukan untuk kondom percuma untuk bagi Rakyat kita melakukan sex.
    Sekarang kita lihat bertapa hipokerat tun m ITU, dulu cakap barat meperkenalkan lgbt tun m menghina mereka sekarang tun m juga menyajung golongan perjuangkan lgbt dimalaysia ini

    Selagi suku sakat tun m sokong LGBT di Malaysia jangan harap dia nak Anak dia berkuasa didalam umno itu. Kami ahli umno akan menghalangnya.

    1. Amat bodoh korang buat gitu sebab Jibo dah tak pedulikan kaum Melayu sangat, pentingkan kuasa dia dan nak pegang kuasa sampai mati, lebihkan jaga kepentingan kaum Cina, tak pedulikan untuk apa UMNO di tubuhkan -

      Yang khianat dan dengki kpd kaum Melayu ia lah Najib. Negara ini negara Melayu, beribu tahun di kenali sebagai Tanah Melayu, bapak dia Melayu, tapi dia kata dia Bugis, "jugak pendatang". Dia lanyakkan maruah Melayu, dengkikan, khianati kaum Melayu.

      Najib buang ISA yang membendung kegiatan subversif DAP yang anti-Melayu, anti-Islam dan cetuskan pergaduhan kaum 13 Mei 1969. Najib buat keputusan buang Akta Hasutan yang melindungi Perkara Perkara sensitif dalam Perlembagaan berkenaan hak dan kepentingan Melayu, termasuk Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu di Perkara 153.

      DAP tak suka Perlembagaan, tak hormatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan, tak suka sejarah negara ini, sepatut nya Najib cari jalan atasi masalah susah nak bina rakyat Malaysia, tapi, dahlah Muhyiddin mestikan Sejarah di sekolah sekolah, dia buang Mahyuddin pulak.

      Betapa pengkhianat nya Najib kpd kaum Melayu, dia mesti di buang pronto.

    2. Jangan lupa masukkan sejarah penggelapan Deb yang sasarannya adalah Melayu tetapi setelah 22 tahun, hanya 'Pembesar 22 dan keluarga' masuk senarai Forbes sementara rata rata Melayu masuk senarai 555.

  8. Hahaha pandai jugak NY Times pilih tajuk penulisan mereka -

    Malaysia’s Leader, Dogged by a Billion-Dollar Scandal, Proves Untouchable

    Bermaksud Najib is pariah, the untouchable, kot.

    Kalau selalu depa tulis begitu, tambah apa yg di tulis dek WSJ, tak lama memang Najib jadi pariah antarabangsa.

    Tak dapat main golof dgn Obama le dia. Bini dia tak dapat shopping di Hawaii beratus juta US dollar.

    1. Dengan ulasan "untouchable" bermakna TNYT cuba nak jadi batu api bagi menaikkan angin Barack Om tapi Barack Om bukan mudah ikut telunjuk Om Puteh. tak lama lagi meroyanlah paper Om Puteh tu bila Barack Om buat derk! Muahahaha!!!

    2. Cakap bodoh, kau marah. Tapi apa nak panggil kau lagi, bila kau kata NYT nak jadi atu api, pada hal depa menulis fakta yg depa dapat dari DoJ dsb nya. Bodoh bangang.

    3. TNYT juga berbohong dan berniat serong bila menuduh calon Republik adalah pengikut Ras Putin dan lain-lain diktator walhal satu dunia tahu calon berkenaan tak pernah pun berjabat tangan apatah lagi berpeluk pelukan di mana-mana diktator. Semua ini adalah Machamalli menghalalkan cara. Kalau bangsa dia sendiri sanggup di fitnah sedemikian rupa, orang lain tak akan ada batasnya.

    4. 442 bangang tongong and bingung. Tak mahu terima bahawa Trump agungkan Vladimir Putin. Lagi bangang tak tahu bahawa Putin ada lah diktator.

      Waaaa, Najib sokong Donald Duck Trump ke?

  9. Apa yang dipaparkan ini adalah refleksi konspirasi media penjajah moden memasuki tahap gaban buktinya:

    1. himpunan aman bersih dibesar besarkan walhal tiada insiden

    2. perarakan "hitam lives matter" di negara mereka di sembunyikan dari pengetahuan dunia

    Walhal peristiwa nombor 2 paling mememalukan


    1. Orang selalu kentot prooooot, kau preeeeet. Kau mesti virgin.

      Mengata isu "black lives matter" di sembunyikan di US, kau gila tahap gaban.

    2. Isu Gagak Lives Matter tak akan terbit kalau hubungan tidak sihat antara dua kumpulan warna kulit berbeza tidak di sapu bawah karpet. Kalau terus di sorok bawah karpet dan apabila Bak Omak tidak lagi tinggal di Rumah Putih Bersih, ia akan membusut dan akhirnya kentuuUUUUuuutt, cuss!! satu dunia pekup hidung. kah kah kah

    3. Tak mungkin keadaan black lives matter merosot bila Obama dah tak jadi Presiden. Penting nya, Obama tak jadi apa apa bila dia tak lagi Presiden. Tapi Najib akan di hodohkan sehodoh hodoh nya bila tak lagi jadi PM. Mungkin di dakwa, di bicara dan di penjara.

  10. "And he (Najib) blocked further inquiries into the allegations against him."

    Sebenar nya dia mulakan pemerintahan kuku besi. Diktator. Pecat Gani Pattail serta merta tanpa notis tanpa alasan. Gunakan tangan ghaib (hidden hands, kata bekas Timbalan Pengarah Cawangan Khas Polis) menukarkan ke tempat lain tempat kerja pegawai2 tinggi SPRM dan PDRM yang menyiasat 1MDB dan RM2.6 bilion (jumlah yg di ketahui di masa itu).

    Buang kerja, pecat ahli2 UMNO dan Macam macam lagi

  11. the Time Warner Center in New York, where the couple has an apartment.

    Ooooooo, ada apartment di New York. Kaya raya le Jibo & Rozy. Bila di bedal pasal kaya raya, PM Office kata ada "legacy of wealth". Semua adik2 Najib tempeleng dia dengan satu kenyataan akhbar mengatakan bapak depa, Tun Razak, tak kaya.

    Kaya beda'ah punya. Songkap duit berbilion punya keroje.

  12. Dulu aku tak peduli pendapat Ibrahim Suffian, the director of the Merdeka Center, kroni Anwar Al Jub. Tapi kerana Jibo menduburkan rakyat sangat, sekarang aku ambik perhatian apa dia kata -

    "two-thirds of the public were unhappy with Mr. Najib, yet people feel powerless to remove him from office.

    "As popular support has eroded, Mr. Najib’s government has blocked news outlets, prevented opposition leaders from campaigning and prosecuted critics under a colonial-era sedition act that he once promised to repeal.

    Sebenar nya Najib dah buat keputusan nak buang Akta Hasutan tuh. Tapi Majlis Tertinggi, Pemuda dan Wanita UMNO bantah, dia U-turn.

    Harapkan depa bantah macam itu lagi - gantikan dia. Dan tak kasi U turn lagi apa apa pun.

  13. “Clearly, in order to save his own political skin, he’s prepared to destroy what little remains of basic civil liberties and human rights in Malaysia,” said Phil Robertson, the deputy director of the Asia division of Human Rights Watch.

    The effort to force Mr. Najib from office — and the threat of prison — have given him new resolve to remain in power until the 2018 election and beyond.

    Aku fikir dia tak boleh lari dari penjara. Kalau pengganti nya tak akan dakwa dan bicarakan dia, PM yang berikut nya akan buat gitu walau dah 10 tahun pun selepas Najib tak jadi PM. Umur 70an.

    Kalau Anwar Al Jubo jadi PM (dia dlm penjara hanya 4+ tahun lagi, separuh tempoh itu atas alasan good behaviour mcm Khir Toyo), dia mungkin jadi PM tahun 2020, 6 tahun dari sekarang. Pada Al Jubo, tiada maaf bagi Al Jibo.